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Keats and His Beloved in an Ode to Hot English Chastity by A. O. Scott - on 16 September 2009

John Keats was a Romantic poet. “Bright Star,” which tells the tale of Keats and Fanny Brawne, the love of his short life, is a romantic movie. (...)

Alejandro Amenabar's Agora: a gift for classicists by on 18 May 2009

Audiences at Cannes cheered Amenabar's film about Hypatia, the first female mathematician and philosopher known to history. And for classics nuts it is as must. (...)

List of selected Golden Globe award nominees by AFP on 15 December 2009

Movieline by on 23 December 2009

Cinefan by on 1 December 2009

Lessons of Darkness by on 23 December 2009

The festival's editorial

Daily Photo by Gilles Jacob, on 23 May 2009

John Boorman and Zhang Ziyi at the Cinéfondation jury.

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