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John Frusciante Quits Red Hot Chili Peppers With “No Drama”

12/17/09, 9:17 am EST

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Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has confirmed that he has “quit” the band, writing in a MySpace blog post, “To put it simply, my musical interests have led me in a different direction.” The Peppers are reportedly working on their follow-up to 2006’s Stadium Arcadium, and rumors began circulating last week that Frusciante had permanently left RHCP and was replaced by guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who along with Frusciante toured with the band in 2007 and also appeared on Frusciante’s 2009 solo album The Empyrean. Until now, representatives for the RHCPs would not confirm the news of Frusciante’s departure to Rolling Stone. Frusciante clarifies in his MySpace post that he actually left the band over a year ago when they were on indefinite hiatus.

“I really love the band and what we did,” Frusciante writes, adding that there was no drama or anger involved in his decision to leave. “Over the last 12 years, I have changed, as a person and artist, to such a degree that to do further work along the lines I did with the band would be to go against my own nature. There was no choice involved in this decision. I simply have to be what I am, and have to do what I must do.”

Check out photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, onstage and off.

Frusciante’s statement ends his second stint with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. After appearing on 1989’s Mother’s Milk and 1991’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Frusciante left the Peppers in 1992. Following RHCP’s brief Dave Navarro era, Frusciante rejoined the band for their three most recent albums: Californication, By The Way and Stadium Arcadium. In September, the band was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; as RS revealed earlier this week, the Peppers will not be a part of the Hall’s class of 2010.

Read Frusciante’s full letter to fans here:

“When I quit the band, over a year ago, we were on an indefinite hiatus. There was no drama or anger involved, and the other guys were very understanding. They are supportive of my doing whatever makes me happy and that goes both ways.

To put it simply, my musical interests have led me in a different direction. Upon rejoining, and throughout my time in the band, I was very excited about exploring the musical possibilities inherent in a rock band, and doing so with those people in particular. A couple of years ago, I began to feel that same excitement again, but this time it was about making a different kind of music, alone, and being my own engineer.

I really love the band and what we did. I understand and value that my work with them means a lot to many people, but I have to follow my interests. For me, art has never been something done out of a sense of duty. It is something I do because it is really fun, exciting, and interesting. Over the last 12 years, I have changed, as a person and artist, to such a degree that to do further work along the lines I did with the band would be to go against my own nature. There was no choice involved in this decision. I simply have to be what I am, and have to do what I must do.

Sending love and gratitude to you all.”

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Ando | 12/17/2009, 9:22 am EST

Best Wishes John…. A sad day for music……..

Deano | 12/17/2009, 9:34 am EST

Now if they can just get rid of Anthony, they might have a band. Can one guy mention “L.A.” in a song more than this guy? And his attempts at rapping are pitiful.

John F will do fine on his own.

Edz | 12/17/2009, 9:43 am EST

Chili Peppers have had a hard time in the past making their signature music without Frusciante.

Of course now I wonder if we can expect a follow up Chickenfoot disc?

Erin | 12/17/2009, 9:47 am EST

This breaks my heart BUT I will always love and support John no matter what. He is a genius and an incredbly beautiful human being.

John- you have nothing but love, support and best wishes from me. Always.

Jason | 12/17/2009, 9:52 am EST

As a major Chili Peppers fan i’m slightly nervous about where they’ll go from here. I hope he’ll return again in a few record’s time, who could possibly fill his shoes creatively?

KAD | 12/17/2009, 9:56 am EST


Hmm | 12/17/2009, 9:57 am EST

Well that pretty much ends the red hot chili peppers. Their efforts without him have been less than stellar. I did like one hot minute, but….not the same

kliff215 | 12/17/2009, 9:58 am EST

One Hot Minute is one of my favorite Peppers albums. Stadium is my least favorite.

rinko | 12/17/2009, 10:01 am EST

how did they not make the hall of fame?!!!!

TequilaMockingbird | 12/17/2009, 10:03 am EST

John F. will be more than fine when carving out his own identity. It’s good to see so many people here support his individual goals instead of bashing him for leaving RHCP. Likewise, I hope the best for the band, but I’m also worried as to where they go from here. Maybe they can get Navarro back…

Oddjob | 12/17/2009, 10:06 am EST

One Hot Minute is a great album- different for the Chili Peppers but very overlooked and very hard-rocking and awesome. Let’s not kid ourselves- Frusciante is great and will be missed, but they can still make music without him.

P-Mac | 12/17/2009, 10:09 am EST

I seen them at Hampden Park in 2007, so I’m glad I got to see the classic lineup.

I’ll buy the next album but I doubt I’ll go see them live again. Without John, it’s nothing.

Really Hate Chili Peppers | 12/17/2009, 10:21 am EST

I hate the RHCP. It’s all because of Anthony’s whiny lyrics about California. Can we all settle on no more songs about Cali. God, if they had another singer and some better lyrics, they may have been a great band instead of this watered down California Pop

I'm an idiot | 12/17/2009, 10:23 am EST

I’m an idiot for not catching them live with John. He is a guitar god and will be missed.

That being said, I don’t see why they can’t pull off another Mother’s Milk/BSSM with Josh. I just hope they stop trying for chart topping songs and write music selfishly again. I am not down-playing albums after BSSM, they all have their moments of genius. But as a die-hard fan and accomplished musician, I KNOW their strategy changed after BSSM and I want the old Peppers back. And in a time when bands from the 80’s and 90’s are making come-backs I think they can easily keep their appeal with their more selfish material.

raney | 12/17/2009, 10:25 am EST

I always thought john could do better. I love flea and chad but anthony drives me nuts. I quit buying their albums at BSSM. It seems like after that they were just trying to sound poppy and sell more albums.
Cheers, john.
You made a smart move.

axl manuel | 12/17/2009, 10:29 am EST

uuf, I hope they come sudenly
AGUANTE red hot!

sheep | 12/17/2009, 10:41 am EST

daddy i like raisins

Anonymous | 12/17/2009, 10:47 am EST

I hope this isn’t a sign that John F is shooting up again.

ephinae | 12/17/2009, 10:50 am EST

Dammit John!!!

Strat Strangler | 12/17/2009, 10:58 am EST

Who cares, John was probably the least talented of all the guitarists that played with RHCP. He sucks and will fall into irrelevancy, as he should.

el jeffe | 12/17/2009, 11:00 am EST

wow this sucks. RHCPs are much better with him than without. he’s much better with them than without.

also agree they should have been in RRHoF on first ballot. but hey, gotta make room for Abba. WTF?!

Cactus | 12/17/2009, 11:03 am EST

such a shame.

i would love if dave navarro got back with the guys to crank out a funky album.

Bman | 12/17/2009, 11:05 am EST

This sucks! Wonder who will replace him?? Bring back Navarro or start fresh?

Bucketfoot | 12/17/2009, 11:12 am EST

Bring back Navarro! He expanded their sound on OHM and gave the band some sonic sparkle

meatwad | 12/17/2009, 11:16 am EST

Klinghoffer has played with Beck, Butthole Surfers, and Gnarls Barkley to name a few. It will be interesting to hear what kind of new music the Peppers make on the new disc.

RTunes | 12/17/2009, 11:17 am EST

John Frusciante is the modern-day Lindsay Buckingham – phenomenally talented guitarist, criminally overlooked and underrated!

And like Buckingham, he’s a great singer too!

Matt | 12/17/2009, 11:19 am EST


Of the 200 plus songs that the Chili Peppers have written/composed over the course of their 25 years together, please list ALL of the songs that mention Los Angeles or California. Off the top of my head I can think of five, *three of which they perform on a regular basis;

*D ani California
*Under the Bridge
Tell Me Baby
Out in L.A.

Anonymous | 12/17/2009, 11:22 am EST

I just hope he’s not shooting up again.

Navarro | 12/17/2009, 11:23 am EST

Yeah bring back Navarro !

tom | 12/17/2009, 11:25 am EST

best of luck guys. hope everyone involved has great success and happiness.

slovak | 12/17/2009, 11:35 am EST

bring back navarro please

Richard | 12/17/2009, 11:42 am EST

It takes a boat load of guts to quit one of the most successful and respected bands in the world for an uncertain solo career.

Frusciante has ALWAYS been about his art, and not about achieving success or notoriety.

You have to tip your hat to him, because few rock stars of his stature would do what he has done.

As long as he remains sober and more than anything HAPPY, that’s all that matters.

Good luck to him.

Bye Bye John | 12/17/2009, 11:46 am EST

John’s an unbelievable talent. But I’m glad he’s leaving RHCP. Personally, I think Stadium Arcadium should have been one kick-ass disc, but obviously became two because John writes a crap-load of songs. Doesn’t mean they’re all good (see his output of however many albums he put out in that one-year period).
RHCP are tired and old. The albums have gotten increasingly boring since Californication. Hopefully they’ll pull off another great one before they’re done. But I’m not holding my breath. Best of luck to John and the rest of the Peppers.

Angst Teen | 12/17/2009, 11:49 am EST

I will be suprised if the next record by the RHCPs brings any intrest to my ears. This will definetly be a catastraphic blow to their sound. But im not that worried about it, John Frusciante is my hero. I love every solo record Frusciante has released. Those are more influential on me than any of the RHCP releases. It only shows that he has great material to come in the future, that he didnt want to turn to RHCP music.

nDBYunO | 12/17/2009, 11:50 am EST

I saw The RHCP at Coachella and for the life of me, can’t figure out what all the excitement is about these guys. Then again, I don’t understand the love for RATM, either. Just alot of screaming and shouting and the same bass beat over and over.

DNZ | 12/17/2009, 11:56 am EST


We all really wanted you to make a really weird RHCP album next


CJ | 12/17/2009, 12:07 pm EST

This is a good thing. John’s solo stuff shits all over the majority of RHCP stuff.

Kevin the Robot | 12/17/2009, 12:07 pm EST

I would rather they break up then take on a new guitarist. It would be like Van Halen recording a new album without Eddie.

paolo | 12/17/2009, 12:09 pm EST

I only thank god that I had the chance of see this guys live more than one time…they changed my life in a better way but today my heart is broken

RHCP 4 ever | 12/17/2009, 12:14 pm EST

first of all, could the chili peppers haters not write here? If you hate Anthony (or the whole band) so much, why do you read this article??? you shouldn’t be preoccupied with that news…

then, I d say : thanks for all John! good luck and take care!

Personally, I prefer Dave Navarro as a guitar player, but John just fit better with the chilis classical funk-alternative rock sound… Anyway the chili peppers are more than one person, Anthony or John… they are an amazing band and IMO the best in the world! Even if this departure will affect their sound, I m sure they will still kick ass!… and Josh seem to be a nice choice too.

D | 12/17/2009, 12:14 pm EST

I agree with DNZ. One more weird and honest record with no regard for a hit. That is what we all want.

BK | 12/17/2009, 12:18 pm EST

RHCP should call it quits.

whatttt. | 12/17/2009, 12:19 pm EST


brain | 12/17/2009, 12:23 pm EST

Ive seen this coming for a while. After listening to his solo records he released in 04 -05, I realized the only limitation on this guys music is the band that made him famous. He is the most genuine and inventive musician Ive ever witnessed that is part of something as grand as the the Red Hots. I knew eventually to create the music he would be capable of creating he would have to do so removed from the band. He isnt interested in the big rock star persona and never has been. I think he saw it as challege to develop music and a sound for a large rock band. And I think he will always be considered a Red Hot, but in the end that is limiting to artistic expression because fans ultimately just want you to sound like everthing else youve put out. You cant change and grow as rapidly as your interest somtime dictate.

Although I hate to see him leave the band, I think it can be a good thing for both… Thanks John for keepin’ it real.

RHCP 4 ever | 12/17/2009, 12:25 pm EST

first of all, could the chili peppers haters not write here? If you hate Anthony (or the whole band) so much, why do you read this article??? you shouldn’t be preoccupied with that news…

then, I d say : thanks for all John! good luck and take care!

Personally, I prefer Dave Navarro as a guitar player, but John just fit better with the chilis classical funk-alternative rock sound… Anyway the chili peppers are more than one person, Anthony or John… they are an amazing band and IMO the best in the world! Even if this departure will affect their sound, I m sure they will still kick ass!… and Josh seem to be a nice choice too.

matt in farmers branch | 12/17/2009, 12:28 pm EST

That last album was great but not as good as their old stuff. Maybe now that they’re making a big change, the music will make a big change and the RHCP can take over the world again.

tommystinsonrules | 12/17/2009, 12:31 pm EST

Matt, your memory is weak. “Magic Johnson” ring a bell? Plenty more where that came from…

Sorry to say it, but I have to join in with those shoveling dirt on RHCP. Even with Frusciante, lately they were fading and prone to lapses in quality control. Without him they’ll be completely lost.

D | 12/17/2009, 12:31 pm EST

Dammit John, you’re worst than Wes Borland. Make up your mind dude, either you’re in or out? “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” & “Californiacation” are classics. Well John I wish you lots of luck. The same goes for the band and please don’t bring John Satriani in the group. Chickenfoot is Chickenshit.

transoniqjohnny | 12/17/2009, 12:37 pm EST

Saw RHCP during BSSM era and they fookin’ rawked funky funky. We need more “Freaky Styley” more than ever. DO IT JOHN!!! (and don’t get smacked up…you are worth it and your guitar solos are awesome)

hmm | 12/17/2009, 12:52 pm EST

Kilnghoffer rips pretty hard.. but he is no Frusciante…

I’m still a Red Hot fan but now I’m significantlly less excited about their new album

Jon G. | 12/17/2009, 12:53 pm EST

Folks, check the story: The replacement is Klinghoffer – NOT Satriani, NOT Navarro. I wonder if JF quit because the band had once again lost its funk… they were horrible when he quit before. Flea & Chad cannot do it alone, because unless the songs ARE funky, Anthony is just too weak of a singer.

JJGG | 12/17/2009, 12:57 pm EST

Frankly, the RHCP have not much more to say musically.

Singing about California and LA every other song on each album has reached its limit, and Frusciante probably felt the burden.

I think each member in this group has many more important things to say out of the RHCP context.

It is always a good thinng when people who express themselves want to change their expression.

Geraldeen | 12/17/2009, 1:07 pm EST

It’s about time he jumped off that sinking ship. Mr. F has proven that he can stand alone already but now that he isn’t preoccupied I’m anxious to hear his new stuff. I always thought he was the most talented of the group by far.

Jonah | 12/17/2009, 1:07 pm EST

The day Frusciante treats playing his guitar like it is a day job or duty would have been the day Frusciante left RHCP in spirit. Better to see them part ways amicably and with their passion for their art still in tact. I hope RHCP and Frusiante both continue to make great music that is truly of themselves.

tgb | 12/17/2009, 1:10 pm EST

nice guy. great on the peppers. below average solo career. best wishes.

ELantto | 12/17/2009, 1:23 pm EST

I saw this coming after their last tour. The chemistry that made them so great live, was not there. That being said, John’s solo projects are worth their weight in gold. I love all of them and can’t wait to hear more. I find the thought of Josh Klinghoffer taking over comforting. He is friends with the band, has toured with them, and has the opportunity to take the Peppers in a great direction. No more gun for hires. Stick with the new kid and turn out another great album. Josh is a fresh face and a perfect replacement for Frusciante if there could ever be one. Now John can drop another “Shadows Collide With People” and keep making beautiful music. Can’t wait to hear the new RHCP album, it’s going to be exciting.

Remember | 12/17/2009, 1:30 pm EST

He’s not even the original guitarist. Or the original guitarist’s replacement. And I think RHCP themselves can tell you that they never gelled with Navarro.

Sage14 | 12/17/2009, 1:51 pm EST

WTF john…I feel like crying but when I look at the words “choose not a life of imitation” tatted on my wrist I cannot be Totally angry.


Tyler Durden | 12/17/2009, 2:05 pm EST

A shame. Stadium was a wasted opportunity after the good run they were on and I am wondering what’s the point in them continuing now.

sawbelly | 12/17/2009, 2:08 pm EST

Yawn. They blow.

Steve | 12/17/2009, 2:14 pm EST

Dave Navarro probably has a boner over this

thevm | 12/17/2009, 2:14 pm EST

RHCP died the day they wrote the song ‘Aeroplane’. Since then, they have been propped up and animated ‘Weekend At Bernie’s”-style by their management, label, and fans who just can’t let go.

John isn’t jumping off the Titanic before it sinks; he’s jumping off after it’s hit the bottom of the ocean, and I wish him well.

TIM | 12/17/2009, 2:17 pm EST

Most underrated guitarist of our time. Went to see the peppers and did not expect how incredible and commanding he was of the whole show..

What's Real | 12/17/2009, 2:29 pm EST

The tragic truth here, is that the casual fans who actually buy all the albums and have the clams to go to one of their concerts won’t know the difference. They will now lose their comercial appeal. Anybody that knows anything about the Peppers, know that Frusciante was the driving force of their music and he sounds best when he is allowed to shred with the band.

Josh is a very talented musician, but not a soloist. Look for Flea and Chad to take over this band’s sound. Bass heavy and very few guitar solo’s, just like Californication

What's Real | 12/17/2009, 2:30 pm EST

They will not lose their commercial appeal

bummer | 12/17/2009, 2:35 pm EST

saw them on their last tour and thought it was going to be a decent show, but I came away thoroughly impressed, mainly by John. They jammed more than I anticipated, JF had alot of intensity, was a maniac on stage, and also did a solo piece which was amazing. Very underrated player, and was going in more of a rock direction. I like the band, but alot less w/out him…though i’ve never heard his solo stuff, is it good?

son | 12/17/2009, 2:40 pm EST

Hi mom!

Snaves | 12/17/2009, 2:41 pm EST

Chad Smith’s drumming is always solid, Flea is one of the best bassists in music and Kiedis gives RHCP a little flair with his over the top pseudo-rap-singing, but Frusciante was responsible for almost all of their biggest hits. Under the Bridge, Californication, Scar Tissue, Give it Away, Can’t Stop…all those were the genius guitar work of John, and I don’t think they will be the same without him. Sad day as an RHCP fan.

Yay-Sayer | 12/17/2009, 2:44 pm EST

John I support you but this is devastating. The Peppers are the greatest band of this generation. You guys have given me so much hope in my life. And to everyone that rags on how the Peppers have gotten tired lately, fuck you. Name another group that has written such great songs in their 40’s going onto their 50’s. Yeah that’s right, fucking NOBODY. Rolling stones and Zep never came close to making it that far, and Zep sucked it up during the closing of their career. Fucking clapton never wrote a good song after the 70’s. The Peps kept great music going for almost 20 years!! To people that rag on Anthony, try writing amazing rock n roll lyrics when you’re at his age. It’s practically impossible. I still loved By the Way tho and Stadium had some of their greatest moments. They took risks and wrote beautiful Beatlesque harmonies, and weren’t writing the same old boxed in funk that short-sighted ignoramus’ wanted to hold them to. John and RHCP were true artists, all they wanted to do was bring hope to people’s lives and they did. Seriously, if you come on here to nit-pick, trash and take for granted on of the most beautiful bands ever, I hope somebody gouges your fucking eyes out and pops your fucking ear drums b/c if you don’t appreciate their music you don’t really have any need to hear music in general.

Anonymous | 12/17/2009, 2:50 pm EST

Let’s give Josh a chance as John was given a chance when Hillel died. I do agree that the sound will more than likely change and who knows, it could be better in a different way. As John always has said, “If you’re not changing, you’re not growing.” Let’s wait and see before we bury the Peppers. Josh is extremely talented and has a great voice. Give them a chance.

madhatters | 12/17/2009, 2:51 pm EST

To: “thevm”

Interesting you’d mention aeroplane because that was the Frusciante-less Peppers album that was made while he was strung out

Ben | 12/17/2009, 2:53 pm EST

Sad day for music. While they had been slipping over the past couple years they were still a formidable force in rock and roll. I’d much rather see them at the top of the charts instead of the shit that’s on the radio now. I saw them on their last tour and Frusciante was down right nasty on the guitar. He played with such heart and soul. He will be extremely missed but I’m sure he will release a shitload of solo albums, which I will always buy. By the way, to Bummer, his solo stuff is unbelievable. Check out Inside of Emptiness or Will To Death.

WHAT THE FUCK | 12/17/2009, 2:55 pm EST

this is truly a sad day, really cant believe he has quit

Stro | 12/17/2009, 3:08 pm EST

How has no one mentioned The Mars Volta in all of this?! Some of John’s most amazing work to date as been contributing to Omar’s arrangements. Come to think of it, he’s has never before performed with them live… Hmmmm, food 4 thought.

Anonymous | 12/17/2009, 3:18 pm EST

no rhcp w/o john!

Joe Perry | 12/17/2009, 3:22 pm EST

hey I’m available…

heathen2002 | 12/17/2009, 3:24 pm EST

uhhum, ugh, drugs, huhhum

marty916 | 12/17/2009, 3:25 pm EST

John has performed live with The Mars Volta for the record. That being said, this is just another example of John’s character and commitment to music. Sure, he could go through the motions and put out more, as some say “crappy” music (personally I disagree) with the Chili Peppers but if John’s heart isn’t in it, it wouldn’t be right. He doesn’t do music for the money and easily could but he does music for the music and his own personal growth. It has replaced his heroin of years ago. It is his drug. I read recently where RZA has been hanging out at John’s recording and has seen John’s light and said how gratifying it was to record music without the money getting the way. We should all see that light.

By The Way says it all | 12/17/2009, 3:33 pm EST

If you want to see hints of this rift, look at their most accomplished and musically diverse album, the criminally underrated “By The Way”, and compare it to the retrogressive “Stadium Arcadium”. They follow up a breakthrough record that covers everything from 60’s soul/pyschadelia to Latin to cajun elements with one that merely finds them trying to sound like RHCP, partly because “By The Way” wasn’t funky enough for Flea. Nothing against Flea, as he is one of the best bassists of all time, but the point is that this man is going forward, and their last record halted a sense of great momentum. It’s like The Beatles following up “The White Album” with something that sounded more like “Help!”. Tragic news, but Jon will survive better than RHCP.

EgyptianCowboy | 12/17/2009, 3:34 pm EST

Without Frusciante they should just break up. It would be better that way. Stadium Arcadium was good enough to where they’d be able to go out on a semi-high note…

RHCPfan | 12/17/2009, 3:38 pm EST

A sad day for music. John will always be known as RHCP guitarist despite how great his solo stuff his. Hopefully he’ll one day return to the band.

G - New Hampshire | 12/17/2009, 3:40 pm EST

I saw them on the SA tour and something was definitely “off”. They kept thanking the crowd for “20 great years”, almost sadly. I wonder if they seriously considered breaking up after that tour….I’m sure John was feeling that same feeling about the endless tours hampering his creativity, etc.

POO POODLE | 12/17/2009, 3:43 pm EST

Red Hot
Chili Pepper
Makin’ crazy solo records
Used to
be a cutie
your guitar’s
still a thing of beauty

Your guitar
thing of beauty

-poo poodles tune “Frusciante”

Stro | 12/17/2009, 3:54 pm EST

My bad, John did perform with TMV in 2007. Thx 4 setting me straight marty. I hope Omar taps his talent more often now.

Indian Badboy | 12/17/2009, 4:04 pm EST

Never liked them much, mostly due to annoying Anthony. More of a GN’R fan. But it’s hard not to respect John’s amazing talent. Wish him the very best. Now’s gonna be a real challenge for RHCP and maybe they’ll stop putting out crappy pop hit albums.

bob | 12/17/2009, 4:10 pm EST

The peppers should call it a day and just break up already.They will never have another great album like “sugar,magic….”whatever it was called it was a great album. I WOULD love to see a solo album from FLEA.

Please! | 12/17/2009, 4:20 pm EST


Sumner | 12/17/2009, 4:28 pm EST

First Peter Hook leaves New order and now John leaves RHCP, what’s next Adam Clayton leaving U2.

Spark | 12/17/2009, 4:43 pm EST

Damn this breaks my heart WTF what now ?

Anthony DeSena | 12/17/2009, 4:44 pm EST

No John. Well than no me buying their albums or seeing them live. What would be the point. This is just all very sad.

Andrew D | 12/17/2009, 4:56 pm EST

The Peppers would never hire Navarro back. Read Kiedis’ biography. He never felt like jamming just for the fun of it. A very anti-RHCP attitude. He never clicked with the rest of the band.

Good For john bad for Rhcp | 12/17/2009, 4:58 pm EST

Killer rhythm section and john is a
great guitar player.
But I still have nightmares of
Anthony keidis in those obama commercials pledging allegiance to
Obama he kisses one of his biceps and
says Barack then kisses his other bicep and says Obama creepy weird commercial.
Anthony Keidis is a tool :)

ELantto | 12/17/2009, 5:05 pm EST

I am quite excited to hear a new RHCP album. Josh Klinghoffer has a chance to give them some new life. The Peppers had the perfect formula with Anthony, Flea, John, and Chad. Now I’d like to think they are at a place where they will still grow. It’s Josh’s time to shine and I can guarantee the 10th album will be better than One Hot Minute. These guys know which direction to take in their 40s. I can’t wait to hear it. It’s strange to hear so many people talk about Navarro, bad choice from the start. Although, now you’ll be able to hear songs off One Hot Minute live again. Johnny would not play any of it. Let’s hear it for Mr. Josh Klinghoffer.

King's x | 12/17/2009, 5:21 pm EST

He never clicked because he had talent. Would you want to “jam” with Anthony? Dude can’t sing at all. Their songs are mid-tempo mush. Break up … please.

Bob | 12/17/2009, 5:22 pm EST

Considering that Stadium Arcadium was absolutely terrible, quitting isn’t a bad idea.

Anonymous | 12/17/2009, 5:24 pm EST

John’s incredible, there’s no denying it. That being said, over their career the Peppers have had a constant flow of new guitarist, they’ve alternated through old and new, had stand-ins for concerts, etc…To say that RHCP should stop is an insult to every member of that band! When Hillel died, it was like “shit, now what are they going to do?” and they took a chance with some young kid, which turned out to be a career-changing decision. I’m holding out for them to come up with another inspiring, if not as talented, replacement!

Navarro | 12/17/2009, 5:27 pm EST

Hey, Navarro here.

I’d come back, but I’m too busy getting silly tattoos and looking ridiculous.


Josh | 12/17/2009, 5:32 pm EST

ELantto, that’s a great point about being able to hear One Hot Minute songs with Josh, yet not have to worry about a jam-less RHCP because afterall, Josh has been playing with RHCP since the last tour. They know him, he knows the songs and it should be interesting to see what happens. I like Navarro and would like to see him, but if he didn’t fit, then he didn’t fit, no need to try and force things.

Jamier | 12/17/2009, 5:34 pm EST

The “By The Way” Post of 3:30 says it best for me-nice post!

Punky | 12/17/2009, 5:37 pm EST

Umm, first off John had a hand in every album from Californication to SA. He even said on the DVD that he came up with a lot of stuff for SA so for all of those bashing it saying it is stale due to other members you have no clue what you’re talking about. Secondly, because John had so much control the other members, I feel, were pushed in the background. I can’t wait to hear the new album…I think it will be refreshing for those that are interested in their earlier stuff…I just think to call RHCP crap without John is bogus. That’s the way people felt when Hillel passed.

J.Ellin | 12/17/2009, 6:06 pm EST

My day’s ruined, one of the most innovative guitar players there is. Looking forward to more solo stuff, but the Chili’s won’t be the same without his playing and singing…

artificialred | 12/17/2009, 6:07 pm EST

Well, that’s it for RHCP. Their music without Frusciante leaves a little to be desired (One Hot Minute). Too bad, their last few albums have been badass, but now, probably not so much.

Boga888 | 12/17/2009, 6:49 pm EST

WOW! Slash, Joe Perry and now John Frusciante?? These guys should just join Adam F’n Lambert on tour!

One Hot Minute | 12/17/2009, 6:52 pm EST

I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Frusciante but their best and most consistent album was “One Hot Minute”. Dave Navarro changed the dynamic of the band for the better and as a result RHCP were able to leave the funk behind and experiment with hard rock influences. There’s no denying that John Frusciante is a great guitar player but i would like to hear a more experimental/hard rock influenced album again like “One Hot Minute” and that won’t happen with Frusciante.

To Record Water | 12/17/2009, 6:53 pm EST

John Frusciante really shined on his solo album “To Record Only Water For Ten Days”. Check it out if you haven’t heard it.

Flush | 12/17/2009, 7:07 pm EST

This is the worst news I’ve heard in forever! The thing about the Chili Peppers is each are so detrimental to their sound. Without one, a piece of the puzzle is missing. We know this after listening to the One Hot Minute record. This is horrible news.

I get bored by some comments | 12/17/2009, 7:27 pm EST

I really don’t understand why there are so many negative comments… one half of the people here hate the chilis and ask them to break up : I think you should stop listening to music right now because obviously you ve got very poor musical taste and you ll never appreciate this art. The other half praise JF solo work… well it’s not that good, you can t compare it to a chili peppers record…because solo records of JF aren t rock…they re pop, folk, electro, call it what you want but not ROCK! Actually I m just writing things to either rednecks or Frusciante followers… Very few ones express an intersting point of view. And leave Dave Navarro alone, he s a great guitar player : he did great things with jane’s addiction and OHM was a very good album. It s not their best shot, and it s pretty different from what they did before but I think it was a great record BACK IN 1995!

Dont worry | 12/17/2009, 7:33 pm EST

Josh rips!!

Rik | 12/17/2009, 7:34 pm EST

Not a huge fan but obviously these guys are far removed from, say, Nickelback. Think of it this way folks: If their new music rules then sweet, if not, their off cuts will still shit all over All American Rejects. Much respect John.

Elina | 12/17/2009, 7:49 pm EST

No! There goes my possibility to ever see this incredible man live. I fully support his decision though, his solo work is incredible and I’ve always preferred it to that of RHCP.

paul.... | 12/17/2009, 7:54 pm EST

i feel like someone just kicked me in the head and lit it on fire…. this is the worst day ever!!!!! john fruciante helped rhcp define their sound!! oh well :/ best wishes for both rhcp and john

Mike87 | 12/17/2009, 8:01 pm EST

How can so much people praise JF solo work??? It’s ok but it’s not that good, you can t even compare it to a chili peppers record! It’s pop, folk, electro, call it what you want but absolutely not ROCK!

Matty.G | 12/17/2009, 8:09 pm EST

This news really sux but does it at least mean we can actually hear some of the vastly underrated
‘One Hot Minute’ album live for once!!??

about OHM | 12/17/2009, 8:12 pm EST

just leave Dave Navarro alone!!! he s a great guitar player, he did amazing things with jane’s addiction and OHM is a very good record too. OK it’s very different from what the chilis did before : it’s darker, heavier…but I like it and I think it was a great record for that time, BACK IN 1995! you people always forgot to think global… at this point Kurt Cobain had just shot himself, grunge rock was starting to disappear from the mainstream… it was a pretty sad time…adding to this the musical roots of Dave Navarro…now you should be better judges.

john | 12/17/2009, 8:13 pm EST

very devastating day for music, but especially RHCP, lets hope that he might one day return and rejoin.

either way, i will still follow his solo career as it has been amazing to date.

my only worry is where rhcp will go from here, they werent so successful last time JF left, and i sort of fear the same thing now, but lets see, maybe his departure will open doors for them to start playing more funk based stuff again, who knows…

saying that, john looked very unhappy towards the last few months of the stadium arcadium tour, so not surprised.

very sad new though, cant get over it, absolutely devastated, though not surprised

eric | 12/17/2009, 8:32 pm EST

john is the man.. his new album is dope..

all you calling saying anthonys a tool, he cant sing, etc need to write a book, cuz no one gives teo shits what you think.. not to mention, no ones paying you to listen to their music.. dont do them any favors

George Clinton | 12/17/2009, 8:34 pm EST

Aight, John, aight…. but don’t you forget the funk. You’re always welcome to the mothership whenever you want

Rod | 12/17/2009, 9:34 pm EST

This isn’t really a sad day for music, or even for the Chili Peppers. The sad day for music and the Peppers came when they released BY THE WAY, a by-the-numbers rock album from a veteran band that had clearly lost its spark. STADIUM ARCADIUM rekindled some of the old glory, and could have been their masterpiece if they’d winnowed it down to a single killer disc.

John’s departure might be just what the Chili Peppers need to fire their creative engine. Rather than fulfill their corporate obligations and turn out “product” with a guitarist who’s heart isn’t in it any more, maybe Josh Klinghoffer can bring some fresh ideas.

And Anthony needs to take a poetry class or something. No more of the geography name game “Alabama, Swingin’ hammers/Mississippi, father was a hippie” crap, OK guys?

T | 12/17/2009, 9:50 pm EST

John in the Mars Volta proper would be sick and perfect. The hell with writing songs to fit a mainstream audience, He can pass the torch to a younger band to do that. Now John gets to use his potential to make mind blowing music. Bless. Looking forward to his next release.

Sucks | 12/17/2009, 10:07 pm EST

John is one of the best!

rhys | 12/17/2009, 10:28 pm EST

deeply saddened by this news being a hardore chilis/john fan and all, hope he goes on to produce more solo work! some john is better then no john!

Larry Dalliopolis | 12/17/2009, 10:58 pm EST

Hillel was the real tragedy. anyone disagreeing is either too young or too stupid to remember. Let him go, he likes prog rock and thats cool too. But they sound flat since 1993, even with Dave Navarro’s good attempt at infusing some energy. Those hard slapping funk days died in 1991. Let the band go gracefully.

calhoon777 | 12/17/2009, 11:27 pm EST

i respect johns decision. he right when he says that he has changed so much in the last 12 yrs. i have noticed it in their albums by the way and stadium and all his solo since when shadows collide. i think that its a beautiful thing that he wants to explore himself more and express it thru music.

oldmatey australia | 12/17/2009, 11:58 pm EST

john, it won’t be the same band without you, my friend. best wishes, you’ve made the right decision.

I still miss hillel | 12/18/2009, 12:02 am EST

I love John Frusciante, but I could absolutely see this coming. Dude is one incredibly complex individual. He will be fine on his own, and will be happier just creating his art out of the spotlight.

Anyway, Mother’s Milk and BSSM were obviously great albumss (Motthers Milk especially IMO) but my personal favorite RHCP albums were recorded prior to Frusciante’s arrival, Freaky Styley and the Uplift Mofo Party Plan, recorded with the great Hillel Slovak. RIP Hillel, you were an amazing artist who never reached your incredible potential.

KP | 12/18/2009, 12:31 am EST

The Pepper’s most emotionally complex and artistically daring work was their last three albums. They really seemed to have a achieved a new level of creativity with the culmination being Stadium Arcadium.

Frusciante is an amazing and often underrated guitarist. His absence in the band will surely be felt. I hope both camps go on to record great new material. I’m glad that the parting was amicable and hope that in the future they will record together again.

freak nasty | 12/18/2009, 12:48 am EST

band over.

Frusciante is the heart and soul of everything good they have done since the 1990.

hopefully he starts shooting up again and is saved by his band mates for a joyous reunion album

Matt | 12/18/2009, 12:58 am EST


Who Dat | 12/18/2009, 1:19 am EST

The saints are still undefeated. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

ByTheWay | 12/18/2009, 1:29 am EST

As someone who rejoiced at hearing that the Chili Peppers were in the studio again, it’s heart breaking to know that John is leaving the band.

I clamored at the chance that they might be on tour again and I’d finally get to see a group that I so admired all through life. This is a sad day for rock music.

jonny | 12/18/2009, 3:18 am EST

if you want to bring navarro back ,then you gotta be an idiot. or maybe youve watched to much mtv.anyone interested in music and who has some knowledge of playing instruments themselves has to see and understand that frusciante is the man who gave the chili peppers there unique sound that they once had.every major succes follows when john´s been in the band.the return of the man on californication and the amazing album that was created,is a testament to him has a creator of music.the last record made by the band , i think only shows that john wasnt “all there”.lets face it stadium is a crap album,with pathetic videos to follow.i dont see anything of this great man in this work,so i think its just great he leaves now and continues making real and heartfelt music on his own. R I P chili peppers.

Scene Red | 12/18/2009, 3:19 am EST

“Please no more California Songs!… and fuck New York too.”
- Local H

Knucklehead | 12/18/2009, 5:04 am EST

Frusciante saved that band. Even at the beginning, he was a phenomenally gifted guitarist who took the Chili Peppers far beyond their early funk/punk sound. They’ll never be as good again.

Simon G. | 12/18/2009, 7:03 am EST

Boy, a lot of people posting here have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

First, yes, One Hot Minute IS a good album. But what the band tapped into on that album was born and died with that album. It wasn’t well received by the general public, and Navarro wasn’t a consensus fit.

John revitalized a group that was DEAD (read: D E A D) when he returned for his second stint. He TOTALLY influenced the music, writing, and playing during the bands second golden age (Californication, By the Way, Stadium Arcadium).

Second, his solo material has more depth than most of the Chili Peppers work. Particularly, ‘The Will to Death’, “Shadows Collide with People”, “Inside of Emptiness”, and DC EP (all classic records for those who know).

I am suprised if it is indeed Klinghoffer replacing him, because Klinghoffer collaborated with John on so much of his solo stuff, and the Ataxia records. And I am equally suprised that the band is continuing on after this.

Frankly, Johns departure is absolutely DEVASTATING NEWS for this band.
He was the engine that made the car run.
I look forward to Johns future work as always. He is a rock legend, and guitar God.

But without him?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers may be finished.

JJGG | 12/18/2009, 8:28 am EST

Ok everyone!

RHCP & Frusciante have been great, but even they are entering the Hall of Fame of aging rock stars with not much to say, just a lot of nostalgia and weak melodies becoming un-charming.

Maybe that’s why Frusciante decided to jump ship…whoever this new guitarist is, it’s not 1987 anymore and alternative is not around the corner.

Die-hard fans should be glad they were able to listen to the last great 3 albums because truthfully, they were pretty good. However, all great groups in the rock context know when to call it quits, so maybe Frusciante wanted this for some time.

He’s a good guitarist, very talented in the rock spectrum. But is he so good to approach different genres and differentiate as he himself states?

I believe his solo work is below average because his vocal abilities are below par.

I think he’s best in some kind of a Supergroup (since that’s the latest trend) not wanting to be in the spotlight to much since each of them are running out of their “new” ideas anyway.

Cheer up people…

- life is about change, otherwise you die -

EricSwartz | 12/18/2009, 8:39 am EST

I am EricSwartz and just started listening to them a year or so ago. I am devistated!

Marky Two-Eyes | 12/18/2009, 10:29 am EST

maybe it’s time for RHCP to draw the curtains?i just hope flea and john collaborate more,their chemistry is beautiful to watch and listen to.

Rock on RHCP | 12/18/2009, 11:26 am EST

I don’t understand why everyone is so devastated. I mean, John was awesome, but Red Hot Chili Peppers will always continue to make good music. And if he wants to quit, it’s his choice and there’s nothing you can do about it. So, stop complaining about everything already.

Gwen | 12/18/2009, 11:27 am EST

Damn, that sucks!

(I just feel like whining here so if you want to you can ignore this part of my post but first aerosmith and now the chilis?! WTF! They’re my 2 favorite bands!)

Clint Eastwood | 12/18/2009, 12:05 pm EST

Good riddance, maybe they can start rockin’ again after few pussy albums. Bring Navarro back, he’s way better than John F

blackest_of_trees | 12/18/2009, 12:06 pm EST

it’ll be interesting to hear the next chili’s record with a new guitarist and Flea having studied music theory. Who knows what Josh (if he’s indeed joined the band) will add to this.
Also who knows what sort of adventures Anthony’s gotten into since Stadium Arcadium, and what he’ll bring lyrically to the next album.
John’s solo work has always been fascinating, so it’ll be great to see what he comes up with now that his full attention will be focused on that instead of shared with the Chili Peppers. I think it’s going to be awesome, and who knows? Maybe they’ll work with John again in the future? Glad to hear there was no drama or hard feelings.

Yay-Sayer | 12/18/2009, 1:08 pm EST

Simon G “Boy, a lot of people posting here have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. John is a legend and the last 3 albums they’ve created have been incredible. They took so many risks and wrote beautiful Beatlesesque harmonies on those albums. Sorry they didn’t stay in the little funk box that many small-minded people wanted them to limit themselves to. Thats okay though because RHCP never wrote music to please critics and didn’t care what small-minded nay-sayers had to say about them. Consider that Anthony and Flea are currently both 47 years old. That means when Californication came out they were 37, and when By the Way came out they were 40. Name somebody else in rock history that wrote great music at that age. Hell they were in their mid 40’s when they put Stadium together. Not even the mighty Zep or the Rolling Stones had that can of longevity or potency. They had fallen off the tracks long before. So for all of you that rag on Anthony, you’re opinion is irrelevant because he has the hardest job of all.Of course bland bands like U2 still gt all the attention from Rolling Stone…ever notice that Edge NEVER plays lead guitar? I feel like I’m on crazy pills cause nobody else seems to notice. I think the main problem is that the Peppers have been around so long and writing so many great songs. They have been taken for granted so these days people feel like they can just nit-pick them, rip on them and its ‘cool and hip’ not to embrace the Peps and to say ‘Oh dude I’m sweet because I don’t like the last 3 Peppers albums, I must really know a lot about music’. Either way it’s sad day, as the Peps and John gave hope and good vibes to so many. The best to each of them in future endeavors, although its true that things will never be the same.

Yay-Sayer | 12/18/2009, 1:23 pm EST

Also for those who don’t know and should, the Peppers had so many incredible B-sides. If you dig them you should totally go out and get them. Esp. off of Stadium: Save this Lady, Lately, Million Miles of Water to name a few.

Oh and please download Lyon 06.06.06 One of the greatest guitar songs ever!!!

chris | 12/18/2009, 1:48 pm EST

I had all the Peppers albums at one time but after hearing Stadium Arcadium took a closer listen to them and realized the only ones I really liked were Mothers Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magic so I got rid of all the others.
I can understand people enjoying the rest if they have a special softspot for the band but I don’t anymore.

Nathan | 12/18/2009, 2:35 pm EST

The Chili Peppers kinda suck without Frusciante, and by kinda I mean totally.

Anonymous | 12/18/2009, 3:19 pm EST

First: John is the man. RHCP is best with him, and he’s the best with them. His solo work is spotty. I wish he would take more time developing songs rather than releasing 3 albums in on year or whatnot.

That being said, I’m an optimist so perhaps this could be for the better. I don’t know anything about the replacement, but he must be pretty good if the rest of RHCP already knew him and replaced John so quickly. Who knows, he could bring a new dynamic to the band and freshen things up. Not that they need it but their last 3 albums were all pretty similar. I guess I will approach this like I do anything else, with an open mind and hope the final product rocks.

McEvil | 12/18/2009, 4:01 pm EST

who still uses MySpace???

Tells you how behind the times he is…

Truth | 12/18/2009, 4:02 pm EST

Not sad. John will go do his music and the Peppers will do an awful album w/out him. Few years go by and the band reunites for a comeback tour. Simply put.

wolfedogg1 | 12/18/2009, 5:52 pm EST

Salmon, shore up the dam!

Hopeful in Harrisburg | 12/18/2009, 6:17 pm EST

I’ll bet he comes back, probably for a reunion tour after the next album bombs, and then the obligatory post-reunion album. Like Van Halen and GNR, the band has no dynamism without its golden age line up.

Funkman | 12/18/2009, 6:20 pm EST

The rest of the band should be on the phone to Randy Jacobs, guitarist for Was (Not Was)immediately! Injection of funk needed urgently!

Anonymous | 12/18/2009, 6:34 pm EST

I have a tattoo of the chili peppers on my wrist, but I couldn’t be happier to hear the news. I hope this means the chili peppers will end the group. The last record sucked, and they’re almost 50! Who wants to see the chili peppers grow old? Good job john! I hope you have enough money saved to fund your future drug endeavors! jk jk. that took balls.

Daniel | 12/18/2009, 6:57 pm EST

This is a sad, sad, day in the world of music.Any true Chili Pepper fans know this sucks, he simply cannot be replaced. That being said, I’m interested to see what their new album will sound like. By the Way and Stadium Arcadium were both heavily influenced by JF, and kind of sound the same. Nevertheless, this is horrible news.

DNZ | 12/18/2009, 7:23 pm EST

glad to see some of you agree.

I am obsessed with Johns music and am ultimately happy that he has made such a decision. You know it had to break his heart a little bit to do it, but he needs to stay happy and healthy.

A lot of people don’t get The Chili Peppers because they always try to cast them and put them in some sort of group, but you can’t do that.

They are honesty, truth, beauty, pain, pleasure and love and ART.



they will still make a great record with Josh Klinghoffer, he is the only guy that could fill in Johns shoes.

For those of you that don’t know Josh, he is one of Johns very best friends.

John, Josh, Flea, and Stella Mogwai had an improv jam show in LA in 2008!

Josh has played on every John Frusciante solo album since 2002 and is his main collab.

I actually love Stadium Arcadium and thought it was the perfect record for them to make after By The Way.

They had never captured their live sound on a recording! John was finally playing solos and being very Hendrixy again and they needed to put that on tape.

I wanted them to make a weirder record than By The Way next.

complete art record

no regard for singles!

I was hoping for some weird Synth Punk or something!

I hope that John eventually wants to jam with his friends again!

I love Johns music completely, but I also love RHCP. Anthony has a different way with words. He is a great talent, and has learned to sing quite well since their inception. He his one of the best lyricist of this generation and has a special place in the world.





the REAL tc | 12/18/2009, 7:30 pm EST

Best wishes to ya John. You were always the best thing about that band.

bennie new york | 12/18/2009, 8:38 pm EST

The Chili Peppers can’t make a record without Frusciante. He means too much to what they do as a band.

haha | 12/18/2009, 8:40 pm EST

I ve just read that Josh K would play a while with the peppers and then, Dave Navarro would come back in 2010!!! Nice play :)

AlexlYall | 12/18/2009, 8:57 pm EST


Moe | 12/18/2009, 10:47 pm EST

Strat Strangler you obviously do not know what the hell you are talking about! It is widely know that John Frusciante is an extremely talented and respected musician.

moe | 12/18/2009, 10:59 pm EST

Gee RS do you think maybe this could rate a cover story on John Frusciante! We havent seen a decent cover in ages!

Whysoserious? | 12/19/2009, 12:18 am EST

Stadium Arcadium

Many of the gods, goddesses, angels, demons and elementals of the universe have conspired to send messages from beyond through the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the current civilization. After a year and a half of channeling and organization, these messages have taken the materialized form of the double CD Stadium Arcadium. If you let go and let this music take you by the hand it will take you flying through skies of sound. It will zoom you up well above outer space and it will show you around planes of existence that do not share the laws and conditions of this reality. And when it brings you down to earth it will dig deep into that shit. It will also teach you to fall back without landing on your ass and to fall forward without falling on your face. Let go and you can be two places at once, you can be as big as the whole universe and as small as an atom simultaneously. You can unite with a star or a plant. You are everything you see around you and the ideas in this music may get you to start realizing what a great power that can be.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are learning all these things with whoever wants to come along. They are letting the invisible glorious kingdom of music give them shelter. The have crawled inside the body of music and they are inviting you inside.

All is an illusion which gives us the wonderful opportunity to play with everything in existence. In the words of one of the supreme gods of funk, “Nothing is good unless you play with it.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers have twisted up nature into a decidedly psychedelic form. They have made music that can drive you to a place where nothingness is motion and movement and stillness are one. They have played with light, darkness, sound, silence, form, air, and space to make music that plays with the listener.

Born four separate people they have successfully become one. Their music is proof that four minds can become one, which prompts the question, why not a billion minds? They recommend that you shut off your mind and let Stadium Arcadium fly you away to a place where everything and nothingness are one. They recommend that you let the music take you away to a place where everything is OK.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and their holy guru Rick Rubin have put together music that can take you out of your body, so come inside the great outdoors. Breathe the water. Drink the air. Sleep on a cloud. Run up the beam of light from a star. You are free. Close your eyes, open your mind, and let this music in and you will see that this is true.

This album was recorded primarily in Laurel Canyon in the Blood Sugar mansion. The recording and mixing was a year long project as it involved finishing 38 songs, 28 of which were chosen to become Stadium Arcadium. The album features Chad Smith on drums, Anthony Kiedis on lead vocals, Flea on bass, and John Frusciante on guitar and background vocals. They also all do this that and the other thing. Rick Rubin watched over the big picture and worked his brand of magic on the music, giving it balance whenever it might have fallen off the edge of the earth. The songs were written at the Alley in the Valley which is where BloodSugar was written. They were written over the course of six months. The band and the producer all had mates with whom they were in love through out this whole project. That love, heart, and warmth is in the music. You are also hearing the sound of analog tape, may it live forever. –John Frusciante, March 2006

Saint Anger | 12/19/2009, 12:30 am EST

wow that really sucks! I saw him play with the RHCP on my birthday a few years ago. I am concerned what direction this band will go to now, hopefully it will be a good one. I can respect JF wishes, it was his decision…

Whysoserious? | 12/19/2009, 12:33 am EST

Each of the other Chili Peppers are creative and talented. They will make a great record if Josh is in fact playing with them. John’s solo stuff is not for everyone. I think it is amazing, but then again I am always looking deeper into the ideas and concepts that go in to the music, rather then being satisfied with the surface. The 6 albums he recorded in 6 months were to capture the energy that bands used to have in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s back when artists sincerely valued their time in the studio, since they only had so much time to record. Twist and shout, for example, was recorded at the end of the day when John (Lennon) was loosing his voice. Since they were under pressure to complete their album (in a very very short time) he decided to man up, did the recording, and a classic and amazing vocal performance came out of it. John’s (Frusciante) 6 albums in 6 months were recorded in one or two takes maximum. The three main tracks (guitar bass drums) of ataxia are all live improvisations.
Back to the Chilis… Each album they have created has contained at least one new idea that they wanted to explore. What you hear is creativity. If you want to blame anyone for their “pop” “sound” look at Rick Rubin. He is the producer and is the one responsible for turning their albums into hits. With that said, all the Chilis have so much love and respect for Rick, as do I. Best Wishes and love to John in his personal journey. Much love to all of the present Chili Peppers, may your new album rock exactly as much as you want it to. Good luck to Josh! You are an amazing artist and I look forward to hearing your work with the Chilis! “Sending love and gratitude to you all”

jawn | 12/19/2009, 1:13 am EST

who cares? talk about a band which lacks a soul, let alone a heart… wanks for the memory, boys…

pflo | 12/19/2009, 1:32 am EST

It doesn’t matter.

Blood Sugar was that line up’s peak and they couldn’t match it again, ever. They had a few good tunes since but no real solid albums.

He made his money in the last 12 years, now he can go be the artist and live comfortably of that money for the rest of his life.

He should have just said “I was getting bored”. Some of us were , too.

Too many ballads! I think they are done, unless they get real wacky again, but they are pushing 50.

Maybe a jazz album? Flea is the man.

Anthony D | 12/19/2009, 2:51 am EST

The Chili Peppers will never be the same without him, no matter who they get to replace him, he was the heart of the band and my chances of seeing them once in concert have just been ruined. I wish him luck, though we saw how his last solo career turned out.

Ryza | 12/19/2009, 4:38 am EST

John you always rock… and i love the chili’s but they should break up the band on this one…never be the same

John Locke is Not Dead | 12/19/2009, 7:03 am EST

Guys!Jimmy Page is plotting a return to the stage in 2010….Frusciante quits RHCP…you know where this is going???!?!?JIMMY PAGE JOINS THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!

mike | 12/19/2009, 8:49 am EST

great job John, now go and play with real musicians in your calling: The Mars Volta!

sp | 12/19/2009, 10:00 am EST

first of all frusciante is a very special guitarist and he has to follow his soul no matter and who ever said he sucks can suck my balls after ive been playing some of his funk i like his red strat by the way im still a huge fan of the chili peppers and josh is a great musician it wont be the same but it will be something

Colleen | 12/19/2009, 10:01 am EST

“This breaks my heart BUT I will always love and support John no matter what. He is a genius and an incredbly beautiful human being.

John- you have nothing but love, support and best wishes from me. Always.”

couldn’t of said it better.
i think they’ll do fine with Josh.

love | 12/19/2009, 10:31 am EST

i did not expect frusciante to quit but he is the only guitar player for the peppers the best band in the world for myself personaly is no more but johns last solo record was so deep and pure and if you heard this album you will know he wont be shooting up so for all the people who thinks his gonna do that again your mistaken

hot pants | 12/19/2009, 10:57 am EST

josh is frusciantes best friend anyway you know

Anonymous | 12/19/2009, 11:08 am EST

peppers are real muscians or are you an oasis fan oasis fans i think you got the wrong site this is a peppers site and we have all lost something in are lives so fuck your selfs

Red Peters | 12/19/2009, 1:25 pm EST

John and Steven Tyler teaming up

marihugo | 12/19/2009, 1:29 pm EST

I just can`t belive it.
Why does he leave rhcp?
It`s a bad idea.
I`m waiting 4 he regret somtime

Ducky | 12/19/2009, 1:36 pm EST

Its not as bad as it seems. Music is never good when the people who make it are not 100% interested in what they are doing. John is a great GUITAR player and will remain creative with or with out the guys. As far as the new guy, give him a chance, he just might do something that will blow us all away. One hot minute was an alright album. One thing for sure is the anticipation of what there new sound may be will make me want to hear it and then decide if the band is finally washed up

DieHardFan | 12/19/2009, 1:58 pm EST

people tend to forget that rhcp were considered goners when Hillel died.
lets just keep our options open?
Josh supposedly is extremely talented & gels with flea very well when they jam.
3 things will be different
1) don’t be expecting their new album to be like anything before-hand, Frusciante was very experimental on what he did with RHCP, yes we can compare the old rhcp to the new rhcp. but to compare josh to john is unfair both are exceptional

2) i can’t imagine josh playing the opening to the likes of Frusciantes songs ”under the bridge” (i say frusciantes because his guitar skills basically placed those hits on the album, they were considered being left off)

3) they will be slightly rusty for a while on stage, flea nd frusciante went together like bread and butter they could run off each others vibes so well. Josh will need some time to fill some VERY BIG shoes.

however im excited to hear their new sound, OHM gets alot of abuse by ”fans” of rhcp, people forget that BSSM is considered one of the greatest albums ever made (somewhere within the top 200). i think even if Frusciante had stayed first time round, that people still would have been let down by their follow up album to BSSM. OHM had hits like aeroplane, my friends, transcending, walkabout
it was different but it was good in its own ways.

i’m just raging i never got to see them live due to my age when they came to ireland (i was too young for by the way, & away for stadium arcadium)
to those that think SA is bad type into youtube ”best of stadium arcadium” (its a collection of johns best solos, its unreal)

to those who want an amazing guitarist & are bothered to look check out Rory Gallagher, he kicks gary moores a*se

Chiliboots | 12/19/2009, 2:26 pm EST

“Art”. That’s hilarious.

Amea | 12/19/2009, 2:54 pm EST

I feel like crying..
Do what makes you happy John.

Maxwell Woodger | 12/19/2009, 5:56 pm EST

Dave Navarro is the best logical perminant replacement. He knows most of their back catelog and has done an Album with them. Plus, we can hear OHM life for the fist time since the 1990s!

Connor T | 12/19/2009, 7:40 pm EST

If Josh Klinghoffer is infact replacing John, than I have faith in their upcoming material. Anyone here who knows and enjoys Ataxia’s work will probably agree with me.
Respect and love to you Mr. Frusciante,
your music gets me.

Playahater | 12/19/2009, 7:54 pm EST

Its a shame but all you lot are forgetting one thing F…..L…..E…….A. This guy is the real musical genius. They were good together, and they wrote some really good songs, but no-one compares to this unbelievable talent, he is the nucleus of the band and i cannot think of a better bass player in any style. John was good, but unlike flea, although not easily done, he is replaceable.

Ps and those who dont like Keideis’ lyrics. what are you doing listening to their songs in the first place? I think you have completely missed the point of the band

Miranda | 12/19/2009, 8:17 pm EST

I hope he’s not on heroin again.

Mars Volta Fan | 12/19/2009, 9:14 pm EST

His work with the Mars Volta shows most definitely that he has surpassed his interest in bands like the Peppers. They were canned heat back in the day, now with Stadium Arcadium you have to deal with cold-meat. They were jalapenos, now they are sweet bell peppers. I’ve heard that John hated working on Stadium. I can see why!!!

Joe | 12/19/2009, 9:24 pm EST

Red Hot will not be the same w/o John!!!!!!!!! Their best albums were with John.

Anonymous | 12/19/2009, 9:45 pm EST

the chili peppers are definitly my favorite band and it sucks i won’t be able to see all four of them play together

Luchi | 12/19/2009, 10:18 pm EST

Is simply… he can´t be replaced.

Is unique


Alal | 12/19/2009, 10:51 pm EST

Stadium Arcadium sucked hard. It might be a good move and give them a new sound because that last album just sounded like a double album of b sides from the previous 2 records. I hope they do something wierd and new with maybe one or 2 hits on it

unknown man | 12/19/2009, 11:33 pm EST

flea is a funky mother fucker with a barbeque on his penis

rayn | 12/20/2009, 12:04 am EST

He’s obviously not on heroin. He is a very spiritual person, and he has said that he doesn’t need drugs to feel happy anymore.

I’m glad he’s doing what will make him happy. He is such a soulful player.

If you have not already, listen to “Lyon 6.6.06″
That is John Frusciante.

Gore-D | 12/20/2009, 1:02 am EST

Seems the best parts of the band came from the guitarists. 2 down, 1 who didn’t work out. I met John during one of his first gigs in Isla Vista, and fouhd him great, but wondering if he could replace Hillel. Way underestimated him. Good luck with any future endeavors.

Anonymous | 12/20/2009, 1:06 am EST

theres no music without him. all there best stuff was recorded with him. pure and simple. the dave navaro peppers were an atrocity.

Aidan C | 12/20/2009, 2:33 am EST

Im gutted, He contributed so much to the bands creativity and style, dont know if they can come back from this, I feel that a replacement would have to be someone that has been around the block a bit, but dont feel that navarro is the one as his sound with the chillis was a lot darker, where i think that they want a more happier vibe to their band. klinghoffer could bring something fresh to the band with a new generation of listners but lets wait and see where they will go from here. very sad.

Elizabeth. X | 12/20/2009, 6:36 am EST

This is really really depressing news…& john’s my favorite chili pepper!?! but he’s awesome & he’ll do great…but where will that leave the band? i mean, they are absolutely awesome but i don’t think it’ll ever be the same without him…

sad | 12/20/2009, 9:24 am EST

furciante, your career is over. so is that of RHCP

NormaCluster | 12/20/2009, 10:46 am EST

I’m guessing that he won’t be making albums as accessible as “Shadows Collide With People”, but that was a great freakin’ album.
Gonna miss his contribution to the RHCP. Always one of my top three guitarists. Will look for his new stuff.

jose | 12/20/2009, 12:57 pm EST

John Frusciante’s guitar playing helped save the chili peppers after Slovak died. Over the subsequent years, Frusciante played on 5 chili peppers albums – suffering a breakdown in between & returning to play in sold out Arena’s – which in previous years is everything Frusciante detested. Its been well documented that the bands relationships, specifically between flea & john has deteriorated due to ongoing issues regarding band musical direction & specifically John’s feeling on how the albums were engineered musically.
Frusciante has released a number of solo albums in recent years. Writing, playing & importantly – producing each one. He has sole control over how his albums sound – it’s no great surprise that Frusciante has finally left the chili peppers.
I’ll be interested to hear how the band sound without John & with his replacement & friend, Josh Klinghoffer.
However, Every meaningful album the chili’s have recored – has either been done with a guitarist who’s been deceased for many years or a guitarist who has now left. I hope the band continue & will support them throughout – but it’s clear that any future music will pale in significance compared with the work thats been done before.

BK | 12/20/2009, 1:35 pm EST

John was the RHCP as far as I’m concerned.

If anybody can fill John’s shoes, it would be Josh Klinghoffer. Having him as the new guitarist is the only chance RHCP has.

John’s solo albums are great – check them out with an open mind and give them a few listens. You will see what a genius John is.

lola | 12/20/2009, 4:33 pm EST

i love john,te banco en lo que decidas

BDM | 12/20/2009, 4:34 pm EST

I love all you douche bags that come on here to rip the band. If they suck so much why do you even care that John left?
Bottom line is the RHCP are one of the greatest bands of the last 20 yrs.
Sorry haters…but you don’t last that long otherwise. It’s easy to talk shit when you have no talent of your own. What are your hit songs about…How many albums have you put out.. John is amazing but so are the rest of the guys. They will survive and keep making great music. No matter what you losers have to say…Eat shit haters.

frusciante_fan_since_M'sM | 12/20/2009, 7:08 pm EST

John is selfish and stupid for leaving again.
RHCP is part of who he is, he would be a homeless toothless junkie if not for their love and support for him. Way to show NO loyalty to the people who brought you up, and gave you your audience.

No one would be listening to John’s solo records if he had never been in RHCP, no one would care about his unlistenable solo music at all. Keep in mind I am a huge JF fan and own ALL his solo discs, so this isn’t some unresearched opinion. This is a selfish, pompous move on his part, and one he will regret in another five years.

If I had known that purchasing all of John’s solo records was helping convince him he was too good to be in RHCP I would not have supported him.

John | 12/20/2009, 7:56 pm EST

Good for him! It was a good decision to make. The RHCP aren’t a very good band & their lead singer has no talent. Hopefully John can find some real musicians to play with now.

rhcpforlife | 12/20/2009, 11:46 pm EST

For all you haters of rhcp and kiedis, yall can suck it. They are one of the greatest bands of all time. So what they sing about California, they can make a hell of a lot more money doing than you can. And a lot better. That’s what kiedis loves. He is aloud to express it. That’s what music is about. Expressing your thoughts and feelings and if you don’t like it then don’t listen. But don’t critisize him for it. And I support johns decision. And stadium arcadium was also my least favorite album even though it was still amazing. I really like their old funky stuff. Its classic pepppers. I am excited to see what they do without john. And a bit nervous. But I’m sure they will still make wonderful music. Like always.

pepperman | 12/21/2009, 1:17 am EST

all you RHCP haters can go jump off a cliff. The peppers are the SHIT!! Just because you listen to other gay crap! and Stadium Arcadium is the shit

JJGG | 12/21/2009, 9:26 am EST


1) Who is Josh Klnghoffer…?

2) Who are the RHCP in 2010?

3) Frusciante records solo albums on the spot like musicians in the 60s?




Bunny | 12/21/2009, 9:42 am EST

Imagine that- John’s musical interests surpassed RHCP! I’d get bored with AK too… John will be absolutely fine, all his solo work is totally amazing and original. The guy made 6 albums in 6 months!! Don’t get me wrong, RHCP will never sound the same, but Josh probably learned enough from John to make his own original sound for the peppers…I’ll still listen.

James | 12/21/2009, 9:53 am EST

sad | 12/20/2009, 9:24 am EST

furciante, your career is over. so is that of RHCP

Clearly you havent heard of The Mars Volta

MrKramer | 12/21/2009, 11:58 am EST

I do not approve, he never ran this by me.

dbri | 12/21/2009, 1:14 pm EST

The last three albums were the best. Stop trying to keep the Chili Peppers in 1986. John continued to help the Chili Peppers evolve and grow. His leaving sucks.

GrandPappyDuPlenty | 12/21/2009, 1:21 pm EST

This band has always thrived on change and adversity. John can go make Yoko proud while screaming underwater. RHCP has over the years collectively exploded our ears with such a variety of punk/funk that it is hard to see where else they could go. That is when they surprise us the most. Glue up your thumb Flea, take another walkabout Anthony, fire up the hog Chad and do whatever it is you all need to come back stronger. We’ll be here when you get back.

Delvin | 12/21/2009, 1:33 pm EST

I’ve seen RHCP with all four touring guitarists — Hillel Slovak, Arik Marshall (who replaced Frusciante on tour when he left in 1992), Navarro and, at long last, Frusciante. Overall, Frusciante was the best of the four, when considering his talent AND the chemistry he had with his bandmates. Marshall was a very good guitarist, but he got the boot after that tour because he just didn’t mesh with the band when it came time to record the follow-up to *Blood Sugar Sex Magik*.

Jesse Tobias auditioned for the band at that time, and was announced as the new guitarist. *RS* even ran an article about Tobias, with his photo. Then Navarro became available, and the Peppers gave Tobias his walking papers. Maybe now they’ll call Tobias and offer him the slot again … and maybe he’ll be smart enough to tell them to go pound sand.

Duder | 12/21/2009, 1:59 pm EST

Way to fuck up one of the most beloved bands of our time, John. The universe was a better place because the greatest guitar player alive was in a band with the best bass player alive. RHCP was so much more then the sum of it’s parts, this is tragic news

cris | 12/21/2009, 2:02 pm EST

If you wanted to go in a new musical direction then you should have taken RHCP in a new musical direction!!! Thats your band you could have done anything with them. The music RHCP made with John was magic thats all there is to it.

Music Fan | 12/21/2009, 2:09 pm EST

Nooooooo!!! Say it so!

this is my tear | 12/21/2009, 3:29 pm EST

NOoooooooooo, say it ain’t so John! Today is a sad day indeed. I love how the RHCPs have progressed over the years and I think their music is at such a great place right now after Stadium and those B-sides later released. They are the masters at moving from rockin and raunchy to beautiful and flowing all in one song. Man this sucks.

funkytown | 12/21/2009, 4:06 pm EST

Jeez this sucks. John is the perfect guitarst for this band. Perfectly complementary. The band has evolved since the early days and I have enjoyed watching them develop a very unique approach to rock and roll. One of my all time favorite bands. Sad news today.

But I wish you well, John. If the thrill is gone, the thrill is gone. Better not to fake it. You ended RHCP on a high note.

Jen | 12/21/2009, 6:40 pm EST

very sad… I wish John the best, but neither his solo work nor the RCHP without John will ever measure against their creative energy when they are all together.

loopy | 12/21/2009, 6:56 pm EST

Too bad he is leaving, Also too bad he will now make albums no one will bother to buy.

don in portland | 12/21/2009, 8:04 pm EST

i hope you are still clean of drugs and shit! if you are back on heroin, then that explains that, but if you are clean and plan on staying that way (clean), then best wishes for you. john, you are one of the shining rays of light in music. -a great great heart bursting with inspired genius – under explosive pressure to burst out! bless you bro.

Tomislaw | 12/21/2009, 9:05 pm EST

Thank God he quit the band. Navarro is way, way superior player, and I can’t understand the whining of you guys feeling sorry for him leaving. It’s a great thing for the band, just bring back Dave or someone actually talented and good and put some testosterone back into Kiedis, he’s gotta do major re-growing of balls. And, for f*** sake, write a song about, say, Alaska or Oregon or Louisiana…

unknown man | 12/21/2009, 9:22 pm EST

all the people who have john in their lives will be forever excited about the man and always have love all the negative comments on here you just dont know anything

theRealKlaatu | 12/21/2009, 9:25 pm EST

For me, this is the end of RHCP. They were fine with Hillel, great with John, boring with Navarro.

I don’t mind songs about California and I like Keidis as a singer, especially since he got control of his pitch. I thought Stadium Arcadium was the finest album of the 00’s.

mgz | 12/22/2009, 12:51 am EST

too bad the solo stuff he’s released is almost unlistenable..

rhcp hasnt been the same since the mid-90’s anyway

Kevin | 12/22/2009, 2:34 am EST

IMO they should never make the RnR Hall of Fame. They’ve been popular, but utterly without any real artistic significance or influence in the grand scheme of things.

dave | 12/22/2009, 3:15 am EST

John wants to quit the peppers again? Great idea… remember how well that went the last time…

david peel | 12/22/2009, 1:54 pm EST

the peppers are played out.callit a one time i thaught they would be the next stones but dont see that happening anymore. Flea is still interesting,should put a new band together and kick some ass. Kiedis is also played out.if he does a solo album who would care and it would flop.he’d proberly do bad movies or soap operas. they’re never gonna top blood sugar sex magic. go out gracefully.

david peel | 12/22/2009, 1:55 pm EST

I/m available.i know alot of beatle tunes.

kilgoretrout | 12/22/2009, 2:07 pm EST

is anyone else as unmoved by this as me? John was just pushing the band back into bland-dome 2010. With Flea now a “Music Theorist” the chili peppers should kick more ass without the boring musical stylings of John Frusciante. And they should hire a ghost writer for Kiedis.

dumb ass | 12/22/2009, 2:35 pm EST

first of all frusciante has a wider nolage of music than dave who is a funk hater i must add and not even the original pepper you forget chilis were about funk in the days of hillel and frusciante was a hillel clone he was made for this band and its not about whinning dumb ass weve lost the true line up this is when they fucking blow people away with there energy live because they are the red hot chili peppers you aint no fan dumb ass

JJ | 12/22/2009, 2:49 pm EST

why do people give a shit if alot of their songs are about California? it’s where they grew up, it’s where they live, it’s what they now. People write about personal things.

the Arctic Monkeys write a shit lot about their little town in England.

Every fucking rapper in the world writes about their “town.”

Get over it you whiney bitches.

marty916 | 12/22/2009, 4:05 pm EST

Unbelievable. All these reponses mean only one thing, either you love the Peppers or don’t love the Peppers. Either way, they invoke some real emotion as evidenced by the overwhelming respones and isn’t that what music is all about? Unlike Coldplay. (personal editorial)

As John put it, “he has to do what he has to do.” Who out there hasn’t made that same decision in their lives? People grow. People change. Bands grow. Bands change. Do you really want the Peppers putting out a different version of Freaky Styley or Uplift Mofo Party Plan every year? The Beatles “I Am The Walrus” is a long ways from “I Saw Her Standing There”

Let people change and try it yourself.

Jason | 12/22/2009, 4:38 pm EST

The Peppers are Flea, Anthony, Chad & John. Coming from a huge fan, they should call it a career & all move on. One Hot Minute was horrible, we don’t need another. Going out with Stadium Arcadium is not a bad thing. e

karma police | 12/22/2009, 4:47 pm EST

good for him. along with other posters, i think we all know he just couldn’t stand the lead singers terrible lyrical content, from being in bands it totally blows when your lyricist has absolutely no vision, and does not care about track list order (stadium arcadium)

Anonymous | 12/22/2009, 5:12 pm EST

I’d rather have a new album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers than a dozen new John Frusciante albums.

I can’t imagine RHCP without John. This whole thing is very sad and a little bit confusing.

Dan | 12/22/2009, 7:39 pm EST

Say it aint so! Hope John has a successful career

no bs | 12/22/2009, 7:52 pm EST

johns solo albums are not good.
also, if you dont like the poppy sound in newer things like btw, john wrote that whole album himself.

he has carried the band recently. its fleas funky business that i feel clashes, because anthony sings wonderfully on btw and one hot minute.

flea is my favorite. i hope to hear him play trumpet soon because he is totally doing something with trumpets at USC right now.

too bad i missed that one coachella. strange they never played anywhere near LA lately.

French Pickler | 12/22/2009, 10:59 pm EST

the Chili’s have had 8 different guitarist and 7 different drummers over the years. John F. was/is a bad ass guitar player and his contributions to the band are unparalleled. RHCP is Flea and Anthony’s band. They’ll continue to make good records for years to come.

Good luck John, may all your dreams come true. Thanks for burnin’ it up with the band for as long as it turned you on. I’ll miss your take on Tiny Dancer.

JOsh | 12/23/2009, 2:06 am EST

obviously all the douchebags that are saying anthony only sings about california have only heard RHCP’s popular songs. I can only come up with like 6 RHCP songs that mentions or talks about california.

ANYWAYS its a shame that john is leaving. i don’t think the chili peppers could be the same without him although frankly i’m not surprised that he’s left the band….best of luck to u john!

Rknrll | 12/23/2009, 6:09 am EST

Now, I am no red hot chili pepper myself and not anywhere near, but even during my own band days I’ve noticed that sometimes it happens that when people with very different music tastes collaborate they make great music, vs. when they do it on their own they do not sound impressive at all. Maybe it has to do with talent working in constraints of other talents or something.

We had a great (yet a bit crazy) guitarist, who’s always wanted to switch from rock to making electronic (ambient) music, but sucked at it. His guitar solos were extraordinary though (very creative and unusual, like John’s). He also was quitting the band every other month. :)

I like RHCP with John, but don’t like them without or John on his own. Strange. Oh well, let’s hope everything’s for the better.

Jake | 12/23/2009, 1:17 pm EST

While I wish you the best of luck John, who are you kidding?

Your solo stuff was mediocre at best. You always rip it apart on the guitar but that was never your problem.

I definitely appreciate your need to branch out…that’s certainly your right. But what happened the last time you did that? You ended up back in RHCP where you belong.

Sometimes you guys need to realize that you are best suited to play together as part of something bigger. RHCP is just that. I’ve listened to RHCP heavily for the past 17 years or so because your music has been such a relevant factor in my musical world.

I told my friend last week that you’ll be back sooner or later.

Flea…Chad…Anthony. You’ll be hard pressed to find better chemistry than what you had with those three.

You’re walking away from creative genius dude. Good luck with that.

Rock on RHCP | 12/23/2009, 2:29 pm EST

I think I’m gonna marry John Frusciante one day! I love him, and I love his solo stuff as well as what he did in RHCP

Anonymous | 12/23/2009, 2:33 pm EST

RHCP with John are the greatest band in the universe! John’s solo stuff is ok, but no where near as great, his singing is god-awful. Listen to SA peaking on acid and you will really hear the album for the masterpiece that it is!!!

q | 12/23/2009, 2:36 pm EST

Why all the Kiedis hate? Is it because he’s good looking and always takes his shirt off?

He is an excellent singer and writes extremely pretty melodies.

Yes, compared to your average indie-band singer, some of his lyrics are sexist and even frat-boy-esque.

But if you compare him to other singers in Rock n Roll bands as popular as RHCP (Jagger, Tyler, ect) he ain’t half bad.

Keep in mind he ain’t no Bright Eyes and has no reason try to be him.

Kiedis is an original.

drew | 12/23/2009, 3:13 pm EST

John’s next solo album had better be amazing to justify him destroying my favorite band, BSSM and BTW are the two best rock albums ever released.

diana | 12/24/2009, 5:50 am EST

Don’t have time or desire to read all above threads but..I absolutely love love love RHCP and call me crazy but I really liked Stadium Arcadium. Not all the songs on Venus and Mars are great but most are and considering the amount of music packed on both CDs it’s a pretty impressive collection.

And I don’t get the Anthony bashing above. He’s a brilliant songwriter and no one croons with as much passion and complexity as he does. I never get tired of listening to Otherside.

And just maybe you should read ScarTissue to find out why he references LA so much!! It’s part of his history and his soul.

Capp | 12/24/2009, 11:16 am EST

well, its sad, but welcome to the band Josh Klinghofffer

Zuzu | 12/25/2009, 12:56 pm EST

“Your solo stuff was mediocre at best.”

What a laugh.

Somebody better call RS quick, there’s another “well educated” music critic who has a “great” opinion.

Carlos A Redondo | 12/26/2009, 1:07 am EST

Well ,i love his music is awosome , he last album is very Profesinal .a least hes still doin music

bluebell | 12/26/2009, 8:39 am EST

I’m a fan of the RHCP and wish all of them the best of luck in the future.

I just think John is a sensitive soul who just can’t take all the crap that comes with major fame mainly the criticism and I just hope he’s not doing drugs again!

John should be very proud of his musical accomplishments and while he’s not one of the best guitarist in rock, he is in FACT a very good guitarist/musician. The RHCP are an amazing band and truly deserve their place in rock history.

Also, for all you haters there is nothing wrong with songs about California!! How can you not like the song Californication???

changes come | 12/26/2009, 11:29 pm EST

Well, after last two albums which were their worst, I think this is a good thing. RHCP made great music before Frusciante and after he quit for the first time . They will be just fine without him. One Hot Minute was amazing album, different but almost as good as Blood sugar. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the way Frusciante plays and what he did with RHCP on Mother’s Milk, BSSM and Californication is invaluable but I have a feeling that he is the most responsible for the last two shity records. Let’s just hope Josh Klinghoffer is a good choice. After all he did play with Perry Farrell, PJ Harvey, Beck, Tricky, Butthole Surfers and Frusciante….. I’m excited

sack of shit | 12/27/2009, 5:10 am EST

everyone is a sack of shit when compared to the chilis

Anonymous | 12/29/2009, 7:55 am EST

Strat Strangler,
You sound really nice as well as completely ignorant about music. Who do you consider a good guitarist- CC DeVille? And to say John sucks and should become irrelevant – sweet. He’ll always be relevant.

sweet candy apoptosis | 12/29/2009, 9:48 am EST

the chillies have had tough times of late and this will no doubt cast them into a whirling frenzy of despair. the fact that frusciante is possibly harbouring needle fantasies that have nothing to do with sewing is irrelevant. that he may want to start a bakery in 2010 is a good sign and i for one think his biscuits will be delicious.

RHCP fan | 12/29/2009, 6:11 pm EST

It’s a fact that their BEST music was while JOhn was in the band and everybody knows that even if they don’t want to admit it!! I did like their earlier stuff and OHM was okay but those records pale in comparison to BSSM, CALIFORNICATION, AND SA!! John will be missed!

sweetlee | 12/30/2009, 3:29 am EST

Sad but John’s solo albums are great. He’ll probably be back.

Somewhere | 12/30/2009, 10:52 am EST

A young 18-24 guitarist will show up for an audition, blow the lid off the place and the next chapter will begin. The whole is bigger than the parts…..

frankoharrison | 12/30/2009, 1:53 pm EST

this is a sad day for RHCP. however, we’ve all got to respect frusciante’s wishes. this is what he wants so let him go already. He’s my idol when it comes to improvisation and whatever he does is his choice and he’ll have to deal with any consequences that this brings.

lauren | 12/31/2009, 4:16 pm EST

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The RHCP are a National Treasure. I grew up with the band and have every single album. So sad to hear. I hope he changes his mind.

Scott | 1/3/2010, 6:57 pm EST

Disappointing to see johnny go. DEANO, you are a dumb fucking asshole. You should probably go choke on something. How are you gunna Dis the frontman of the best rock band around today? One of the only mainstream bands that actually have incredible talent. If you get rid of Anthony you have shit.

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