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Seven Years of Good Luck: Splitting Mirrors

Multithreaded Musings | /Sun/ZFS | January 05, 08:30 AM PST | By mmusante

The Problem Imagine you had a nice zfs pool holding all the data for your business application. Regular back-ups are a must, right? But imagine further that you want to back it up without impacting the application, without going directly to the pool and...

IKEv2 project page updated

End-to-end... and everything in between | /IPsec | January 05, 08:18 AM PST | By danmcd

The IKEv2 project page on now has links to both an early-revision design document, and a webrev pointer.

Are Business Plans on the Way Out?

Startups News, Advice & Case Studies | /Sun | January 05, 08:17 AM PST | By Joann Yates

Conventional wisdom says that no company should be without a business plan. Coaches, mentors, and all manner of other gurus insist that forgoing a paper plan is startup suicide, sending would-be moguls everywhere scurrying for their pencils. Conventional...

Using IBM DB2 Database With Sun Storage F5100 Flas...

SDN Program News | /BigAdmin | January 05, 08:00 AM PST | By Constance and team

A Sun BluePrints article shows how to use the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array with IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows to accelerate on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and improve data warehouse performance. (Registration required.)

How Much is Your Startup Worth?

Startups News, Advice & Case Studies | /Sun | January 05, 07:58 AM PST | By Joann Yates

With a few possible exceptions, everything has a value, and that includes startups. Whether it's part of the chase for venture capital, or just in search of a bank loan, sooner or later, you'll have to decide how much your business is worth. Picking the right...

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part 15: Uninstall res...

VirtualGuru | /Virtualization | January 05, 07:52 AM PST | By natiku

This entry is part of OpenSolaris JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) Prototype workshop. L5 osol0906redu Try JeOS Uninstall Rest scenario Lets try to uninstall all packages, just leave onse from list. Note: This scenario is hard...

Fairy Tales and Other Scary Stories

Terry McKenzie | /Personal | January 05, 07:36 AM PST | By terrymckenzie

Man, we parents won't stop at anything to scare our kids straight! And have been doing it for centuries, I might add - all to little avail: Freaky Fairy Tales

Call for Papers for the "MySQL and Friends" Develo...

MySQL Community Blog | /MySQL | January 05, 07:31 AM PST | By Lenz Grimmer

A Happy New Year to all of you! About a month ago we posted our initial Call for Papers for the MySQL Developer Room at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. We already received several great submissions and we'd like to thank the speakers who contributed...

NetBeansにJavaFX Composerを入れる事ができました on Mac

KOSCA | /Personal | January 05, 07:03 AM PST | By Kazuhiro Ota

前回の記事 ですが、片貝さんに教えて頂き解決できました! 既に このような記事 を書かれてらっしゃったのですね・・・! 上記のリンクでも解説されていますが、 原因としてはNetBeans自体をJava1.5で立ち上げていた事でした。 で、そのためには以下のようにMacのJava Preferenceを立ち上げ、 JDKの優先順位を変えてあげましょう。 その後、NetBeansを再起動し、前のエントリの操作を行うと・・・ 次へ進めました! あとはウィザードに従ってインストール後にJavaFX...

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part 14: Remove GUI pk...

VirtualGuru | /Virtualization | January 05, 06:21 AM PST | By natiku

This entry is part of OpenSolaris JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) Prototype workshop. L3 osol0906rgui Remove main GUI front end part Lets try to uninstall most GUI related packages. 1. Create a BE osol0906rgui beadm create ...

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