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Occupied Territories
Gaza Strip West Bank Total
Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces
3000 1791 4791 69
Palestinians killed by Israeli civilians
4 41 45 2
Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians
39 198 237 490
Israeli security force personnel killed by Palestinians
97 148 245 90
Foreign citizens killed by Palestinians
10 7 17 37
Foreign citizens killed by Israeli security forces
4 6 10
Palestinians killed by Palestinians
458 135 593

Additional data (included in previous table)
Occupied Territories
Gaza Strip West Bank Total
Palestinian minors killed by Israeli security forces
635 317 952 3
Israeli minors killed by Palestinians
4 35 39 84
Palestinians killed during the course of a targeted killing
Palestinians who were the object of a targeted killing
152 82 234
Palestinians killed by Palestinians for suspected collaboration with Israel
11 109 120
Palestinians who took part in the hostilities and were killed by Israeli security forces
1253 472 1725 61
Palestinians who did not take part in the hostilities and were killed by Israeli security forces ( not including the objects of targeted killings).
1353 834 2187 5
Palestinians who were killed by Israeli security forces and it is not known if they were taking part in the hostilities
394 485 879 3


  1. The data may change due to ongoing research, which produces new information about the events .
  2. The figures do not include :
  • Palestinians who died after medical treatment was delayed due to restrictions of movement .
  • Palestinians killed by an explosive device that they set or was on their person .
  • 12 Palestinian citizens of Israel killed within Israel by the Israeli Police in October 2000 .
  • One Jewish Israeli citizen killed within Israel by a Palestinian-Israeli citizen in October 2000 .
  • Two Jewish Israeli citizens and One member of the Israeli security forces, killed by a Palestinian citizen of Israel in Nahariya in September 2001 .
  • Four Palestinian-citizens of Israel killed by IDF gunfire in the Territories .
  • One Palestinian-citizen of Israel killed by Border Police gunfire within Israel in July 2003 .
  • Five Palestinian citizens of Israel killed by  an absconded IDF soldier on a bus in Shfar'am, within Israel , in August 2005 and the shooting soldier, beaten  to death by Palestinian-citizens of Israel.
  • Seven members of the Ghaliya family (the two parents and their five children, one an adult), who were killed in June 2006 in an explosion on the coast by Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip. The cause of the explosion remains unclear.
  • One Palestinian resident of a-Sheikh Sa'ed was killed on May 2007 during a fire exchange between Palestinian militants and Israeli policemen at the a-Sheikh Sa'ed checkpoint in East Jerusalem.
  • One Twelve-year-old Israeli child who, in August 2007 while on a family visit in the village of Saida in Tulkarm district, was killed by undercover troops who had come to arrest his brother and his brother's friend, who were wanted by Israel.
  • One Israeli citizen from Kfar Qana, who was killed in August 2007 in the Old City in East Jerusalem after he grabbed a security guard's weapon.
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