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Music, only music

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Almost 2 years ago I proposed to you to "remix lyrics".

Now I'm thinking that it would be nice to use this space to share music. For whatever reason you would like that others could listen to a certain song, maybe you could post it here.

Every time that words are no needed.




"The Vaccine" by Paper Mache



This is a very hypnotic track:




Something relaxing:


and something wonderful_____:-)



I break the taboo:


(please click on 'stream')

A song for us dads, and I know there are some out there.

PS: Dear mums: You can find the song for you here on this page, if I remember it right. 'Evolution' is its name.

No taboos Andreas_ at least here! :-]


(sorry for the video, but it's the only one I found for this song)

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