Alliances: CHIKARA Sekigun (Jigsaw)
Height: 6′0” ~ 173 cm
Weight: 200 lbs ~ 91 kg ~ 14 st
Hometown: West Lawn, Pennsylvania
Trainers: Ace Darling, “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter, Jorge “Skayde” Rivera
Debut: November 1991

Signature Moves:
- QD1 ~ Quackendriver (2002-2004) (modified Iconoclasm/reverse crucifix powerbomb)
- QD2 ~ Quackendriver II (cross-legged inverted piledriver)
- QD3 ~ Quackendriver III (modified fisherman driver)
- QD4 ~ Quackendriver IV (gutwrench suplex/brainbuster combination)
- BTS ~ Black Tornado Slam (snap swinging double underhook mat slam)
- CHIKARA Special
- Palm Strike
- Lightning Lock (crossface/over-the-shoulder cloverleaf combination)
- Lightning Lock β (inverted cloverleaf)
- Lightning Lock δ (seated over the shoulder single leg Boston crab)
- Lightning Lock Ω (over rotated step–over toe–hold sleeper)
- Alligator Clutch
- Déjà Vu DDT (tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a DDT)
- Chain Lightning (triple jump moonsault)
- Inazuma Suplex Special
- Inazuma Suplex Special II
- Inazuma Suplex Special III
- QuackenSmash

Title History:

CHIKARA King of Trios
- 2007, with Jigsaw & Shane Storm: Defeated KUDO, MIYAWAKI & Yoshiaki Yago on 2/18/2007

IWA Mid South Ted Petty Invitational
- 2007: Defeated Chuck Taylor & Claudio Castagnoli on 9/29/2007

CZW Best of the Best
- 2005: Defeated Kevin Steen, B-Boy & Super Dragon on 5/14/2005

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Tiger Mask IV on 5/11/2007, current

IWA Mid South Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Chuck Taylor on 9/29/2007, lost to Eddie Kingston on 12/7/2007

IWA Mid South Light-Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Chuck Taylor on 9/1/2007, lost to Chuck Taylor on 12/7/2007

wXw World Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Ares on 3/18/2006, lost to Ares on 3/31/2006

wXw World Lightweight Title
- Defeated Jody Fleisch on 6/31/2003, lost to Steve Douglas on 8/21/2004

CZW Junior Heavyweight Title (2)
- Defeated Alex Shelley on 2/5/2005, lost to Sabian on 4/2/2005
- Defeated Sabian on 6/11/2005, lost to Derek Frazier on 9/10/2005

AULL Intercontinental Lightweight Title (2)
- Defeated Hooligan on 9/9/2003, lost to Skayde on 9/10/2003
- Defeated Skayde on 10/18/2003, current

APWF Internet Title
- Defeated Matt Vandal on 4/20/2001, last

EWF Light Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Even Bedder on 4/13/2001, lost to Quiet Storm on 1/21/2002

FNW Freeweight Title
- Defeated Jimmy Vegas, Kevin Grace & Denny Gregory on 3/26/2004, lost to CJ O’Doyle on 8/6/2005

FWA Title (3)
- Defeated Tommy Idol on 11/20/1998, lost to Low Ki on 10/2/1999
- Defeated Low Ki on 11/20/1999, lost to Jake Daniels on 9/9/2000
- Defeated Jake Daniels on 11/18/2000, last

IPW Hardcore Light Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Jeff Peterson & Jet Jaguar on 3/12/1999, lost to Jet Jaguar on 5/29/1999

IPW Junior Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Adam Flash on 10/6/2001, current

AULL (Mexico) Intercontinental Lightweight Title (2)
- Defeated Hooligan on 9/9/2003, lost to Skayde on 9/10/2003
- Defeated Skayde on 10/18/2003, lost to Oriental on 10/29/2004

IWA Deep South Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Hallowicked on 3/3/2007, current

IWU Light Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Reckless Youth on 6/26/1999, lost to Reckless Youth on 7/31/1999

NEW Junior Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Ray Odyssey on 9/11/1999, lost to Xavier on 2/26/2000

PCW Junior Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Joe Rules on 10/25/1997, lost to Reckless Youth on 11/21/1997

PCW Six-Man Tag Team Title
- With Inferno Kid & Boogie Woogie Brown: Defeated Camp Casino on 4/17/1998, vacated on 3/11/2000

PCW Tag Team Title (2)
- With Pat Shamrock: Defeated Ace Darling & Glenn Osborne on 8/22/1997, lost to Dave Patera & Jihad Hussein on 9/26/1997
- With Inferno Kid: Defeated Nation of Immigration & Thunder Ryders on 5/15/1998, lost to Reckless Youth & Lance Diamond on 7/24/1998

PWE Heavyweight Title (2)
- Defeated Flex Fenom on 4/10/2004, lost to Glenn Osbourne on 3/26/2005
- Defeated Insane Sam on 10/21/2006, lost to Kage on 8/4/2007

PWE Tag Team Title (2)
- With Hallowicked: Defeated Gran Akuma & Icarus on 5/7/2005, lost to Gran Akuma & Icarus on 7/30/2005
- With Hallowicked: Defeated Los Ice Creams on 11/3/2007, lost to Joey Money & Jackpot on 1/26/2008

SCW Junior Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Reckless Youth & Christian York on 7/31/1998, vacated on 3/11/2000

SCW Lord of the Dance Title
- Defeated Don Montoya & Lou Marconi on 5/15/1999, vacated on 3/11/2000

USCW Junior Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Bubba Hansen on 5/31/1996, vacated on 1/1/1997

2002: One of the co-founders of the Chikara Wrestle Factory and CHIKARA, Quack often teamed with Black T-Shirt Squad friends Reckless Youth and Don Montoya in the early days, including on the first ever CHIKARA show against the Gold Bond Mafia and later against rudo students, The Night Shift. A mini-feud with Mitch Ryder began towards the end of the year, with Quackenbush avenging an earlier loss by pinning Ryder on the last show of 2002.

2003: Quack spent most of the year teaming with his trainees, going an entire year undefeated, with only Blind Rage and Swi$$ Money Holding achieving the feat of not losing to him (their matches were draws). He formed the SuperFriends tag team with former rival Chris Hero at the Tag World Grand Prix, and at the end of the year he won a championship belt by defeating veteran luchador Skayde for the AULL/IPW Mexican Middleweight Title.

2004: The Wrestle Factory maestro joined up with Team F.I.S.T. to counteract the Toxic Trio in a feud that concluded at Aniversario 3, with the tecnicos coming out on top. However, he soon began to disappear from the shows in Emmaus for no apparent reason as soon as the renegade Sweet ‘n’ Sour International faction (lead by Larry Sweeney) rose to prominence. He revealed himself as Spyrazul (a member of the rudo group) during the first ever Torneo Cibernetico in CHIKARA history, swerving Sweeney and helping Jigsaw to win the match.

2005: Quackenbush rekindled his team with Chris Hero at the Tag World Grand Prix, but Hero turned on him at the conclusion of the final to form the Kings of Wrestling. He then lost his grudge match to Hero 3 months later under shady circumstances, and a series of losses in tag and trios matches did not help. Things improved when he reformed the BTS with Reckless Youth and new member Jigsaw to gain the upper hand over the rudos. Hero refused him a singles rematch, so Quackenbush defeated Hero’s new charge Claudio Castagnoli in arguably the best match of 2005 CHIKARA. He would once again pin Claudio in the Torneo Cibernetico, but Claudio would have the last laugh by defeating him a month later, boxing him out of Tag World Grand Prix 2006. A career-threatening back injury also put Quack on the shelf for a long period of time.

2006: Injury forced Quack to watch from the sidelines as Claudio and Hero won Tag World Grand Prix 2006, the final Tag World until 2008. He made his return to wrestling in Germany by defeating Ares for the wXw Heavyweight Title, but lost the return match to him in his return to CHIKARA, in turn dropping the belt. After that he formed an effective regular trio with Shane Storm and Jigsaw while setting a goal to take out the Kings of Wrestling one by one en route to Chris Hero. Wins over Gran Akuma and Icarus followed, with Quack debuting his new QD3 finisher. At the end of the year he was a member of the party who saved Claudio Castagnoli from his former friends Hero and F.I.S.T.

2007: Quackenbush won his first ever CHIKARA tournament by winning the inaugural King of Trios tournament with ShaneSaw, but lost a King of Europe Cup qualifying match to his old foe Castagnoli the next month. He adopted the role of referee for a Claudio/Hero grudge match, reluctantly counting 3 for Hero, and he debuted the CHIKARA Special submission hold the next month to finally earn a singles win over Hero, 2 years after their first CHIKARA bout. Around this time he added the prestigious NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title to his trophy case and a number of defenses were made in CHIKARA with wins over Black Tiger and Akira Raijin.

2008: Quackenbush reunited with his maestro Jorge “Skayde” Rivera at King of Trios, but their team with Shane Storm fell in the quarter finals to eventual winners Los Luchadores when El Pantera pinned Quackenbush. This set up a match for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title, which Quackenbush won via CHIKARA Special. He and Storm gained the 3 necessary points for Los Campeonatos contendership, but the team dissolved at the Young Lions Cup when Tim Donst informed him that Storm was the tecnico who had told the rudos – and via a few degrees of separation, Chris Hero – how to counter the CHIKARA Special. Quackenbush attacked Storm as soon as he found this out, leading to the split of their team and the formation of the UnStable – Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney and Shane Storm (who would later rename himself to STIGMA). This new feud would see the return of the now unmasked Jigsaw to CHIKARA, saving Quackenbush and Tim Donst from an attack at the hands of the UnStable, but Quack seemed unwilling to welcome the formerly-banished Jigsaw back to the company. However, the following month Quack returned the favour by saving Jigsaw. The two men aired their grievances in Wallingford shortly after, with Quack refusing to team with Jigsaw until he reverted back to his masked persona. Jigsaw complied by this, filling in for the injured Tim Donst in December and teaming with Quack to defeat STIGMA and Delaney.

2009: 2009 began well for Quackenbush, as he and Jigsaw gained their first point towards tag title contendership by defeating the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple. They eventually gained that title shot before falling to the Osirian Portal in April in a Best of 3 Falls match. Quack took some time off during CHIKARA’s mid-season break due to a serious back injury but he returned on the Dragon Gate USA debut show, participating in a CHIKARA showcase match that arguably stole the show. After the match Quack suggested a Dragon Gate vs. CHIKARA match, which earned him a kick down low from YAMATO and a proverbial knife in the back from Gran Akuma, igniting a feud between Akuma/YAMATO and Jigsaw/Quackenbush.

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