August 5, 2007 ~ New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA
0. Jigsaw {W} & Shane Storm & Tim Donst & MosCow (13:11 ~ Superkick) UltraMantis Black & Shawn Reed & Justin Reed {L} & Chris Styles
1. El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream, Jr. {W} (6:23 ~ La Magistral/Jackknife Cradle Combo) Jagged {L} & Shane Matthews
2. Ricochet (8:34 ~ Foul -> DQ) Eddie Kingston
3. Shayne Hawke (7:51 ~ Tomahawke) Billy Roc
4. Best of 3 Falls: Sara Del Rey (2-1) Daizee Haze
- Primera Caida: Daizee Haze (5:01 ~ Cascading Vertical Splash) Sara Del Rey
- Segunda Caida: Sara Del Rey (3:25 ~ Missed Daizee Crossbody -> Mousetrap Pin) Daizee Haze
- Tercera Caida: Sara Del Rey (2:09 ~ Royal Butterfly) Daizee Haze

5. Delirious {W} & Mascarada Delirioscito & Mascarada Delirioso Dos Anos del Mil (14:35 ~ Chemical Imbalance II) Fire Ant {L} & Soldier Ant & Worker Ant
6. La Parkita Original (7:29 ~ Crucifix Cradle) Payaso del Futuro
7. Young Lions Cup Title Match ~ Open Challenge: Chuck Taylor [c] (9:33 ~ Top Rope-Assisted Awful Waffle) Drake Younger
- Chuck Taylor succeeds in V1
8. Lince Dorado & El Pantera {W} (11:43 ~ CHIKARA Special) Chris Hero {L} & Claudio Castagnoli
9. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Quackenbush [c] (13:10 ~ Lightning Lock) Black Tiger IV
- Mike Quackenbush succeeds in V1
10. Gran Akuma {W} & Icarus (13:01 ~ Oklahoma Roll) Mark Briscoe {L} & Jay Briscoe

Following Eddie Kingston’s foul on Ricochet that lost him the match, Kingston grabbed a replica Hallowicked mask from the merchandise tables and put it over Ricochet’s head. He then continued to savagely beat Ricochet, sending a message to Hallowicked (who was not at the building)… Cheech and Cloudy were replaced by two additional members of the Delirious family for their trios match… The Briscoes destroyed F.I.S.T. after the main event, using the Jay Driller and the Cutthroat Driver to great effect…

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