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Bayonetta demo launches: Videos

Clothes come off, monsters get murdered
Bayonetta-mania has finally reached these shores: at 11am GMT on 3 December the demo of Sega and Platinum Games' witchified, adult, Steampunk epic appeared on Xbox Live Marketplace, ready for you to download. Given that Bayonetta received an almost unprecedented perfect 10 when reviewed by Edge Magazine, we feel sure that a good deal of you will want to do just that.

Desperate to add it to your Download Queue? Then click here.

The full game will hit the shops on 8 January, providing the perfect winter-warmer, but until then the Bayonetta demo should more than whet your appetite - click here to read our hands-on to discover all the best bits.

And while you're downloading, here's a series of delectable videos we've compiled showing the beginning of the demo, with that minx Bayonetta strutting her sado-masochistic stuff. Enjoy.

BayonettaGameplay footage
1:30  Intense boss battle action including Bayonetta's naked hair move. Awesome.
Click to playClick to play in HD
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BayonettaGameplay footage
1:25  The Bayo beauty deals some serious face pain with these torture moves
Click to playClick to play in HD
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// Interactive
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Read all 10 commentsPost a Comment
still dont see it on xbl
Miss_Wacy on 3 Dec '09
Don't see it on the website either.
ensabahnur on 3 Dec '09
woot its up dl now Very Happy
Miss_Wacy on 3 Dec '09
Just played the demo. A 10 doesn't exactly spring to mind.

I thought the combat system was fun snd there is obviously a lot of depth there that you can't judge in a demo but it doesn't make me want to go out and get the game.

Two things really annoy me as well. The music and the fact that there is sometimes so much going on you can't actually see what you're doing.
Loz01 on 3 Dec '09
Love that direct link C&VG, more of that please. Big tick, well done, go to the top of the class!
raredevice on 3 Dec '09
i Just spent some time on the demo and i think its really really good. One the most very stylish,very sexy,fun and exciting game I have played in a long long time. The music is great, graphics are great with lots of bright colour(no dull grey or brown insight)All i can think and say about the game at this time is SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY AND SEXY AND EXTREMY STYLISH AND I LIKE IT ALOT!!!!!!! Rolling EyesRolling Eyes
Beetle Bum on 3 Dec '09
Iv played the demo and it definetely made me want to buy the game.
Over the top madness 10/10
Sexyiness 10/10
Music 9/10
Orgasmic plEASURE 10/10Guaranteed to make you cum in ur pants dut to over the top madness.
Sorry iv just havent been this excited whilst playing a game in a long time.
That move where she suspeneds herself in midair with her sword and hold down the button to generate power and then slams to the ground is so cool.
This game is not for dull people. Dull people dont play this game because its to exciting for you. lol
Beetle Bum on 3 Dec '09
Two things really annoy me as well. The music and the fact that there is sometimes so much going on you can't actually see what you're doing.

On that first part of the XBL demo, Verse 1 or whatever, I couldn't see my character or what I was doing at all. Hopefully that doesn't happen too often in the full game.

However the combat system is great and later parts of the demo are much better. It's a definite buy for me, as the perfect antidote to too many Xbox FPSs.
yerbluesjohn on 3 Dec '09
Two things really annoy me as well. The music and the fact that there is sometimes so much going on you can't actually see what you're doing.

Its a shame they really annoy you, its dosnt annoy me cause i love it Laughing
and im sorry you dont find it "your" standers
Beetle Bum on 3 Dec '09
While it is somewhat subjective, I too found the music in the video above quite naff, and there was a lot going on at times that it did become difficult (for me at least) to focus on certain specifics. The more I see and read of this game the more I'm beginning to warm to it.
The_KFD_Case on 3 Dec '09
Read all 10 commentsPost a Comment
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