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I tell you and you forget.
I show you and you remember.
I involve you and you understand.

Eric Butterworth

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Information About WebQuests


Collections/Resources - Sites/Places to Find Projects:
The following links are to resources I accessed to develop the Database/Collection for this site.



  • WARNING:  Because of the nature of the Internet in general, and the World Wide Web in particular, it is possible to access a series of links that may take you almost anywhere.
    Teachers and parents should supervise children while they browse the Web.

  • LISTINGS:  The web pages and projects linked in this database are for the intended purpose of assisting educators with access to current Inquiry Oriented Projects on the WWW.  It is not the intent to claim credit or to give validity to the quality of any of the linked projects.

    • All pages were check for connectivity on November 2001.

    • Your assistance in solicited in keeping these pages current.  If there are dead or invalid links, please contact me, Roger Hampton, so that I can update the web pages. 

    • Due to the magnitude of this database, it was impossible to contact all authors.  If you are the author of a webpage listed, and you do not wish that the page be linked, please contact me, Roger Hampton, so that I can remove the link.  I apologize for any misunderstanding.

  • The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY:

    • Many of the Quests listed in the database are GOOD - In fact, the are GREAT!  Utilize them to engage your students and to enhance the curriculum.

    • Unfortunatley, some of the WebQuest are only beginning level examples of what a WebQuest should contain and are therefore BAD. (I wish there was a nice way to say that.)  HOWEVER, these quests can still be utilized in many ways.

      • Use the good links sited in the quest to access resources that enhance your curriculum without utilizing the entire quest.

      • Create your own quest, based on the information gleaned from the BAD quest.

    • Some Quests are down right UGLY, but they are great Quests.  You may encounter problems like hard to read text because of background etc.  Consider these obstacles when creating your own quests.


These pages have been created for
Two Rivers Professional Development Center by Roger Hampton.
You can concact me at:  rhampton60@comcast.net


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