November 17, 2006 ~ Riverside Beneficial Assoc. Building in Reading, PA
1. Fire Ant {W}, Soldier Ant and Worker Ant (12:25 ~ High Cross Body) Ice Cream Jr. {L}, El Hijo del Ice Cream and Lance Steel
2. Kenji Fukimoto (3:45 ~ Powerbomb) Trik Davis
3. ICW-ICWA TexArkana TV Title: Larry Sweeney [c] (5:52 ~ Piledriver) Equinox
4. Chuck Taylor (6:02 ~ Sweeney Distraction -> O'Connor Roll) Eddie Kingston
5. Jagged (6:56 ~ Leg Trip by Shane Matthews -> Pin) Twiggy
6. Max Boyer (8:34 ~ Lifestyle) Player Uno
7. Hallowicked and Delirious {W} (12:29 ~ Here It Is!) Ultramantis Black and Hydra {L}
8. Mike Quackenbush, Cloudy and Ricochet {W} (13:18 ~ Standing Phoenix Splash) Shane Storm, Cheech and Retail Dragon
9. CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas: Icarus and Gran Akuma (2-1) Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnioli [c]
Primera Caida: Icarus (19:48 ~ Wings of Icarus) Chris Hero
Segunda Caida: Chris Hero (5:13 ~ KRS-ONE) Icarus
Tercera Caida: Gran Akuma (1:51 ~ Super YoshiTonic) Claudio Castagnoli

Before the event began, Ultramantis Black and Hydra came out to the ring to debut the HydraLock Challenge, a challenge in which Hydra would perform his HydraLock onto any challenger that wished to take the Mini Man-Monster on; a young female from the crowd attempted to take the HydraLock, but was forced to submit in approximately sixteen seconds…Team FIST becomes the second ever Campeonatos de Parejas with their win over the Kings of Wrestling…after the Campeonatos match, Hero kicked Castagnoli out of the group as Hero, Akuma and Icarus all attacked Claudio before Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm and Jigsaw (on crutches) made the save…Quackenbush told the crowd that it doesn't matter what happens when he goes off to bigger places (alluding to the WWE developmental contract that he signed days before this event), people are going to ask where he came from and everyone will know that "inside that chest beats the heart of a CHIKARA boy"…

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