November 18, 2007 – New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Gran Akuma, Icarus {W} and Chuck Taylor (12:27 ~ Chikara Special) Tim Donst {L}, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Ice Cream Jr.
2. Robbie Ellis (1:26 ~ Burning Hammer) Hydra
3. Fire Ant {W}, Soldier Ant and Worker Ant (9:51 ~ Ant Hill) Shane Storm, Player Uno and Stupefied {L}
4. ICW-ICWA Tex-Arkana TV Title: Bryan Alvarez (9:12 ~ Superkick) Larry Sweeney [c]
5. Delirious {W}, Cheech and Cloudy (13:15 ~ Chemical Imbalance II) MIYAWAKI, Passion Hasegawa {L} and El Pantera
6. Mike Quackenbush, Helios {W} and Trik Davis (11:15 ~ Crazysault) Shayne Hawke, Amasis {L} and Ophidian
7. Falls Count Anywhere: Eddie Kingston (11:47 ~ Backfist to the Future) Hallowicked
8. Mascara contra Caballera: Lince Dorado (12:48 ~ Shooting Star Senton) Mitch Ryder

Los Ice Creams abandoned Tim Donst in the opening match, leaving Donst alone to face the powers of FIST by himself…in one of the more frightening moments in Chikara history, Lince Dorado attempted a Shooting Star Senton on Mitch Ryder to finish Mitch off once and for all, but over-rotated on the dive, smacking his head against the mat and knocking himself out…a recap from ChikaraFans faithful Michael Whittle is below…

[After the pinfall] Lince kept shaking. He wasn’t breathing right at all; you could see him sucking his lower lip under his upper teeth over and over, really fast. Quack got into the ring really fast and was trying to get him to talk, but Lince said nothing. Lince eventually slowed his breathing down and stopped shaking; he wasn’t moving at all. NO ONE made a noise in the entire place. Daizee Haze ran down and tried to help Lince talk as well, but he didn’t respond.

They didn’t have a stretcher, so they got a table and managed to put Lince onto it to get him to the back. Quack took off his mask and covered his face with a towel, which was actually quite scary to see. The hair-shaving was REALLY surreal because it just seemed so extremely out of place. When it was quiet, I heard a woman sob loudly, and I looked over at an older woman covering her mouth. I feel certain it was his mom.

While everyone left the ringside area slowly and confusedly, you could hear a woman yelling from behind the curtain. She yelled, “MY BABY,” a couple times, so I’m pretty sure that it was his mom. That was what really hit me that I should get out of there, and I’m pretty sure Destiny had been thinking that for a few minutes by then.

We left and I wanted to go to my car, but someone told me not to go in because an ambulance was coming. I asked if I could just go to my car, and I did, but we didn’t leave because I didn’t want to block the eventual oncoming ambulance. There were many wrestlers out back; someone was trying to calm a woman down, and she may have actually fainted. I moved my car because it was pretty much where the ambulance would be pulling in. I called my brother to let him know the news, and we heard applause coming about 10 minutes after the ambulance had arrived. That probably means that he was alert, but I have no idea if he was walking or not. I tried to not look at the ambulance for privacy reasons. After the ambulance left, I left too.

…the scheduled main event between Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli was postponed and rescheduled for the special December show at Penn State University, "Stephen Colbert > Bill O'Reilly"…

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