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Tuesday 05th January 2010
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Courses Course Contents:
Hijack Awareness
Diversion theft
Vehicle integrity
Document and freight integrity
Robbery response
Facility security
Warehouse security
Office and admin security
Induction for new employees
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You have a duty of care to train your drivers in case of lorry hijack. Lorry hijacking is a violent crime. Train your drivers how to avoid hijack and how to stay safe during a hijack. Lorry hijacking by subterfuge, bogus police, bogus VOSA, bogus traffic accident are common methods.

Has any of your drivers been a victim of the "Corner Game"? The "Corner Game" or "Round the Corner Game" occurs when a delivery driver is duped to another location other than the delivery location. The lorry or van driver is subject to a series of clever deceptions. The lorry driver and traffic office staff are subjected to social engineering enabling the theft to take place.

These are just examples of the intensity of our online courses. Our online courses are a simple and cost-effective way of training all your staff at a single site or across all your sites nationwide or throughout the world. They cover all aspects of safety in the workplace, from basic security for new staff, through general and specific site security, to driver and cargo safety on the road and in the air.

The course, as well as the test, can be taken online, meaning no more travelling to courses for your trainers or students, and no more lecturing or marking. Our system sets and marks the questions, and our cybertutor Maureen interacts with the students to stimulate their learning experience.

The online courses that we offer are the following with their contents:

Hijack Awareness
  • Vulnerability and awareness
  • Approaches by subterfuge
  • Approaches by opportunity
  • How to behave
  • Being a good witness
Diversion Theft
  • The Corner Game / Round the Corner Game
  • An introduction into how this deception works and how it may be prevented. The Corner Game originated in East London but is now being used by criminals across the country.
  • Telephone Deception / Social Engineering
  • We discuss the sequences of events that criminals take to remotely deceive a driver, warehouse personnel or traffic clerk. This predominantly faceless deception is fast becoming the preferred method for re-directing specific loads. The driver simply delivers to the address supplied by his own traffic office.
Vehicle integrity
  • Best practice loading
  • Handling valuable freight
  • Checking freight
  • Sealing
  • Missing and broken seals
  • Required documents
  • Checking documents
General facility security
  • Parking
  • Visitors
  • Suspicious persons, vehicles and events
  • Access and security equipment
  • Searching: when, why and what for
  • Data protection
  • Care of customer goods
Warehouse and trucking security
  • Warehouse and trucking security
  • Stock control
  • Access control and I.D.
  • Loading and unloading
  • Trucking systems
  • Security requirements for trucking
Office and admin security
  • Confidentiality of sensitive information
  • I.D.
  • Visitors
  • Securing the workspace
  • Keys and codes
  • Why search, when and what for?
  • Equipment
  • Methods
  • Correct practice

Besides English, these courses are available in many other languages. Please refer to our "EU Languages" page for examples of Polish, Hungarian and Slovak on Hijack Awareness, Diversion Theft and Facility Security.

We also offer a selection of download speeds, ranging from 200kbps for ADSL Broadband to 30kbps for Dial-up services.