November 17, 2007 – American Legion Hall, Hellertown, PA
0. Lance Steel (6:44 ~ Boston Crab) Retail Dragon
1. Soldier Ant (7:53 ~ TKO) Shayne Hawke
2. Shane Storm (9:35 ~ Pinfall) Hydra
3. Ophidian {W} & Amasis (11:30 ~ Osirian Clutch) Lince Dorado {L} & El Pantera
4. Chuck Taylor (11:05 ~ Omega Driver) Passion Hasegawa
5. Claudio Castagnoli (13:55 ~ Ricola Bomb) MIYAWAKI
6. Mitch Ryder {W} & Robbie Ellis & Gran Akuma & Icarus (14:25 ~ Textbook Piledriver) Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst & Player Uno {L} & Stupefied
7. Chikara Young Lions Cup: Helios [c] (7:32 ~ Heliocentricity) Fire Ant
8.Mascara contra Caballera: Chris Hero (17:01 ~ CHIKARA Special) Equinox
9. Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas: Hallowicked [c] & Delirious [c] (2-1) Cheech & Cloudy
- Primera Caida: Hallowicked (6:44 ~ Body Press) Hallowickedcito
- Segunda Caida: Cheech (7:35 ~ Go 2 Cheech) Delirious
- Tercera Caida: Hallowicked (6:44 ~ Graveyard Smash) Cheech

Lance Steel vs Retail Dragon was a preshow match later displayed in the extras section of the DVD (available as always at!)…in an odd bit of affairs, Ultramantis Black used some of his evil tactics on his own mini man-monster Hydra to cost him the match against Shane Storm…after the Hero/Equinox match, Chris Hero berated Equinox, revealing that he knew that he was a liar all along and that he was actually Vin Gerard, former Wrestle Factory student that snuck his way onto the Chikara roster by pretending to be a Mexican luchador, as opposed to paying his dues and working his way through the Wrestle Factory and onto the shows…during the first fall of the Campeonatos de Parejas match, Cheech and Cloudy were replaced by Deliriouscito and Hallowickedcito, two men that frequently appear whenever Cheech and Cloudy are teaming with Incoherence; after the first fall, both Delirious and Deliriouscito ran to the backstage area, with Cheech and Cloudy arriving to the building down one fall for their title match…

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