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A WebQuest for 6th Grade Medieval History


Pamela Begin and Austin Cesare



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Good Morrow!  King Rampart of Castle Woodmont is bored. He wants a play that will truly entertain him and his wife Queen Mary. He has executed five jesters in the past six months for failure to entertain the court. He enjoys plays that reflect the everyday life of the people of his kingdom. His kingdom is made up of many interesting characters. These characters include merchants, vassals, peasants, alchemists, knights and their ladies, monks, priests, and a few beheaded jesters!!!  

Your task  

You and your medieval band of merry travelers must create a play that will both entertain and inform the court. This play must include details about medieval times (500AD-1300AD):  


Architect- Castles and Housing   

Tailor: Clothing  

Culturalist- Professions and Feudalism  

Entertainer- Food and Games and Pastimes  

Doctor- Medicine   

You and your merry travelers are responsible for developing a play to meet the King's demands.  
1.) Each group member must present a typed page of notes about their assigned topic.  

2.) The group must have a typed script with stage and scene directions.  
3.) Each group member must participate in the groups skit.  
4.) All details from the notes must be included somewhere in the skit or in the stage and costuming design.  
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The Process  

Medieval Housing: (Castles, huts, etc.)  

A.)View several photos of castles in Britain, Scotland, and Europe. Describe the look of the castle in detail.  Use this as the setting of your play.   

B.)Look up the following words in the Glossary provided by this site. Write down  the definition of these words and work three of these words into your play script.  
-bailey, cesspit, moat, garderobe, murder holes.  

*Also go into:  

 C.)Why were windows made very small with wooden shutters?  

 D.)How many rooms were in the common medieval home?   

 E.)Compare the homes of the wealthy to those of the poor.  
Make sure your skit includes information on your characters' housing.    

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A.)What was the main fabric used during the medieval times for clothing?  

B.)What role did colors of clothes play in demonstrating the wealth of the wearer?  

C.)What sort of hat would various people wear in medieval times?   

D.)How did peasant male clothing differ from peasant female clothing?  

E.)Describe medieval jewelry.  

Also go into:  

F.) Describe the clothing of a young medieval boy and a young medieval girl.  

G.) How does clothing reflect the social status of the wearer?   
Use this information to write the costume notes that will accompany your skit. If possible wear costumes in your skit.   

A.)Define feudalism.   

B.)About what date did the practice of feudalism begin?   

C.)Define the word vassal and scutage (this can be found in the Common terms section)  

D.)Explain the oath of fealty.  

Use at least two of these words and/or concepts in your skit.   

Medieval professions  
A.)Name five medieval jobs and describe what they entailed.   

B.)Define the following terms in your own  words, guild, chamberlain, cottars and almoners (the word alms means charity money).   

 Medieval games and pastimes   

 A.) Describe a medieval card game, board game and an active game.  
Include one of these games in your skit.   


Medieval Foods  

A.) Identify several medieval foods, including at least two desserts.  
B.) Describe a typical medieval wedding feast. Give details about the menu.   

 C.) Compare and contrast an Italian wedding feast and a British wedding feast.   
Make sure you mention these food items in your skit.    


Medieval Medicines  
A.) Name and describe common diseases of this time period and their symptoms.  
B.) Name cures that were used by doctors of this age.   
Have one of the characters in your skit be either a sufferer of one of these diseases or a doctor.  














Did not answer most questions, not full


Answered some questions.
Answered most questions in complete sentences.
Answered all questions in complete sentences.






Did not work well as a group, uncooperative


Minimal group cooperation.
Most members 


All members of group participated.


Play Script



Minimal  details.
Some creativity and some research details.
Script creative and included many of the research details.
Script creative and included most of the details from research.


Play performance


Not rehearsed.
Some rehearsal evident.
Lines mostly memorized, enthusiastic, and rehearsed.
Enthusiastic, loud, memorization of lines, well rehearsed.

  Costumes and Props  
Some props or costumes.
Props and Costumes
Authentic props and costumes 


Congratulations!!! you have successfully completed your quest.  Your play has entertained King Rampart and his court, saving your head for another day!  During the development of your performance, you have learned  about the life and times of the medieval people. What about this time period did you enjoy?  Would you ever want to go back in time and visit?  In what ways is your life in today's world easier and better?  

For more information about this topic, visit your local library. Also, you may need to use printed materials from the library to finish this quest, in particular if any of the sites are no longer accessible.   

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