April 22, 2007 – New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA
0. Dark Match: Create-A-Wrestler (0:04 ~ Backslide) Darkness Crabtree
1. 4-Way Elimination Semi-Final: Chuck Taylor (18:44 ~ Omega Driver) Retail Dragon, Ricochet, PAC {L}
- Ricochet (8:59 ~ Tornado Clutch) Retail Dragon
- PAC (11:38 ~ Shooting Star Press) Ricochet
- Chuck Taylor (18:44 ~ Omega Driver) PAC
2. 4-Way Elimination Semi-Final: Lince Dorado (7:30 ~ Cartwheel Splash) Equinox, Ruckus, Jigsaw {L}
- Jigsaw (4:40 ~ Schoolboy) Ruckus
- Lince Dorado (4:40 ~ Schoolboy) Equinox
- Lince Dorado (7:30 ~ Cartwheel Splash) Jigsaw
3. Tim Donst Debut Match: UltraMantis Black {W} & Hydra & Tim Donst (9:15 ~ Praying Mantis Bomb) Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak & Tim Donst {L}
4. Larry Sweeney (7:14 ~ Chris Hero Yakuza Kick -> Pinfall) Shane Storm
5. Fire Ant (5:52 ~ Beach Break) Lance Steel
6. Eddie Kingston (0:00 ~ No Contest) Hallowicked
7. Worker Ant & Soldier Ant {W} (10:54 ~ Skayde Special) Joker & Sabian {L}
8. Rey de Voladores Final: Chuck Taylor (16:51 ~ Top Rope-Assisted Omega Driver) Lince Dorado
9. Chris Hero (22:45 ~ Foul) Claudio Castagnoli
10. Campeonatos de Parejas ~ Best of 3 Falls: Gran Akuma [c] & Icarus [c] (2-1) Cheech & Cloudy
- Primera Caida: Cheech (4:59 ~ Jackknife Cradle) Gran Akuma
- Segunda Caida: Icarus (8:46 ~ Pedigree -> Wings of Icarus) Cloudy
- Tercera Caida: Icarus (9:15 ~ Akuma Superbomb) Cloudy
- F.I.S.T. succeed in V2

Chris Hero’s interference at the conclusion of Larry Sweeney’s match with Shane Storm signaled their union from Ring of Honor had spread to CHIKARA, and also linked into the events at the conclusion of the Hero vs. Castagnoli match when special guest referee Mike Quackenbush attacked the interfering Sweeney, allowing Hero to foul Claudio and win the match. As a result, Claudio was contractually obliged to rejoin Hero and the Kings of Wrestling… Worker Ant was knocked out during his tag team match, and Soldier Ant only got the pin when Joker concentrated on beating Worker up so much that Soldier was able to get a quick rollup. Sabian and Joker destroyed Worker and Soldier after the match… Following Chris Hero’s victory over Claudio Castagnoli, he challenged Mike Quackenbush to a match at Aniversario weekend, which was accepted… During the course of the main event, Cloudy actually vomited numerous times in the ring as a result of kicks from Akuma.

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