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Franconia-Springfield Parkway

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About VA 7900:

The Franconia-Springfield Parkway is an arterial highway that runs from VA 638 Rolling Road and VA 7100 Fairfax County Parkway in West Springfield to VA 613 Beulah Street in the Franconia area.  It is six lanes total along its entire length and includes several interchanges as well as signalized and non-signalized intersections.   The Franconia-Springfield Parkway provides access to the north and southbound I-95 HOV lanes.  This allows Parkway users who meet HOV restrictions to access I-95 without having to use the I-95/VA 644 interchange.  The Parkway also provides access to the Franconia-Springfield Metro station and VRE Station via an interchange at Frontier Drive.  Although the VA 7900 Franconia-Springfield Parkway designation ends at VA 613 Beulah Street, the road itself continues as a local four lane divided road called Manchester Boulevard and later Kingstowne Boulevard.

In recent years, VDOT has studied two projects along the Franconia-Springfield Parkway:
For complete details on the history, planning, development and construction of the Franconia-Springfield Parkway and its companion route, the Fairfax County Parkway, see The Roads of Northern Virginia VA 7100: Fairfax County Parkway Page.
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Exit/Intersection List:

The Franconia-Springfield Parkway is signed east/west its entire length.  On the Exit/Intersection List below, read down for eastbound and up for westbound.
Road that Crosses the Franconia-Springfield Parkway Type of Intersection
VA 7100 NORTH Fairfax County Parkway (Actually, you just keep going straight ahead). Interchange
VA 7100 SOUTH Fairfax County Parkway
VA 638 Rolling Road
Spring Village Drive/Bonniemill Lane Signalized Intersection.  On Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan for future Interchange.
VA 617 Backlick Road Interchange
I-95 HOV Lanes Signalized Intersection
VA 2677 Frontier Drive/Franconia-Springfield Metro Station Interchange
VA 613 Beulah Street Signalized Intersection

Thanks to SPUI and Russell Blau for their updates, corrections and suggestions to the Exit/Intersection List.

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