Alliances: Super Smash Bros.
Other Names: Stupefied
Height: 5′10” ~ 178 cm
Weight: 160 lbs ~ 73 kg
Hometown: The Marvel Universe
Trainers: Michael Von Payton, Wayne “Crusher Kline” Cryderman
Debut: September 2005

Signature Moves:
- Final Smash (reverse crucifix powerbomb)
- B19 (super snapmare driver)
- Cancun Tornado
- Standing moonsault
- Frog Splash
- Inverted facelock into a reverse STO
- Tope con giro

With Player Uno:
- Pac Man Fever (tandem piledriver)
- Waterwheel slam (Uno)/lungblower (Stupefied)
- Might Morphin Powerbomb (powerbomb (Uno)/neckbreaker (Stupefied) combination)
- Double enzuigiri
- Neckbreaker by Stupefied onto Uno’s knee
- Fist drop (Uno)/standing moonsault (Dos) combination
- Indiana Jones and the Gold Stunner (elevated stunner)
- Level 20 Wizard (simultaneous charging knee lift (Uno)/tiger feint kick (Stupefied) to a corner opponent)
- Shining Mage (simultaneous Shining Wizard (Uno)/enzuigiri (Stupefied) combination)
- Neckbreaker (Stupefied)/Emerald Flowsion (Uno) combination

With Player Uno:
- Pac Man Fever (tandem piledriver)
- Waterwheel slam (Uno)/lungblower (Stupefied)
- Neckbreaker by Stupefied onto Uno’s knee

Title History:

CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title
- Defeated Colin Delaney on 8/16/2009, current

CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Tournament
- 2009: Defeated Colin Delaney on 8/16/2009

CHIKARA Campeonato de Parejas
- With Player Uno: Defeated Incoherence on 9/21/2008, lost to the Osirian Portal on 10/19/2008

IWS Tag Team Title
- With Player Uno: Defeated 2.0 on 9/22/07, lost to Twiggy & Franky The Mobster on 3/22/08

Prior to his CHIKARA debut Stupefied impressed many in his native Canada, making a name for himself as one half of the Super Smash Bros. in the IWS alongside Player Uno.

2007: Debuted in CHIKARA alongside Uno over the November triple-shot weekend, impressing many with his high-risk offence.

2008: Stupefied impressed so much in his sole weekend of 2007 in CHIKARA that he was brought back for King of Trios, and since then he has become a regular with the company. Despite impressive performances that made them firm favourites of the CHIKARA faithful they failed to achieve many wins, to the point of bickering as frustration built. This was resolved in August when Stupefied repackaged himself as Player Dos, a character similar to Uno’s but with a certain ability to have cartridges inserted into the side of his leg, making him all the more effective. Following the change, the Super Smash Bros. have had much success, winning many matches in impressive fashion. This would peak in September during CHIKARA’s debut in the Midwest when the Super Smash Bros. ended the record-breaking reign of Incoherence, becoming the 4th CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas. However, their reign came to an abrupt reign at the hands of the Osirian Portal in only their first defence.

2009: 2009 began with a bang for Player Dos, as he took part in the Rey de Voladores tournament over King of Trios weekend. He eliminated both Fire Ant and ROH star Austin Aries en route to the final, where he came across the international superstar Kota Ibushi. Although Dos fell to Ibushi, the match was unmistakably one of the biggest matches of Dos’ career. He repeated that singles success later in the year when he won the seventh Young Lions Cup tournament.

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