November 18, 2006 ~ American Legion Hall in Hellertown, PA
1. Kenji Fukimoto {W}, El Hijo del Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr. (8:37 ~ Brainbuster) Twiggy {L}, Retail Dragon and Equinox
2. Chuck Taylor (14:16 ~ Omega Driver) Ricochet
3. Player Uno (7:06 ~ Bubble Bobble Buster) Jagged
4. Fire Ant {W}, Soldier Ant and Worker Ant (7:59 ~ Top Rope Fireman's Carry Throwing Primeau onto Titus) Shane Hagadorn, Rhett Titus {L} and Pelle Primeau
5. Young Lions Cup: Max Boyer [c] (10:44 ~ Inside Cradle) Josh Daniels
6. Lance Steel (5:57 ~ Boston Crab) Trik Davis
7. Hallowicked, Delirious, Hallowickedcito, Deliriouscito {W} (17:02 ~ Chemical Imbalance) Ultramantis Black, Crossbones, Hydra {L} and Blind Rage
8. Gran Akuma {W} and Icarus (12:38 ~ 45Knee) Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm {L}
9. Yellow Belly Strap Match: Eddie Kingston (14:09 ~ Touched All Four Corners) Larry Sweeney

A HydraLock Challenge took place before the show; the young lady from the prior night in Reading seemingly returned for a rematch, but she seemed a little different – about 200 pounds heavier and a little more black and orange and Crossbonesy…Larry Sweeney also put the ICW-ICWA Texarkana TV Title on the line against a young child in an arm wrestling match, which Sweeney was successful in with a bit of cheating involved…Team FIST were out on the stage during the Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet match, scouting Chuck during his match…Blind Rage made a one night return to team with the Neo-Solar Temple against Incoherence and the debuting Incoherencito…

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