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It's time to play Secret Santa! Choose a gift and then try to figure out who your Secret Santa is in as few guesses as possible.
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Apply for a Branch Today!

The DMI 3.0 branches are now open for business! If you are an employee who has earned at least Sb $2000, you are eligible to join a branch. If you have not attained that amount yet, doing the weekly tasks and getting affinity bucks will help!
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Desk Updates

Holiday Desk Items: Be sure to sign up for our Secret Santa task to be assured of a new holiday desk item!

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Secret Santa Phase 2 Now Available
Phase 2 of the Secret Santa task has now been posted. Click here to start!

Final Voting - Recyclops Poster
Final voting is now over. Watch for the winner to be posted on Monday, Dec. 21st!

Jan 06
quepasamichele has been promoted to Accountant.

Jan 06
Waldy08 has been promoted to Warehouse Employee.

Jan 06
sheltiarks has been promoted to Warehouse Employee.

Jan 06
leftarm has been promoted to Accountant.

The Break Room

12/15 - 2009 Macon Christmas Ornament Exchange

Send other employees real of virtual gifts, up to you! click here.

12/15 - Singles at DMI

Meet and chat with other single DMI members, click here!

12/15 - DMI Bad Girls Club

What are the girls up to? Find out now!

Prizes and Merchandise


Courtesy of the NBC Store, top DMI employees receive the latest Office items, including new bobbleheads!

Past Games

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The Duel
Play as either Dwight or Andy. It's time to settle the score and see who will win Angela! Play now!

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Dream Team Soccer
Try to kick the ball past Jim to score and earn bonus points by hitting Phyllis!
Play now!

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Stanley's Crossword Puzzle
Solve this puzzle based on trivia from the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. Play now!

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