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Alliances: The UnStable
Other Names: Shane Storm
Height: 5′8” ~ 173 cm
Weight: 211 lb ~ 96 kg
Hometown: Wilkes Barre, PA
Trainers: Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero
Debut: May 15, 2004

Signature Moves:
- The Stigmata (tombstone piledriver)
- Bootscrapes
- Diving Knee Strike
- Elbow Strikes

As Shane Storm:
- That Japanese Move (Shining Wizard)
- Air Raid Crash, sometimes done from the second rope
- Jackhammer
- Tope con giro
- Spinning leg lariat

Title History:

CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Tournament
- 2005: Defeated Icarus on 7/24/05

CHIKARA Young Lions Cup
- Defeated Icarus on 7/24/05, stripped on 6/25/06

2004: STIGMA debuted under the Shane Storm name as a 4th term graduate of the Chikara Wrestle Factory and in one of his first matches defeated Young Lions Cup champion Hallowicked, earning a position in the second Young Lions Cup tournament. However, he fell to fellow rookie Larry Sweeney after interference from Sweeney’s “Sweet ‘n’ Sour International” stable. He then began tagging with Mr. ZERO as Men@Work as ZERO waged war on UltraMantis Black and Hallowicked. When Mantis and Hallowicked joined Sweeney’s group until the end of the year ZERO and Storm were natural fits for the CHIKARA team who participated in the very first Torneo Cibernetico in CHIKARA.

2005: Tag World Grand Prix proved to be a slightly brutal affair for Men@Work, as following an opening round victory over Larry Sweeney and ShareCropper, ZERO and Storm lost to the “Deathmatch Kings” of Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo, who revelled in absolutely brutalising the CHIKARA pairing. Following that weekend, ZERO and Storm began a series of tag team matches against fellow Sekigun tecnicos, Gran Akuma and Icarus aka Team F.I.S.T. The two teams engaged in several fierce time limit draws before their final match over Aniversario weekend, which Men@Work won in 5 minutes – absurdly quick by prior standards – when Storm pinned Icarus. When Icarus and Akuma turned on Men@Work later in the evening ZERO was out on the injured list indefinitely courtesy of an Icarus pedigree, forcing Storm into singles competition. Following several confident wins, including pinfall victories over Claudio Castagnoli and Gran Akuma, Storm pulled off a huge upset by defeating Icarus to win the Young Lions Cup in June in one of the more heated matches in CHIKARA’s history. Turning his attention back to Akuma, following some heated confrontations in the Torneo Cibernetico the two had a mask vs. mask match at the end of the year, which Storm won.

2006: Storm formed the ShaneSaw tag team with Jigsaw when a Mr. ZERO comeback ended in yet another injury at the hands of Icarus, who this time around used the pedigree on the floor. The two also joined with Mike Quackenbush to form an ultra-effective trio. Storm was at ringside for Jigsaw’s mask vs. hair match with Icarus in June, nullifying the negative influence of Gran Akuma in Icarus’ corner.

2007: Storm teamed with Quackenbush and Jigsaw to win the first ever King of Trios tournament, but he then failed to win Los Campeonatos de Parejas with Jigsaw from F.I.S.T. the following month. After that the team seemed to faulter, with Storm losing a trios match in Connecticut to newcomer Shayne Hawke, and ShaneSaw split up soon after following a loss to the debuting Osirian Portal and a clash in a Parejas Increibles match. Towards the end of the year there were a couple of strange incidents as UltraMantis Black showed compassion towards Storm in an occurance that was later revealed to be about the CHIKARA Special, where Mantis manipulated Storm to learn the secret of the hold.

2008: The year began in a particularly brutal fashion for Shane Storm, as Eddie Kingston beat him to a bloody pulp and dropped him on his head on two occasions and Brodie Lee defeated him quickly by booting him in the head. 2008 also saw a dramatic change for Storm. It was revealed that Storm told UltraMantis the secret counter to the CHIKARA Special and Mantis had in turn given the information to Chris Hero, who used it to defeat Equinox in a Mask vs. Hair match. This caused Mike Quackenbush, the creater of the CHIKARA Special, to attack Storm and destroy their tag team, despite the fact that they had the 3 points required for a title match against Los Campeones. Two brutal Storm vs. Quackenbush matches followed, the first which Storm won when Quackenbush gave him a Tiger Driver ‘91 and refused to release the CHIKARA Special, and the second of which saw Vin Gerard (the former Equinox) help Storm to win, even after Quackenbush had given Storm the Jig ‘n’ Tonic on the floor of the Riverside. The next night, Storm joined Gerard by helping him to retain the Young Lions Cup in a match against Drake Younger. Storm agreed to remove his old mask in favour of a new, darker one, and he would then be renamed to STIGMA at Gerard’s request. His fighting style changed completely, much like Gerard’s did when he turned rudo. Gone were the arm drags and flips, in were the strikes and Tombstone Piledrivers. He would be one of the founding members of the UnStable with Gerard and Colin Delaney, forming a regular tag team with Delaney while Gerard fought in singles competition for the Young Lions Cup.

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