July 21, 2007 – Knights of Columbus Hall, Wallingford, CT
1. El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream, Jr. {W} (11:13 ~ Jimmy suffers brain freeze -> Cold Stone Stunner -> Jack & Jill Hammer) Colin Olsen & Jimmy Olsen {L}
2. Ophidian Debut Match: Ophidian (6:43 ~ Death Grip -> KO) Player Uno
3. Fire Ant {W} & Soldier Ant & Worker Ant (9:05 ~ Prawn Hold) Gran Akuma & Icarus & Max Boyer {L}
4. NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament ~ Quarter Final Match: Claudio Castagnoli (14:22 ~ Ricola Bomb) Sicodelico, Jr.
5. Jagged & Shane Matthews & Shayne Hawke {W} (13:03 ~ Tomahawke) Mike Quackenbush & Shane Storm {L} & Jigsaw
6. Eddie Kingston (9:37 ~ Backfist to the Future) Tim Donst
7. Hallowicked {W} & Cheech & Cloudy (15:37 ~ Yakuza Kick to the back of the head) UltraMantis Black & Hydra {L} & Crossbones
8. Lince Dorado (16:17 ~ CHIKARA Special) Chris Hero

This show marked CHIKARA’s debut in the Connecticut area… Colin Olsen attempted to get out of his match by claiming to be lactose intolerant, reading a note signed by “Colin’s Doctor”… Akuma and Icarus left without Boyer after their loss… Hawke shook hands with Chris Hero, Gran Akuma and Icarus after their victory… Kingston vs. Donst was one of the more horrifying beatings in CHIKARA history, with Donst suffering welts on his chest and neck following chops. Kingston also delivered a lariat on the wooden floor… Eddie Kingston came to ringside to goad Hallowicked following Hallowicked’s victory…

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