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AfterDark Deluxe - Review
Eric T Manchester
Writer -- inactive
Wednesday, 12/04/96

AfterDark Deluxe
Estimated Price: $29.99
Company: Berkeley Systems

by Eric T. Manchester

For as long as I've owned a Mac, which is almost three years now, I've told myself that I would get After Dark. I just got it last month. I've heard people complain that After Dark, because it was a control panel and an extension, caused more problems than it was worth. Fine, so PPP doesn't like it sometimes, big deal. Turn it off before stepping out on the Web and there should be no problems.

I didn't have After Dark before, so I bought the deluxe version so that I could have the classic displays too. It cost $40, but that's pocket change compared to the hours of amusement it has provided me. Where else could you watch Rock, Paper and Scissors duke it out in a fight to the death to see just who is the best? Hmmm... my guess is... NOWHERE!

After Dark Deluxe came with over 80 displays, some of which are 3D rendered. When I coupled those with the 100 or so shareware displays that I got from CDs and the Net, I noticed that I'd never have a need for another screen saver. The best part is that some of them are interactive. A lot of people have seen the infamous "You Bet Your Head!" module. Now, there is "Rodger Dodger" which is a game where you must collect items and pass through an exit. Others, such as the new "Marbles", are totally customizable. I can't help setting my screen up like a pinball machine and watching the marbles bounce around at breakneck speed for hours.

Boris, Bad Dog, the Bogglins, Super Guy, Rat Race, Flying Toasters Pro (with karaoke and set to play Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, of course,) and Daredevil Dan are some of my favorites of the 80+ displays that are on the CD.

My overall opinion, for whatever it counts, is that you shouldn't buy After Dark Deluxe just because you need a screen saver. Buy it for your amusement. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. If that is true, you just may save yourself some money on doctor bills this winter.

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