November 9, 2008 ~ Turbinenhalle/T-Club, Oberhausen, Germany
1. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Semi-Final: Fire Ant {W} & Soldier Ant [The Colony] (14:08 ~ Beach Break) Vin Gerard {L} & STIGMA [The UnStable]
2. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Semi-Final: Amasis {W} & Ophidian [The Osirian Portal] (13:49 ~ The Osirian Sacrament) Tommy End & Andrew Patterson {L}
3. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Semi-Final: Martin Stone & PAC {W} (8:58 ~ Shooting Star Press) Lazio Fe {L} & Adam Polak [Revolution Purple]
4. Chuck Taylor & Icarus [F.I.S.T.] & Emil Sitoci {W} (15:43 ~ Spinning Tombstone Piledriver) Joel Redman & Wade Fitzgerald {L} [The Thrillers] & Marc Roudin
5. Sha Samuels {W}, Kid Fite & Lionheart [Fight Club] (10:05 ~ Schoolboy with tights assist) Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0] & Karsten Beck {L}
6. wXw Heavyweight Title Tournament ~ Semi-Final: Claudio Castagnoli (21:22 ~ Foul -> Bicycle Kick -> Ricola Bomb) Mike Quackenbush
7. wXw Heavyweight Title Tournament ~ Semi-Final: Bad Bones (17:02 ~ Air Raid Crash) Big Van Walter
8. Tag World Grand Prix ~ Final ~ Elimination Match: Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] (25:00) Amasis & Ophidian [The Osirian Portal], PAC & Martin Stone
- Amasis & Ophidian {W} (8:49 ~ Shooting Star Press Block -> Inside Cradle) PAC {L} & Martin Stone
- Fire Ant & Soldier Ant {W} (25:00 ~ CHIKARA Special) Amasis & Ophidian {L}

Steve Douglas came out early in the night and vacated the wXw Heavyweight Title, claiming he was concussed from wrestling Psicosis II last week and was suffering from memory loss. This set up a mini-tournament with the first matches tonight and the finals set for December 13th… STIGMA debuted a new mask in the opener, mostly black and dark grey with a sonic-style mohawk… Amasis and Andrew Patterson went to war in a dance contest… 2.0 received a “Please come back” chant after their trios match… Claudio Castagnoli worked as a rudo in his match against Quackenbush, refusing to wrestle unless the fans ceased with their chanting… Claudio Castagnoli attacked Bad Bones after Bones defeated Big Van Walter, giving him the Ricola Bomb… Martin Stone received an injury early into the tournament final so PAC was forced to wrestle much of it alone… The finish to the main event was preceded by a Beach Break by Fire Ant onto Amasis on the floor… Fire also did a dive off a speaker pole.

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