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Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 is the first runtime release of the Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and video across devices. With support for a broad range of mobile devices, including smartphones, netbooks, smartbooks and other Internet-connected devices, Flash Player 10.1 allows your content to reach your customers wherever they are.

A prerelease version of Flash Player 10.1 is now available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Sign up to be notified when Flash Player 10.1 for Palm Pre beta is available.

This public prerelease is an opportunity for developers to test and provide early feedback to Adobe on new features, enhancements, and compatibility with previously authored content. Consumers can try the beta release of Flash Player 10.1 to preview hardware acceleration of video on supported Windows PCs and x86-based netbooks. You can also help make Flash Player better by visiting all of your favorite sites, making sure they work the same or better than with the current player. We definitely want your feedback to help improve the final version, expected to ship in the first half of 2010.

If you are looking for the 64-bit Flash Player 10 prerelease for Linux, the latest alpha refresh is available for download. Release versions of Flash Player are available from the Flash Player Download Center on

Key New Features

Ubiquitous Reach

Easily installable and updateable, the full Flash Player will be available on smartphones and other Internet-connected mobile devices, doubling the number of operating systems your content can reach and enabling uncompromised Web browsing experiences.

Global error handling

The new global error handler enables developers to write a single handler to process all runtime errors that weren’t part of a try/catch statement. Improve application reliability and user experience by catching and handling unexpected runtime errors and present custom error messages.

Designed for mobility

To deliver on a high level of consistency and move onto mobile platforms with limited memory and processing resources, Flash Player 10.1 leverages hardware acceleration of graphics and video and many other performance improvements, such as rendering, scripting, memory utilization, start-up time, battery and CPU optimizations.

New mobile-ready features that take advantage of native device capabilities include support for multi-touch, gestures, mobile input models, and accelerometer bringing unprecedented creative control and expressiveness to the mobile browsing experience. Watch Flash Player 10.1 video demonstrations that show SWF content running on smartphones.

Expanded options for high quality media delivery

Flash Player 10.1 is ready to take advantage of upcoming media delivery technologies that will provide rich media experiences and create new business models. With new HTTP streaming and content protection features with Adobe Flash Access, premium audio and video content can be securely delivered within the browser. Streaming performance is enhanced with improved support for live events, buffer controls and peer assisted networking. Network context-aware services, such as smart seek and stream reconnect, will enable smooth, uninterrupted media playback and improved resource utilization on mobile devices.

Not all features and platforms are supported in this prerelease version. Consult the the Release Notes for details and stay tuned for upcoming prerelease refreshes. For more details on new features and enhancements in Flash Player 10.1, see the complete list of New Features and read What’s New in Flash Player 10.1.


See Flash Player 10.1 in action on smartphones and watch Flash Player engineers discuss some of the key new features and challenges in bringing the full Flash Player to mobile devices.

Watch Flash Player 10.1 video demonstrations

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started with the Flash Player 10.1 prerelease for desktop operating systems:

  1. Important: All users should uninstall any currently installed Flash Player before installing the prerelease. See the release notes for uninstall instructions.
  2. Download and install the Flash Player 10.1 prerelease
    Important: Installing the Flash Player prerelease means you have accepted the terms of the Adobe Software License Agreement. This is prerelease software, not a final release.

  3. See the release notes for more information about the prerelease and read What’s New in Flash Player 10.1 for more information about this release.
  4. For hardware decoding of H.264 video on Windows platforms, make sure you have the latest driver. See the release notes for details on supported graphics cards and drivers.
  5. Test existing content and applications, and visit your favorite websites to ensure Flash Player 10.1 works as expected.
  6. Consult the ActionScript 3.0 Developers Guide and ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform for information on the syntax and usage of the new APIs in Flash Player 10.1.
  7. Consult the Flash Player 10.1 Hardware Acceleration article to learn more about graphics and video optimizations and what you can do to improve performance of your content.
  8. Try out the new Flash Player 10.1 beta samples on Tour de Flex
  9. Download the memory monitoring component to optimize your content for mobile
  10. Download the updated global SWC to create content using the new APIs
  11. Send us your feedback and bug reports (English only)
  12. Ask questions and share your feedback in the Flash Player 10.1 forum

    Please note that your submission of comments, ideas, feature requests and techniques on this and other Adobe maintained forums, as well as Adobe's right to use such materials, is governed by the Terms of Use.


Below you'll find references and links to help you participate in the Flash and Flex developer communities.

Online Forum

Ask questions, discuss, and share feedback with other prerelease users and the engineering team in the online forums.

Please note that your submission of comments, ideas, feature requests and techniques on this and other Adobe maintained forums, as well as Adobe's right to use such materials, is governed by the Terms of Use.

Adobe Feeds

Keep your eye on developing conversations and news in the blogging community on Adobe Feeds.

Review the Flash smart category on Adobe Feeds

Adobe Developer Connection

Learn more about Flash Player in the Adobe Developer Connection.

Visit the Flash Player Developer Center


If you want to learn more about releases on Labs as well as other Adobe technologies, visiting a user group or connecting with an Adobe Community Expert is a great place to start.

Product Details


Flash Player 10.1 enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and video across devices.

See the complete list of New Features in Flash Player 10.1


Is there a Flash Player 10.1 preview release for other languages?
The Flash Player 10.1 preview release is available in all supported languages; however, the prerelease installers are only in English and we can only accept feedback in English at this time.
If my content does not function with the Flash Player 10.1 preview release, what should I do? Does this mean it will not function with the final release of Flash Player 10.1?
If your content does not function as intended, please submit a bug. We will validate the issue and make every effort to fix bugs before we ship. Providing a publicly accessible URL demonstrating the incorrect behavior is the most essential attribute in ensuring that the issue will be addressed promptly.
Where can I find a list of known issues?
The release notes contain a list of known issues in the Flash Player 10.1 prerelease.
When is Flash Player 10.1 expected to be generally available?
General availability is expected for the first half of 2010.
When will 64-bit versions of Flash Player 10.1 be available?
The 64-bit versions of Flash Player will not be in the initial release of Flash Player 10.1. We remain committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player to Windows and Mac in future, in addition to the currently available 64-bit alpha version of Flash Player 10 for Linux.
When will Flash Player be available on the iPhone?
Adobe needs full support from Apple beyond what is available through the SDK to enable Web browsing of Flash-based content on the iPhone. While we have been working hard to make the browser plug-in available, without increased co-operation from Apple, it will not be possible. Adobe is therefore focusing our development work on the major smartphone platforms that are working with us to deliver the most innovative and complete web browsing experience. With more than 85 percent of the top 100 websites using Flash and approximately 75% of all videos on the Web using Flash, we still believe that Flash on the iPhone would greatly benefit the millions of joint Apple and Adobe customers.
Where can I get the Flash Player detection script to ensure my content recognizes Flash Player 10.1?
SWF Object 2.0 will work with Flash Player 10.1. Adobe recommends developers verify that Flash Player detection scripts are in use with content targeted for Flash Player 10.1. It is common for many detection scripts to stop functioning in versions of Flash Player that are released after the script was initially developed.
Where can I find the documentation for the new APIs?
Documentation of the new APIs is available in the ActionScript 3.0 Developer's Guide.
Why is hardware decoding of H.264 only supported on the Windows platform?
In Flash Player 10.1, H.264 hardware acceleration is not supported under Linux and Mac OS. Linux currently lacks a developed standard API that supports H.264 hardware video decoding, and Mac OS X does not expose access to the required APIs. We will continue to evaluate when to support this feature on Mac and Linux platforms in future releases.
I have questions or requests regarding upcoming Flash Player releases. How can I get answers, or where should I send requests?
We welcome you to send suggestions for the features you'd like to see in future versions of our products. Please submit your requests.
How do I uninstall the beta release?
Follow the instructions in the release notes to uninstall prerelease versions of Flash Player. To revert to the shipping version of Flash Player 10, follow the instructions above, then install the shipping version of Flash Player 10.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for Flash Player 10.1 are detailed in the release notes.

See the full Release Notes

Release Notes

This release of Flash Player 10.1 is prerelease software and is designed for evaluation purposes only. We do not recommended that this release be used on production systems or for any mission-critical work.

These release notes document known issues related to the prerelease versions of Flash Player 10.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

See the full Release Notes

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