February 24, 2006 – American Legion Hall, Hellertown, PA
1. First Round: Hallowicked {W} and Delirious (9:26 ~ Top Rope Lariat/Jacknife Combination) Rorschach {L} and Crossbones
2. First Round: Sumie Sakai {W} and Ranmaru [Team J'd] (8:02 ~ Fisherman Buster) Allison Danger and Alere Little Feather {L} [You Can Call Me Al]
3. First Round: MIYAWAKI {W} and Yoshiaki Yago [Team Kaientai Dojo] (10:33 ~ Cobra Clutch) Sal Thomaselli {L} and Vito Thomaselli [Iron Saints]
4. First Round: Eddie Kingston {W} and Sabian [BLK Out] (15:09 ~ Oklahoma Roll) Ian Rotten {L} and Mickie Knuckles [Team IWA Mid-South]
5. First Round: Cheech {W} and Cloudy (9:10 ~ Shooting Star Press) Mickey Gambino and Marshall Gambino {L} [The Gambino Bros. Moving Company]
6. First Round: Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli {W} [The Kings of Wrestling] (14:55 ~ Hero's Welcome: Kings of Wrestling Edition) Equinox and Hydra {L}
7. First Round: KUDO and MIKAMI {W} [Team DDT] (6:02 ~ Swanton) Larry Sweeney and Mana {L}
8. First Round: CP Munk {W} and Colt Cabunny [Team WWF] (5:34 ~ Lariat) Matt Turner {L} and Anthony Franco [ROH Students]
9. Second Round: Hallowicked and Delirious (12:15 ~ Double Graveyard Smash) Cheech and Cloudy
10. Second Round: Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli (14:17 ~ Hero's Welcome: Kings of Wrestling Edition) Sumie Sakai and Ranmaru
11. Second Round: KUDO {W} and MIKAMI (17:21 ~ Texas Condor Kick) MIYAWAKI {L} and Yoshiaki Yago
12. Second Round: Eddie Kingston and Sabian {W} (14:01 ~ Tornado Clutch) Necro Butcher and Joker {L}

Before the first match, Arik Cannon came out and pleaded with many different wrestlers to team with him in his match; after pleading with Mark Wolf, Adam Flash…Delirious was Hallowicked's partner, replacing Ultramantis Black (injured)…before reaching Delirious, also selected to team with Hallowicked were Rockin' Rebel and Roderick Strong, both of which were not in attendance…also needing a partner was Equinox, who was left abandoned after a no-show from Angel del Fuego; taking Angel's place was the mini man-monster Hydra…other selected partners were Jack Evans and "Dirty" Don Montoya, both of which were also not in attendance…Team WWF were shockingly revealed as Necro Butcher and Joker after the heads of the costumes were removed…

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