July 31, 2004 – Emmaus Fire Co., Emmaus, PA
1. Opening Round Match: Chris Hero (6:49 ~ Hero’s Welcome) Qeenan Creed
2. Quarter Final Match: Jigsaw (10:27 ~ Jig ‘n’ Tonic) Sabian
3. Quarter Final Match: BlackJack Marciano (20:40 ~ Folding Press) Eddie Kingston
4. Quarter Final Match: Larry Sweeney (8:52 ~ ShareCropper distraction -> Schoolboy with tights assist) Shane Storm
5. Quarter Final Match: Chris Hero (17:42 ~ Hero’s Welcome) Gran Akuma
6. Hallowicked & UltraMantis Black & DJ Skittlez (??? ~ ???) Flex Fenom & Mobius & Spyrazul
7. Semi-Final Match: Jigsaw (4:41 ~ Jig ‘n’ Tonic) BlackJack Marciano
8. Semi-Final Match: Larry Sweeney (2:10 ~ Mano Metalico intrusion -> Brass knuckleduster punch) Chris Hero
9. Trios Match ~ Best of 3 Falls: Mano Metalico & Crossbones & ShareCropper (2-1) Mr. ZERO & Icarus & Jolly Roger
- ShareCropper (4:20 ~ Mano Metalico Iron Heart Punch) Mr. ZERO
- Crossbones (6:11 ~ Foul) Icarus

10. Young Lions Cup II Tournament Final: Larry Sweeney (10:49 ~ Rorschach Superkick -> Piledriver) Jigsaw

As a result of his victory in the opener, Hero replaced Jay Lethal, who was unavailable for the second night of the tournament… Kingston and Marciano decided halfway through their match to walk out, blaming lack of respect from the fans, but at the count of 16 decided to race back to the ring, where Marciano quickly got the pin… The trios match in slot 6 was not featured on any DVD or VHS releases of the show. After the match, Mantis and Hallowicked joined Larry Sweeney’s crew… Chris Hero was attacked during his entrance by Sweeney’s crew, leaving him easy prey for Sweeney… Rorschach turned rudo in the main event, running in and attacking Jigsaw, costing him the match and the cup. Before the match, Bryce Remsburg banned Sweeney’s posse from ringside, which did not stop Flex Fenom from interfering at the finish.

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