May 22, 2004 – Emmaus Fire Co. 1, Emmaus, PA
1. Double Jeopardy Battle Royal: Blind Rage {W}, DJ Skittlez {W} () Rorschach, Sabian, Shane Storm, Private Eye, Melvin Snodgrass, Hallowicked
- Order of Entry: Shane Storm (0:00), Rorschach (0:00), Sabian (1:36), Melvin Snodgrass (3:00), DJ Skittlez (3:14), Private Eye (4:31), Hallowicked (5:17), Blind Rage (6:21)
- Order of Elimination: Shane Storm (7:08 ~ By Rorschach), Hallowicked (7:10 ~ By DJ Skittlez), Private Eye (7:39 ~ By Blind Rage), Melvin Snodgrass (7:46 ~ By Rorschach), Rorschach (7:55 ~ By Sabian), Sabian (8:07 ~ By DJ Skittlez)
- DJ Skittlez and Blind Rage advance to a singles match later in the evening
2. Jolly Roger (6:10 ~ Walk The Plank) Darkness Crabtree
3. Chris Hero (18:23 ~ Hangman’s Clutch II) Murat Bosporus
4. Blind Rage (8:13 ~ STF) DJ Skittlez
5. Mystery Partners Tag Team Match: UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked {W} (11:20 -> UltraMantis eye poke -> Yakuza Kick) Mr. ZERO & Shane Storm {L}
6. Ultimate Jeopardy: Mike Quackenbush & Icarus & Gran Akuma {W} (37:59 ~ Kondo Clutch) Eddie Kingston {L} & BlackJack Marciano & Jigsaw [The Toxic Trio]

Cavalier Jones, representing the CHIKARA Board of Directors, gave Shane Storm a slot in the Young Lions Cup following his victory last month over Hallowicked… It was agreed during a segment mid-show that if the Toxic Trio lost in the main event, Cavalier Jones would be fired from the Board of Directors… After Rage’s victory over Skittlez the two men shook hands in what would be – at that point – Rage’s retirement match. Rage then cut a retirement promo. He put over CHIKARA’s locker room and fans as the best, and thanked them for making it all possible. Love Bug (one of Rage’s teachers) then made a CHIKARA return and embraced with him… The stipulations for the main event were as follows: If Gran Akuma or Jigsaw lost, they would lose their masks; if Kingston, Marciano or Icarus lost, they would lose their hair; if Quackenbush lost, he would lose his various championship belts; and if the Toxic Trio lost, Cavalier Jones would be fired. Akuma defeated Kingston, so the Wildcards were shaved bald… Kingston attacked Jigsaw towards the end of the main event, effectively ending the Toxic Trio…

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