ABBYY Aligner - a useful and efficient tool for translation service providers and their customers

Product overview

ABBYY Aligner is a professional tool for aligning parallel texts in various languages and creating Translation Memory (TM) databases. This easy-to-use and convenient software accurately finds matching segments in parallel texts and allows saving them into TMX or RTF formats.

Based on ABBYY's advanced linguistic technology, ABBYY Aligner ensures excellent quality of parallel text alignment. The software has an intuitive interface and wide function capabilities for quick and efficient work. These strong points make ABBYY Aligner an indispensible and reliable tool for translators, language service providers, corporations and all who are involved in translation activities. More about parallel texts and TM technology >>

Key Benefits of ABBYY Aligner

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Enhances Translation Quality

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