Alliances: The Roughnecks
Height: 6′2” ~ 186 cm
Weight: 245 lbs ~ 113 kg
Hometown: Yonkers, New York
Trainers: Chikara Wrestle Factory (2nd Term ~ Mike Quackenbush), Chris Hero, Kevin Knight
Debut: October 12, 2002

Signature Moves:
- Backfist to the Future (spinning backfist)
- Backdrop Driver
- Sliding D
- Lariat
- Kondo Clutch
- Uranage Suplex
- Corner Yakuza Kick
- Rapid-fire chops
- Head-and-arm suplex

Title History:

CZW World Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Chris Hero on 9/9/2006, lost to Justice Pain on 12/9/2006

CZW World Tag Team Title
- With Joker: Defeated Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli on 2/11/2006, vacated on 9/9/2006

EPW Heavyweight Title

IWA-MS World Heavyweight Title
- Defeated Mike Quackenbush on 12/7/2007, vacated on 4/12/2008

IWA-MS Tag Team Title
- With BlackJack Marciano: Defeated Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz on 9/18/2004, lost to Brad Bradley, Ryan Boz, and Trik Davis on 1/15/2005

IWA-MS Revolution Strong Style Tournament
- Defeated Drake Younger on 11/24/2006

TRP Heavyweight Title

WSWF Heavyweight Title

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Title
- Defeated Larry Sweeney on 7/22/2006, lost to Larry Sweeney on 10/27/2006

Before coming to CHIKARA, Eddie Kingston trained at Kevin Knight’s school alongside fellow future CHIKARA wrestlers Jigsaw, BlackJack Marciano and Jolly Roger. This initial training saw Kingston clash many times with Knight over their different ideas about wrestling (in his Smart Mark Video interview he noted that the breaking point was when Knight dismissed Japanese wrestling, one of Kingston’s preferred styles). When Kingston and BlackJack were kicked out by Knight the group moved onto the Chikara Wrestle Factory, as Kingston had been a huge fan of Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth’s former stomping ground, the Future Wrestling Alliance. However, their first day of training turned out to be Reckless Youth’s last day as a regular trainer.

2002: Initially entering the promotion as a second class graduate, Kingston formed a team with his best friend BlackJack Marciano, collectively known as “the Wildcards”, and they would remain together for just over 2 years and break out from CHIKARA into promotions such as IWA Mid-South. Rudos through and through, the pair soon found an ally in “Marvelous” Mitch Ryder, who stopped by towards the end of 2002, assisting the two New York natives in their wars with the likes of Mike Quackenbush and UltraMantis.

2003: In 2003, Kingston and Marciano began a feud with Ultra/ZERO, which saw Kingston viciously injure UltraMantis in his Kondo Clutch finishing hold. The Wildcards would also form alliances with fellow rudos Hallowicked and the Conundrum (Rorschach & Jigsaw). The Wildcards and Ultra/ZERO would continue to trade victories, including a Wildcards win in a rarely-seen I Quit match, but Ultra/ZERO would effectively win the feud by eliminating their foes from Tag World Grand Prix.

The next target for the Wildcards happened to be energetic tecnicos in the form of Team F.I.S.T.: Gran Akuma and Icarus. The feud began when the Wildcards attacked Akuma after he won a trios match over them, breaking his leg with a chair in one of the more vile acts in CHIKARA history. The Wildcards would end 2003 with a victory, overcoming the severely-handicapped F.I.S.T. in a No DQ match.

2004: Come 2004, Kingston would once again cross the line, removing Akuma’s mask. It was around this time that Marciano, Kingston and Jigsaw collectively became known as “The Toxic Trio”, with Jigsaw distancing himself from Rorschach. Interference the next month from the Wildcards in a Jigsaw/Mike Quackenbush match saw a challenge laid down for the first ever Ultimate Jeopardy match, with the Toxic Trio vs. F.I.S.T. & Quackenbush. On the line were Icarus’ hair, Jigsaw’s mask, Gran Akuma’s mask, the hair of the Wildcards, and Mike Quackenbush’s various championship belts. In the ultimate payback, it was Akuma scoring the decisive victory, making Kingston tap out to his own Kondo Clutch, resulting in Kingston and Marciano to be shaved. In an interesting note, this would not be a feud restricted only to CHIKARA, as Akuma would severely injure Kingston’s neck in a CZW tag match with a second rope Yoshi Tonic, and Chris Hero also used Akuma years later as a henchman in his feud with Kingston.

The remainder of 2004 would be quite uneventful for Kingston in CHIKARA, as he and Marciano continued to defend their IWA Mid-South Tag Team titles against all comers.

2005: The Wildcards team remained together until Marciano suddenly retired in early 2005, with Kingston later citing Chris Hero’s politics as the reason for BlackJack quitting the business. Kingston was left without a tag team partner for Tag World Grand Prix, and was randomly assigned to team with Mickie Knuckles. Mickie took quite the beating from Hero and Quackenbush in their first round match, and even though the makeshift duo was eliminated, Mickie clearly earned Kingston’s respect, which would prove to be the beginning of his tecnico turn. Following Tag World, Kingston would take a back seat, concentrating on commentary more than wrestling, and thinking about the rest of his career. He would return to the ring in July 2005, teaming with his friend Sabian, rookie Equinox, and his trainer Mike Quackenbush to take on Chris Hero’s heel Kings of Wrestling faction, consisting of himself, Akuma, Arik Cannon and Claudio Castagnoli. Kingston’s team prevailed, and while Quackenbush was not granted a match with Hero, Kingston was. The match took place on CHIKARA’s debut in the old ECW Arena, “Negative Balance”, and main evented the show. Unfortunately, Hero won the match cheaply with a foul followed by a headbutt. This cheap win would spill the feud over into CZW, beginning one of the more epic independent wrestling feuds in recent memory.

Shaken by that loss, and a subsequent loss to Gran Akuma in a brief return to their rivalry, Kingston again took a background position in CHIKARA, mostly teaming with Sabian in tag team competition.

2006: Sabian and Kingston would team up in Tag World Grand Prix 2006, advancing to the quarter finals on night 3, before falling to – as luck would have it – F.I.S.T., who had oddly enough turned rudo around the time Kingston began to turn tecnico. Soon after, Kingston would begin another major feud, this time with “Sweet ‘n’ Sour” Larry Sweeney. Sweeney became irate when Kingston refused to join him on his “Winner’s Circle” talk show, goading him with comments about BlackJack and various other tag team partners who had left him. At first, Kingston managed to talk Sweeney down, warning him to not go there, until Sweeney viciously turned on Kingston, a man he had called a friend for a long time. Sweeney would choke Kingston out at the Young Lions Cup, causing the King to dry-heave under the ring, but Kingston would in turn take Sweeney’s precious ICWICWA Texarkana Television title by pinning him clean the following month.

Sweeney began to openly mock Kingston and various aspects of his persona, such as his catchphrases and nicknames, leading to their match at the Invaders weekend, which spilled outside the Barnesville Thunderdome and saw Sweeney actually strike Kingston down with a car, critically injuring his knee in the process. Kingston would then be forced into a handicap situation the month after that, as Mickie Knuckles no-showed, leaving him to fight Sweeney and Daizee Haze alone, a fight which he lost. Despite the injury, Kingston lasted right until the end of that year’s Cibernetico – his first – before losing to Icarus. Kingston would finally win the feud over Sweeney by defeating him in a Yellow Belly Strap Match at the 2006 season finale.

2007: A broken ankle caused Kingston to miss the first ever King of Trios event in February 2007, but he returned in March, and once again, Kingston was involved in controversy. Following a frustrating submission loss to Claudio Castagnoli, Kingston’s mood was not helped when Hallowicked pinned him to win an 8-man tag team match. Frustrated by the defeat, Kingston smashed Wicked with a Yakuza kick, signalling another turn to the rudo side for “The King of Diamonds”. The cause for the dislike was later revealed to be jealousy on Kingston’s part, angry at Hallowicked and others getting attention while he was being left behind, when he was one of the originals and one of the first to break out of CHIKARA. Kingston stated his aim was to prove he was the top student to come out of the Chikara Wrestle Factory training school, by beating the man given that very label, Hallowicked. Several matches failed to calm the issue down, ending when Kingston would either attack before the bell or get himself disqualified, at one point tearing a large portion of Hallowicked’s mask off. In amongst this chaos, Kingston would wrestle the young unknown Tim Donst on CHIKARA’s debut show in Connecticut, and over the course of the match simultaneously showed exactly what a bruiser he is and made Tim Donst a name in CHIKARA, beating the youngster senseless before knocking him out with the Backfist to the Future.

Hallowicked was absent for the next show in Philadelphia, but this did not stop Kingston, as he administered another shocking beating, this time on Ricochet, but did so while forcing Ricochet to wear a Hallowicked mask, sending yet another message. Kingston would end up winning the feud on the “Chapter 11″ show in Philadelphia during the month of November, backing up his claim to be the top student ever to come out of Chikara Wrestle Factory.

2008: 2008 began in a rather dominating fashion for Kingston, as he first destroyed Shane Storm in a brutal, bloody, violent manner, and then captained his BLK-Out trio to the final of King of Trios 2008, where they shockingly fell to Lince Dorado’s trio of luchadores. Kingston would then take a momentary break from wrestling, returning two months after King of Trios unannounced and destroying Storm once again. King then promised all members of the CHIKARA roster that he was there to “burst their bubble”. The next target for King was the match who defeated him many months ago, Lince Dorado. Their feud often saw Kingston dismantle Dorado, but Lince’s refusal to stay down drove Kingston to insanity. This is a grudge that still rages on, even though both men have moved on to other things. Towards the end of the year Kingston formed an alliance with Brodie Lee and Grizzly Redwood, united by their dislike of wrestlers such as Incoherence and Claudio Castagnoli.

2009: The Grizzly/Kingston/Brodie unit was given a name in February. While initial reports had them down as “The Blue Jeans Squad” – possibly a play on the Black T-Shirt Squad – the name was later confirmed to be The Roughnecks. In their first official trios match the three were successful, overcoming the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple & Sami Callihan. That match earned them a spot in King of Trios 2009 but they fell to Team Uppercut in the opening round. This feud proved to be the beginning of the main Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli feud, as Kingston felt embarrassed and disrespected by Claudio in that match (and in a few other matches against Claudio). Kingston claimed that he would outwrestle Claudio and he did just that at Aniversario Yang, pinning Claudio cleanly with an Oklahoma roll. Claudio gained a measure of revenge a few months later, defeating Kingston by count out at the third night of the 2009 Young Lions Cup.

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