February 16, 2007 – American Legion Hall, Hellertown, PA
1. Cheech {W} and Cloudy (10:27 ~ Go 2 Cheech) Lucky and JC Ryder {L}
2. Jigsaw and Shane Storm {W} (9:09 ~ That Japanese Move!) Jagged and Shane Matthews {L}
3. First Round: El Hijo del Ice Cream, Ice Cream Jr., A Very Mysterious Ice Cream {W} [Los Ice Creams] (18:35 ~ Chokeslam) Ultramantis Black, Hydra {L} and Crossbones [The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple]
4. First Round: Sal Thomaselli, Vito Thomaselli and Brandon Thomaselli {W} [The Iron Saints] (12:19 ~ Triple Team Maneuver: Front Flip Senton/Lungblower/Facebuster Combination) Larry Sweeney {L}, Mitch Ryder and Robbie Ellis [Sweet n' Sour]
5. First Round: MIYAWAKI, Yoshiaki Yago and KUDO {W} [Team Kaientai Dojo] (17:04 ~ Texas Condor Kick) American Balloon {L}, Danshoku Dino and MASAMUNE
6. First Round: Gran Akuma, Icarus {W} and Chuck Taylor [Kings of Wrestling] (9:18 ~ Pedigree) The Patriot, USApe {L} and Kidd USA Jay Jaillett [Team USA]
7. Nobutaka Moribe (6:25 ~ Moribe Driver) Shiima Xion
8. Chikara Young Lions Cup: Max Boyer (c) (7:21 ~ Lifestyle) Ricochet
9. Second Round: Gran Akuma {W}, Icarus {W} and Chuck Taylor (10:16 ~ YoshiTonic/Pedigree) El Hijo del Ice Cream{L}, Ice Cream Jr.{L}, and Claudio Castagnoli
10. Second Round: MIYAWAKI {W}, Yoshiaki Yago and KUDO (17:43 ~ Genocide) Sal Thomaselli {L}, Vito Thomaselli and Brandon Thomaselli

Before the event began, we were treated to yet another HydraLock Challenge, this time against Robbie Ellis…one fan offered to take the HydraLock Challenge in exchange for a beer and was thus ejected by Ultramantis Black for tomfoolery and shenanigans…it was later revealed that Robbie Ellis was bribed to take a dive in the challenge, but when he was underpaid, his teammates Larry Sweeney and Mitch Ryder came out to his defense and challenged the Neo-Solar Temple to a posedown…after deliberation, the Neo-Solar Temple forfeited the posedown after declaring that the entire crowd was made up of plants by the Fabulous Three…with the win over 2.0, ShaneSaw gained their third point toward a title shot against Team FIST next month…A Very Mysterious Ice Cream was a rather familiar looking fellow, but later revealed himself to be the returning Claudio Castagnoli before the match against the Kings of Wrestling…Nobutaka Moribe was the originally scheduled partner for Danshoku Dino and American Balloon, but was stuck in traffic in the poor weather; he was replaced via name drawing by Osaka Pro's MASAMUNE…the other name drawn from the hat was Giant Gonzalez (not in attendance)…in one of the most famous moments in Chikara history, MIYAWAKI left Sal Thomaselli on the receiving end of what will forever be known simply as "The Headbutt"…

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