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Opera Desktop Team

Happy New Year!

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When we released our pre-alpha version into the wild last week, we told you that a Unix release would follow later. Today, as a new year's present, we'd like to give you the chance to play with Opera 10.5 on Unix.

We also have a little extra for those of you on Windows and Unix: this build includes support for the video element!

Unix changes

Our Unix version is undergoing a lot of radical changes for the 10.5 release. It has been mentioned earlier that we are removing our dependency on the Qt libraries. By doing this, we hope to integrate better with the popular desktop environments out there, and we allow Opera to run without the need for a library that might or might not be installed on your system.

This means that you can run Opera without any graphical toolkit installed if you want to (plain X11), but if you do have toolkits installed, Opera will try to load and use them to integrate into the environment. Currently we are focusing on getting support for Gnome/GTK+ and KDE4/Qt4 into 10.5. The work on KDE4 integration is not at a stage yet where we think it can be used, so this pre-alpha release only has support for GTK. As a work in progress, you will notice that not all UI elements conform to their GTK specifications yet.

Like the other pre-alpha releases, the Unix build includes Carakan, our new javascript engine. The engine might be more unstable in 64-bit builds than in 32-bit.

Some features, such as printing and drag-and-drop functionality, are missing from this build.

Because this is a pre-alpha release, we don't recommend you to install it over your existing Opera installation. This is why we are releasing only non-installable tarballs instead of installable packages. To run Opera, extract the tarball and run './opera' from the main directory.


Video support was first shown to the world by Opera in a labs release in 2007. Since then, things have changed a lot; you can read more about it in Philip's blog post. The Unix and Windows builds released today have support for the video element.

On Windows this should work out of the box. On Unix, you need to have some gstreamer plugins installed to get video support (on most distros, the packages are known as the gstreamer 'base' plugins). Unfortunately, video element support for Mac wasn't ready yet, but you can expect to see this in the future.

Other changes

Compared to the release from last week, these builds contain a small number of improvements that might help with stability.


As before, this build represents a very early work in progress; many things are known not to work, and it will crash, burn and eat the occasional small household appliance.

A happy new year from all of us in the desktop team!

From all of us to all of you


Tommy A. Olsen 31. December 2009, 12:51

First! Happy New Year :hat:

Rijk 31. December 2009, 13:14

Second! Best wishes for 2010 :drunk:

Ruari Ødegaard 31. December 2009, 15:16

UNIX/Linux users will need the GStreamer Multimedia Framework and the Base Plugins (gst-plugins-base) packages installed to ensure they have the following libraries available:,,

If you use one of the more popular Linux distros, you may find that you already have these installed. If you don't and are unsure exactly which packages will provide these libraries for your distro you can often use advanced search options within your package manager to locate the appropriate packages. Generally you can install the GStreamer base plugins package and your package manager's dependency resolution will ensure you get any further packages you need.

Many popular distros and their primary package management systems simply name that package 'gstreamer0.10-base-plugins' (e.g. Debian/Apt, Ubuntu/Apt, Mandriva/urpmi, Arch/pacman, etc.). Other popular distros that name it slightly differently include:

Fedora/yum = 'gstreamer-plugins-base'
openSUSE/zypper = 'gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base'
Gentoo/emerge = 'media-libs/gst-plugins-base'
Slackware (lacking dependency resolution) requires current versions of:
gstreamer-0.10 and gst-plugins-base-0.10.

If you use a Linux distro not listed above, you can also use generic search sites like (or distro specific equivalents) to assist you.

Finally, on FreeBSD you can install 'gstreamer-plugins-core'.

Oh and happy New Year! :D

Ruari Ødegaard 31. December 2009, 15:31

For the lazy running on Intel (32-bit) Linux, here is how to download and run this release from a terminal window in three easy steps:
curl | tar xjf -
cd opera-10.50-6177.linux.i386/
./opera &

Or if you don't have curl installed:
wget -O - | tar xjf -
cd opera-10.50-6177.linux.i386/
./opera &

olli 31. December 2009, 22:34

Happy new year and stuff :-)

zoquete 31. December 2009, 23:05

'< happy new year Operaaaaaaaa
'< auuuuuuuuuuu

ColKilkenny 31. December 2009, 23:06

Aww, I love you guys (and gals) <3

pursanovd 31. December 2009, 23:07

Happy new year, guys! Wish you all the best and thank you for the great software!

Mustache61 31. December 2009, 23:10

Happy new year!! :yes:

Bryan Kirk 31. December 2009, 23:16

Still no fixes for Flash applets...

Tri M. Nguyen 31. December 2009, 23:16

Happy New year ! :D

Vectronic 31. December 2009, 23:18

w00t, Happy New YeaRelease!

MetalRaise 31. December 2009, 23:20

Thanks guys... I wish everyone a successful and peaceful year 2010...

zoquete 31. December 2009, 23:22

DSK-275060: skin names taken from skin.ini not from skin file name

WOFall 31. December 2009, 23:27

A great present for me after missing the Christmas one :smile: Takk

endless love 31. December 2009, 23:29

:heart:Happy New Year 2010 :hat:

lamarca 31. December 2009, 23:31

happy new year everyone

Alexs 31. December 2009, 23:32

Happy New year! :drunk: :hat:

And thanks for the linux build.

Daniel James Hendrycks 31. December 2009, 23:34

:hat: Yet another thing I asked for fulfilled: Video and Audio! Thank you so much, happy new year. :D

samMD 31. December 2009, 23:35

Have a Very Happy New Year Opera Software! :D :yes:

thanks a lot again! :D

Rodrigo 31. December 2009, 23:38

Happy new Year for everyone!

:hat: :drunk:

But the middle click still not working in the mac build. :frown:

Ferris 31. December 2009, 23:41

New video element is great... just noticed you changed the buttons by the URL all around. Was there a specific reason or goal? It seems weird seeing the Password Manager button come and go and what about the jump buttons? I assume you can add them back.

Oh man just noticed them swapping all over the place.... put me in the "dislike" column on this one :clown:

Galileo 31. December 2009, 23:41

:hat: :drunk: :wizard: Happy new year

Андрей Панов 31. December 2009, 23:48

Happy New Year! :hat:

Frans 31. December 2009, 23:49

Happy new year!

FataL 31. December 2009, 23:50

Wow! Crazy guys at Opera work even on 31th of December. :D
Happy New Year everyone! :drunk:

Andres 31. December 2009, 23:51

Happy new year for you Opera employees, thanks for working today... and happy new year for Opera users too

Bartek Sumowski 31. December 2009, 23:57

Works great, happy 2010!

Bugfixer 31. December 2009, 23:57

Happy new year to the intire Opera team, to Jon S. von Tetzchner and all Opera users. I wish you the best for 20(Opera)10.


doc 31. December 2009, 23:57

Bonne année \o/
Thanks for this first 2010 release

Alexey Feldgendler 31. December 2009, 23:58

Happy New Year to all our users out there! С Новым годом!

EricJH 1. January 2010, 00:11

Happy New Year to y'all at Opera.:beer: :cheers: :drunk: :hat: :wizard: :sherlock:

You never forget your users. F*** to all the complaining people...:hat: :knight: :chef: :ninja:

EricJH 1. January 2010, 00:11

Happy New Year to y'all at Opera.:beer: :cheers: :drunk: :hat: :wizard: :sherlock:

You never forget your users. F*** to all the complaining people...:hat: :knight: :chef: :ninja:

Sander Evers 1. January 2010, 00:13

Happy New Year EVERYONE!

Tamil 1. January 2010, 00:16


Witold Baryluk 1. January 2010, 00:24

Thanks you! Happy New Year!

I posted about 10 bugs already found in the linux version:

nils 1. January 2010, 00:29

happy new year and thanks a lot for the new build \o/

now only get rid of the opening bookmarks with middle mouse button, and the switching tabs with keyboard/mouse bugs and browsing will actually be quicker :wink:

zikzakatak 1. January 2010, 00:33

sound new... testing and testing and testing...who em lying to?...

perhaps tomorrow...:D :drunk:

now on ubuntu... :dance2:

Kai Ockendorf 1. January 2010, 00:35

Happy new Year :D :hat:
and a big thanks to the Opera-Team :yes:

Jorge Odenthal 1. January 2010, 00:38

Happy New Year wine

saito 1. January 2010, 00:39

Happy New Year to all. 謹賀新年 !

Witold Baryluk 1. January 2010, 00:41

Impressive performance on the sunspider benchmark. Opera is faster on all but binnary-trees (I also saw it on Windows build in Wine) tests. Some are 20-50 faster than chromium(linux)! bitwise-and and cordic, are very impresive. Most of other are mosty 2 (sometimes 5) times faster than chromium.


Also nonmodal dialogs (like javascript alert()) are so beutifully animated! Wow.
Still cookie-accept dialog is modal, which can be improved.

Video is working extreamml smooth. Now again can easly see videoes directly in the browser without this f*king flash. :wink:

myOnno 1. January 2010, 00:45

Frohes neues Jahr 2010.... Auch dieses wird mit Opera durch die Welt gesurft :-)

Weiter so mit dem besten Browser ;-)

Zaur Nasibov 1. January 2010, 00:47

Happy new year, everybody! :yes: penguin :sing: wine

Pinha24 1. January 2010, 00:49

thanks! Happy new year! you deserve it

Charles Schloss 1. January 2010, 00:51


EricJH 1. January 2010, 00:57

Originally posted by Witold Baryluk:

Thanks you! Happy New Year!

I posted about 10 bugs already found in the linux version:

That's frealy yet soooo cool at the same time....
:jester: :hat: :drunk: :wizard: :sherlock:

EricJH 1. January 2010, 00:57

Originally posted by Witold Baryluk:

Thanks you! Happy New Year!

I posted about 10 bugs already found in the linux version:

That's freaky yet soooo cool at the same time....
:jester: :hat: :drunk: :wizard: :sherlock:

Tobias C. Berner 1. January 2010, 01:04

awesome, best new year ever :smile:

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