November 8, 2008 ~ Turbinenhalle/T-Club, Oberhausen, Germany
1. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Opening Round: Fire Ant & Soldier Ant {W} [The Colony] (12:28 ~ Beach Break -> Saluting Headbutt) Lionheart & Kid Fite {L} [Fight Club]
2. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Opening Round: Vin Gerard {W} & STIGMA [The UnStable] (9:44 ~ Sitoci Intrusion -> Schoolboy) Claudio Castagnoli & Marc Roudin {L} [Swi$$ Money Holding]
3. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Opening Round: Amasis {W} & Ophidian [The Osirian Portal] (12:08 ~ The Osirian Sacrament) Wade Fitzgerald {L} & Joel Redman [The Thrillers]
4. Trios Increibles: Sha Samuels, Big Van Walter {W} & Steve Douglas (14:30 ~ Powerbomb -> Single Foot Cover) Bad Bones, Emil Sitoci & Bernd Föhr {L}
5. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Opening Round: Martin Stone & PAC {W} (13:55 ~ Stone Lariat -> Shooting Star Press) Icarus {L} & Chuck Taylor [F.I.S.T.]
6. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Opening Round: Adam Polak {W} & Lazio Fe [Revolution Purple] (10:35 ~ Folding press with rope assist) Robbie Brookside & Johnny Kidd {L}
7. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Opening Round: Tommy End {W} & Andrew Patterson (10:52 ~ Owari Death Combo #2) Jagged & Shane Matthews {L} [2.0]
8. World of Sport Rules: Mike Quackenbush (R4 2:05 ~ KO) Johnny Saint

The Colony, Revolution Purple, The UnStable, Tommy End & Andrew Patterson, Martin Stone & PAC and The Osirian Portal all advanced to the semi-finals of the Tag World Grand Prix, scheduled for 11/9… Zack Sabre, Jr. was absent from the show and was replaced by Andrew Patterson (who was randomly drawn after Mark Nolte and Darkness Crabtree failed to appear)… The UnStable were able to overcome Swi$$ Money Holding when Emil Sitoci came to ringside and brawled with Claudio Castagnoli… Johnny Saint injured his knee after delivering a kneebreaker, leading to the finish of the main event. After the match Quackenbush appealed to Saint for a third match in their series.

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