July 23, 2005 ~ American Legion Hall, Hellertown, PA

1. Opening Round: Shane Storm (9:24 ~ That Japanese Move) Vries Kastelein
2. Opening Round: Equinox (5:00 ~ Standing Shooting Star Press) Lance Steel
3. Opening Round: Crossbones (6:57 ~ Freakin’ Sweet Driver) Shiima Xion
4. Opening Round: Niles Young (8:03 ~ NYPD) Josh Abercrombie
5. Opening Round: KUDO (6:55 ~ Diving Double Knee Drop) Anthony Franco
6. Opening Round: Claudio Castagnoli (10:28 ~ UBS Neckbreaker) CJ O’Doyle
7. Arik Cannon & Chris Hero {W} & Gran Akuma & Icarus (19:21 ~ Hangman’s Clutch) Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz & Trik Davis & Mickie Knuckles {L}
8. UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked {W} & Blind Rage (12:58 ~ Small Package) Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw {L} & Sabian
9. 6-Way Elimination Semi-Final: Shane Storm (27:43) Claudio Castagnoli, Crossbones, KUDO, Niles Young, Equinox
- Equinox (9:34 ~ Standing Shooting Star Press) Crossbones
- Equinox (13:01 ~ Standing Guillotine Choke) Niles Young
- KUDO (16:34 ~ Diving Double Knee Drop) Equinox
- Claudio Castagnoli (20:20 ~ Ricola Bomb) KUDO
- Shane Storm (27:43 ~ That Japanese Move) Claudio Castagnoli

After forcing Mickie Knuckles to submit, Hero refused to release the Hangman’s Clutch. Arik Cannon added in a number of kicks to the face, while Akuma and Icarus kept other wrestlers at bay. Eddie Kingston finally made the save, leaving the commentary desk to go after Hero. Hero and Kingston were forcefully separated, with Hero informing Kingston that he no longer had a tag team partner, and Chris Hero was now the king. The Kings of Wrestling did not respond to Kingston’s requests for a fight in the ring, so Kingston sat down in the ring, promising not to leave until he got what he wanted. During his protest, the Dark Breed made the entrance for their match, but they were not allowed into the ring. Mike Quackenbush finally talked Kingston out of it by agreeing to team with him on 7/24 to face the Kings, even though they were hardly friends to say the least… Following their trios match, Hallowicked and Jigsaw brawled again, and once again had to be separated… Before the main event, Larry Sweeney cut a promo on the microphone, challenging all the previous Young Lions Cup winners to a match at the ECW Arena…

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