In One Sentence ...

Deesel is an extensible Java(tm) based programming language which supports the easy creation of DSLs.


Deesel takes it's name from the pronounciation of DSL (Dee-Se-L). DSL means Domain Specific Language. It used to be called 'G' and we're still moving over from the old to the new name.

Deesel is a new programming language for the Java platform. Deesel is intended to be a platform for DSLs of both 3rd and 4th generation languages. It provides a base language, the Deesel language and will then provide DSLs to help you extend the language by adding new sub-languages.

So Deesel can claim to be a next generation language as it is both a programming langugage and a 'host' language for DSLs. Supplying meta-programming features to a Java like base language.

Deesel provides this feature using namespaces in much the same way XML does to seperate different domains.

Some basic features are:

  • Controlled language extension through DSLs.
  • Parser extension through Parslets.
  • Support for both dynamic and static types.
  • Core language extensions to meet current language expectations.
  • Highly compatible with Java, allows reuse of exisiting Java (1.4 at present) code (some code will need to be passed through simple conversion scripts akin to the Java 1.3 -> 1.4 assert script).

More Information

Okay so you've read the blurb, well Deesel is still very much under-development so don't expect to see all the above features fully working for a while.

To find out what Deesel looks like, you can take a look at a simple example which illustrates a little of the language. If you would like to get going straight away then you will probably need the downloads page which contains links for downloading releases. Please remember we are in the very early days of the project and much is experimental and undocumented.

For documentation on the language and tools we have a section dedicated to just that - in which you will find such information as a tutorial, language outline and language specification. This project is still very new so please be patient with our level of documentation. There's a little there already and more will follow.

If Deesel has you interested and you would like to know where it's heading or would like to be more involved then please take a look in the Developers area of the project.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the website, it's early days for this language but we hope that it may spark your interest on getting more out of Java.

Kind regards Neil Ellis

All works are (C) Mangala Solutions Ltd 2008. Some works are also (C) 2005 Troy Heninger.