February 20, 2005 – The Staircase, Pittston, PA
1. Eddie Kingston {W}, Jon Dahmer and DJ Hyde (16:06 ~ Rollup) Jimmy Jacobs, Danny Daniels and Allison Danger {L}
2. Quarter-Final Round: Mike Quackenbush {W} and Chris Hero [The Super Friends] (16:44 ~ Headscissors Rollup) El Generico and Kevin Steen {L} [Team IWS]
3. Quarter-Final Round: Jigsaw and Sabian (9:08 ~ DQ) Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo [Death Match Kings]
4. Quarter-Final Round: Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon [Triple C] (18:49 ~ Ricola Bomb/Glimmering Warlock Combination) Lance Steel and Jolly Roger [Knight Eye for the Pirate Guy]
5. Quarter-Final Round: Ebessan and Billy Ken Kid {W} [Osaka Pro] (13:02 ~ 450 Splash) Skayde and Milanito Collection a.t. {L} [Toryumon X]
6. Semi-Final Round: Claudio Castagnoli {W} and Arik Cannon (5:12 ~ Ricola Bomb/Glimmering Warlock Combination) Jigsaw and Sabian {L}
7. Semi-Final Round: Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero {W} (25:00 ~ Hero’s Welcome) Ebessan {L} and Billy Ken Kid
8. Matt Turner {W}, Anthony Franco, Lucky and JC Ryder (11:22 ~ Fujiwara Armbar) Beef Wellington, The Bear {L}, Gran Akuma and Icarus
9. Shane Storm {W}, Ryan Cruz, Darin Corbin, Emil Sitoci and Trik Davis (25:12 ~ That Japanese Move!) Larry Sweeney, Cheech, Cloudy, Davey Andrews {L} and Shane Hagadorn
10. Tag World Grand Prix 2005 Finals: Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon {W} (26:40 ~ Chris Hero Rubix Cube -> Pinfall) Mike Quackenbush {L} and Chris Hero

Mad Man Pondo was disqualified in his quarter-final match with Necro Butcher against the team of Jigsaw and Sabian after hitting Jigsaw over the head with a stop sign; the Death Match Kings continued to beat down their opponents after the match, continuing to use the stop sign and steel chairs to batter Jigsaw and Sabian, perhaps costing them the tournament…the fate of Jigsaw and Sabian continued to spiral downwards in the semi-finals, as they were eliminated following a faked injury by Arik Cannon, who claimed to have re-injured his recently broken collarbone to get Jigsaw and Sabian to drop their guard while Castagnoli attacked them from behind to get the win…in one of the most shocking moments in Chikara history, Chris Hero turned his back on Mike Quackenbush in the finals to allow Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon to win the tournament, giving him the Rubix Cube driver and allowing Arik Cannon to get the pin, siding with Triple C to form the Kings of Wrestling stable…after the match ended, Hero told the crowd that he’d been planning this since the IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational the prior summer, after Quackenbush had defeated Hero in the first round; Hero realized that Quack had come so close to winning so many tournaments in the past that he wanted to help Quack get within inches of winning another one, just so Hero could have the personal satisfaction of being able to take the joy right from his hands and strip him of the one prize he so dearly desired…

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