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Complex Build

November 12, 2009

Intimidator™305’s lifthill is now climbing from the station end. As many of you have noticed, this lifthill is like no other, it only has two main supports. The strength comes from its “arch” design, like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and numerous arches that came before it dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The arch design is very strong once the “keystone” is placed and the arch is completed, but until then, a temporary support is needed to help support the long spans from the station to the top of the lifthill. Once the hill is topped off and the entire arch is formed, it is one of the strongest structures known.

Toward the end of October and into November, Central Virginia has had a bit of rain, which slows down the entire construction/erection process. When the crews are unable to work on the main structure, they have been working on other aspects of the ride, like the low lying supports on the rest of the ride layout. These pieces can be put up with a smaller crane.

Now if everyone can get together and do the “anti-rain dance,” I can keep the good news coming!

Ride On, Ride Warriors!

- John Pagel
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