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January 1, 2004

Ethan's World
April 15, 2001.


Dean Phoenix Jeff Palmer celebrated his 26th at Splash Bar in NYC, Tuck Johnson and Mason Jarr also celebrated March birthdays. Lukas Ridgeston has the same April birthday, the 5th, as Bette Davis (different years). Other April celebrants are Billy Brandt, Dylan Reece, Anthony Cox, Dean Phoenix, Jeremy Penn, Logan Reed and, of course, Barbra Streisand (the 24th).


Don't Hold Back, is the newest Jocks Video Pack (108) starring studly Matthew Rush, Colby Taylor, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke and Zach Richards. Jason and Jeremy, as you know are a couple. They are currently looking for a new home in Los Angeles now that Jeremy's exclusive contract with Falcon has ended. Dylan Reece and Justin Dragon got along so well filming Wildfire that Justin did a cameo appearance at Dylan's stage show and Falcon premiere at Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco. Their live action there was beyond steamy and patrons were panting along with them. Justin, 6'2 tall with a full goatee - a departure from the standard Falcon exclusive look - raises eyebrows and boners wherever he goes. His crush on the Aussie could develop into something more. Tony Cummings has been signed for two Chris Ward videos - one with Raging Stallion and one for Falcon/Mustang. He was last seen in Michael Zen's, Show Hard - Make It Spit! Look for the new Video Pack lines: Alone With (FAW) Hot Hand (HVP) and Stud Pup (SVP) and you don't want to miss FIC18, Red Hot.


Tanner Hayes Lane Fuller and Mason Jarr in their last video performances appear in Chi Chi LaRue's, Cockwatch. Another from Chi Chi is, Lickity Split, with Logan Reed, Thomas Bond and Dante (remember his photo from February column)? Peter & Casey O'Brien finished, Roar of The Tiger, starring Tiger. Doug Jeffries wrapped his latest, The Spell, with Troy Banner, Patrick Allen and Matt Sizemore. Thor Stephans' Seven Deadly Sins entry, Sloth, is in the can. Heavily relying on visual clarification rather than dialog it is a futuristic tale of class struggle between rich and poor. Sloth stars Steve Cassidy, Chad Johnson, Andrew Addams and J.J. Bond.


April bustles with video activity. Drew Warner at Sports & Recreation shot some of his new video, On Location, starring Jason Hawke, Tanner Hayes, Dylan Reece, Corey Summers and Jeremy Jordan. Filming will be completed in May. Dan Cross directed his, Envy, part of the Seven Deadly Sins series starring Jason Hawke, newcomer Ty Parks and Jeremy Jordan, Drew Peters, Brett Wilde, Tony and Jack Ryan, Rick Ritter (AWV exclusive) and Ryan Scott. Dan was very happy with what he's got in the can but said the truth will be told in the editing process. I used all black and white backgrounds - the only other color you will see is flesh. Phil St. John is directing, GETTING IT: At The Rave! for Pacific Sun Entertainment as you read. This is the Billy Brandt project that everyone is talking about. Billy is strictly a top in this video, as originally required by the role, despite contrary rumors circulating from the misinformed. Hans Ebson co-stars. Brian Archer, Zachery Scott, Mark Slade and Bobby Golden add meat, sizzle and pizzazz. Lots of eye candy, too: Barry Schneider, George Fleece, Michael Brandon, Brock Hensley and Dustin O'Donnell. Brock and Dustin will each do a double anal penetration scene. Zach Rhodes was considering doing a DP in this flick. He told me he had wanted to do one in, A Young Man's World, with Antonio Madiera and Jonathan Prescott but the producers weren't interested. Zach did, however, back out of this one, so to speak, and declined the role so he will not be GETTING IT: At The Rave! The infamous Joe Gage, honored at the GayVN's, has signed to write and direct Tulsa County Line, for Men of Odyssey. It's a blue-collar theme reminiscent of his classic trilogy from the late 70's: Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Company and L.A. Tool and Die. Odyssey believes Gage's revolutionary vision remains true today. Congratulations to Gino Colbert for the 5th Annual Gino Colbert Film Festival, which just concluded at the Tomkat Theatre in West Hollywood but is currently running at the Campus Theatre in San Francisco. Four years in the making, Porn Fiction (co-directed by Sam Slam) premieres as part of the film festival and was the last video starring dearly departed Jon Vincent.


Doug JeffriesNice show, nice evening packed with star-studded porn celebrities. Chatted briefly with host Bruce Vilanch and entertainer Ru Paul. The night was really about guys in gay porn and I rubbed elbows with a lot of them including the wonderful Men of Steel. Tuck Johnson looked great and beamed his ear-to-ear smile all evening. Michael Brandon had fans following him everywhere he went. Troy Michaels was fun. Kurt Young looked as good as he does on the cover of Adam Gay Video Guide 2001. Doug Jeffries is excited to have his second directorial project in the can; funny I was talking with him in the can. Shawn Islander was cruising for new clients to add to his casting service. Mark Slade was seated at my table with directors Wash West and Michael Zen. Stonie was fetching. He just finished two videos directed by Edward James on the East Coast. No word yet on whether he'll renew his exclusive contract with Regiment Productions. Agent Giorgio Falconi told me plans are underway to re-open the investigation of author/porn model Jamoo's death - including exhuming the body. Antonio Madiera signed exclusively with Men of Odyssey after his role in their flick, Movin' On, directed by his boyfriend Chad Donovan. He will finish school here in Southern California. BAM and Andre Bolla were hanging out and looking for someone to do. Jason Nikas was with boyfriend Blake. Jerry Douglas paid a nice tribute to Joe Gage. Drew Warner was celebrating everyone in the industry and on the hunt to create some new stars. Jeff Palmer was very excited to talk about his upcoming video, Palmerising, for Pacific Sun Entertainment. Ever since I was a kid I knew what I wanted to do...always...always...always, he told me. (Writer/director Thor Stephans has since re-titled the video, Palmer's Lust, like one of the Seven Deadly Sins). Johnny Thrust was there sans squash. Noah Walker looked stunning and told me he's eagerly anticipating bottoming on screen like he sometimes does in real life. Noah had quite a few flip-flop sessions off-screen with Justin Roxx. Hank Hightower was there with Eric York. Logan Reed, Spike and Nick Young hung out together. Jeremy Tucker was distant and unfriendly; perhaps he was distracted by his nominations. He did win as one of the group scene participants in Falcon's, Out of Athens. Newcomer Barry Schneider landed his first role in Phil St. John's movie that very evening. Andrew Addams, tablehopping, was loaded down with phone numbers and I met a very interesting guy named Luriel who's supposed to call me - strictly for professional reasons, mind you. Congratulations to all the winners, to Jeremy Spencer at AVN for his fine job and to the many industry people I didn't get to chat with or didn't mention here. There's only so much space and too many stories to tell but they all know I love them.


Ivan TalmanI really appreciate the questions you guys come up with every month. I know the answers to many; others I always put out to other readers who may remember some of the facts hidden away in the cobwebs of my mind. I can only answer a few this time but will provide more letters and answers next month. I want to leave room for the Grabby Nominations but don't want anyone to think he has been overlooked.

DEAR ETHAN: Have you found out any more info on Ivan Talman? (Will)
ANSWER: Ivan is doing a legitimate acting job in a soap opera in Puerto Rico. You can probably catch it on Telemundo of K-Mex cable channels. I think it is called, Search, but I don't know the Spanish title for it.

DEAR ETHAN: What ever happened to Derek Thomas, Jordan Young and Alan Fox? (Jim)
ANSWER: Derek Thomas left the industry some time ago and doesn't plan on doing any more videos. He felt abused by some people in the industry and had a bad experience on a personal appointment, I understand. Jordan Young is a full time professional outside porn and video; he still occasionally writes scripts. No information on Alan Fox? Anybody out there know?

DEAR ETHAN: Michael Brandon is such a hot top but did he bottom as john in Pacific Sun's, All American Surfers? (Lance)
ANSWER:Mike Henson I don't know but I'll ask him tomorrow when I see him.

DEAR ETHAN: When you wrote about Bedrooms and Hallways you gave away the ending. Why do people do that? Please don't do it again.
ANSWER: In Cruisin' Gay Mainstream I did write about that video and mentioned the confusing ending (gay guy goes to bed with a woman; non-gay guy chooses guy). To recommend a video without pointing out that it is disturbing to me that some mainstream filmmakers present sexual orientation as a choice or that it can be changed without thought or predilection is plain foolhardy. I would have gotten more letters if I recommended the video without some forewarning. I wouldn't dream of spoiling a logical or surprise ending.

DEAR ETHAN: Whatever happened to Mike Henson? He's one of my favorites, such a cutie.
ANSWER: Here's Mike Henson in a photo sent to me last year. He was trying to make a comeback but apparently changed his mind. How many of you remember the names of his videos and what was his most memorable role?


April 14, 2001, Chicago, IL Gay Chicago Magazine and Behind Closed Doors are proud to announce the 10th Annual Grabby Adult Erotic Video Awards, with the third live awards show to be held in Chicago on Saturday, May 26, 2001. New location is Circuit at 3641 N. Halsted.

This year's show featured hostesses will be Chi Chi LaRue, Chicago's Honey West, Falcon Exclusive Addison Scott and GayVN Hall of Famer Zak Spears. Legendary superstar Jeff Stryker will also be making a special guest appearance and will be inducted into the Grabby Wall of Fame, along with a few other legendary names in the industry. There will also be dozens of the industry's top stars and celebrity presenters and this year's Trophy Studs. This is an exciting weekend in Chicago and not only has the Grabbys and Grabby pre- and post-parties but it also draws thousands of leathermen and bears to town for the annual International Mr. Leather Contest and the Great Lakes Bears conventions.













  • The Crush - Colby Taylor, Travis Wade (Falcon Studios)
  • Echoes - Tony Donovan, Nick Yeager (MEN of Odyssey)
  • Getting Around - Erik Martins, Roberto Vista (Lucas Entertainment)
  • Heat - Victor Racek, Chris Steele (TITAN Media)
  • Jacked to Vegas - Nino Bacci, Jason Hawke (Rascal Video)
  • The Journey Back - Kyle Kennedy, Zak Spears (MEN of Odyssey)
  • Now and Forever - Troy Michaels, Travis Wade (Studio 2000)
  • Out of Athens - Johnny Bronsan, Travis Wade (Falcon Studios)
  • SexPack 2 - Dean Coulter, Tom Vaccaro (Raging Stallion Studios)


  • A Young Man's World (Delta Productions) Adam Bristol, Joe Landon, Dave Parker
  • The Crush (Falcon Studios) Scott Davis, Cameron Fox, Tuck Johnson
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell! (MSR Videos) Matt Bradshaw, Blake Harper, Chad Johnson
  • Heat (TITAN Media) Yuri Breshnev, Alec Martinez, Victor Racek
  • High Desert (Sports & Recreation Video) Marc Anthony, Troy Michaels, Jeremy Tucker
  • The Journey Back (MEN of Odyssey) Caesar, Anthony Cox, Tony Donovan
  • Mavericks 2 (Studio 2000) Clint Fox, Blake Harper, Logan Reed
  • Plugged In (Jocks Studios) Leo Bramm, Sam Crockett, Jackson Price
  • The Violation (Jocks Studios) Eric Hart, Jason Hawke, Jeremy Jordan


  • Bang! (Mustang Studios) Yuri Breshnev, Talvin DeMachio, Gordon Gage, Marco Mancini, Daniel Reed, Shane Rockford, Luke Sabre, Enrico Vega,
  • Devil is a Bottom (All Worlds Video) Hans Ebson, Blake Harper, Scott Lyons, Jeremy Tucker
  • Echoes (MEN of Odyssey) Clint Cooper, Tony Donovan, Blake Harper, Chad Johnson
  • Eye Contact (Jocks Studios) Blake Harper, Gage Michaels, Alec Martinez, Jeremy Steel
  • Getting Around (Lucas Entertainment) Hotel Room Orgy
  • The Journey Back (MEN of Odyssey) Nino Bacci, Alec Martinez, Jackson Price, Mark Rockwell, Zak Spears
  • Out of Athens (Falcon Studios) Seth Adkins, Hans Ebson, Cameron Fox, Jeremy Jordan, Billy Kincaid, Tristan Paris, Emilio Santos, Jeremy Tucker, Nick Young




  • Italian Style (Kristen Bjorn - Sarava Productions)
  • Prague Buddies 2 (William Higgins Productions)
  • Soccer Fuckers (Clair Productions - All Worlds Video)
  • Winning Streak (Falcon International)
  • Winning Ways (Studio 2000)




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