May 26, 2007 ~ American Legion Hall, Hellertown, PA
1. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant {W} (7:58 ~ Diving Salue) Colin Olsen {L} and Jimmy Olsen
2. Brodie Lee (3:26 ~ Running Liger Bomb) Equinox
3. Shayne Hawke (9:47 ~ Pausing Leg Sweep) Player Uno
4. Worker Ant (8:24 ~ Moonsault Press) Hydra
5. Mitch Ryder (7:08 ~ Schoolboy) Shane Storm
6. El Pantera and Lince Dorado {W} (16:30 ~ Claudio Misdirected Uppercut -> Lince Pin) Claudio Castagnoli and Larry Sweeney {L}
7. Young Lions Cup: Max Boyer [c] (4:37 ~ Lifestyle) Create-a-Wrestler
8. Hallowicked (7:47 ~ DQ: Mask Ripping) Eddie Kingston
9. Gran Akuma and Icarus {W} (11:01 ~ Pedigree) Dragon Yuki and Kagrra {L}
10. Mike Quackenbush (18:03 ~ CHIKARA Special) Chris Hero

Player Uno was paused at the end of his match with Shayne Hawke and was unfortunately not unpaused until the beginning of the next match…Hydra was placed inside a paper bag and then defeated by Worker Ant, proving that Hydra can't in fact wrestle out of one…after beating Shane Storm, Mitch Ryder was invited to join the Kings of Wrestling group, an invitation he gladly accepted…this was Max Boyer's final Young Lions Cup defense before the Young Lions Cup V tournament the following month…following said defense, both Chris Hero and Team FIST attempted to recruit Boyer to the Kings of Wrestling…to defeat Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush debuted the CHIKARA Special, a llave-inspired submission hold; Quackenbush explained after the match that he had taught the hold to all the technicos in the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory as a means to defeat the Kings of Wrestling…

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