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Mike Ford 'row' with Bristol DJ launches new radio station

Wednesday, December 02, 2009, 07:00

There was a heated row live on air before an exasperated presenter stormed out of the Original Bristol FM studio leaving the man known as the Bedminster Bigmouth in charge.

Following an interview with Bristol blogger Mike Ford, DJ Jed Pitman stunned listeners by walking out and leaving the controls in the outspoken Evening Post columnist's hands. But it was revealed as a stunt to launch radio station Jack FM.

The debate yesterday morning was captured on camera and news travelled that Mike Ford had hijacked the station. Banners read that the service had been suspended and listeners should tune in this morning at 6am.

Mr Ford and Mr Pitman fell out after arguing over the content of the station.

Mr Ford, wearing his trademark disguise, said Mr Pitman's show was "pandering to idiots", whereas if he was in charge he would "deliver messages of truth and fact to Bristol" and "get behind the people". The staged row has helped to launch a new radio station that will take over the Original airwaves. From today, listeners will tune in to Jack FM.

Manager Richard Johnson said: "All radio stations have to be regulated as to what they can play. We applied to Ofcom to change the format. This has been in the planning stages for about five months. With the Jack format we have a lot more freedom about what we play.

"Traditionally in the UK, we launch a radio station by telling people about it but in the US they have something known as flipping the format.

"You can be listening to Smooth FM one night and when you wake up its heavy metal. Today, when people wake up they will hear Jack FM. We think it's the first time this has been done in the UK."

Peter Blackman, director at advertising agency Double Art, helped come up with the idea of a takeover. He said: "The Jack franchise is quite big in the States and is a bit off the wall. We thought a hijack was a good idea and seemed to fit the feel of the station. I think most people will have been taken in briefly but realised it was a stunt."

Mike Ford 'row' with Bristol DJ launches new radio station



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