Antelope Island State Park

About the Park

    Visitors to Antelope Island State Park drive across the causeway, a narrow two-lane road spanning from mainland to island, leaving the bustle of the Wasatch Front for a refuge of rangelands floating on a desert sea. Visitors will want to visit the Fielding Garr Ranch located on the southeast side of the island. The Fielding Garr Ranch House is distinctive for two reasons: first, it is the oldest continually inhabited Anglo home in the state of Utah (from 1848 to 1981 when the island became a state park), and second, it is the oldest Anglo built house in Utah still on its original foundation.

    Antelope Island State Park, consisting of 28,022 acres, is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake measuring 15 miles long and seven miles wide at its widest point. In 1969, Utah State Parks and Recreation purchased 2,000 acres on the northern tip of Antelope Island and in 1981, purchased the balance acreage for recreational purposes. With the purchase of the island, the landowner donated approximately 250 bison to the agency.

    Antelope Island is home to a roaming herd of 500 bison, bighorn sheep, mule deer, pronghorn, coyote, and a wide variety of birds. Though surrounded by water that is up to five times saltier than the ocean, wildlife viewing opportunities abound on this island of grasslands, wetlands, and miles of shoreline. An annual Bison Roundup is held each fall to check the health of the bison herd and cull excess bison. Check our Activities and Events calendar for more information.

    The Basin and Range Province is centered in Nevada and extends eastward into Utah and southward into Arizona and California. Antelope Island is in the portion of the Basin and Range Province known as the Great Basin. The Great Basin eastern boundary is the Wasatch Range and western boundary is the Sierra Nevada Range in California. The typical pattern of the Basin and Range is of skinny mountain ranges surrounded by a broad valleys or basins. At Antelope Island, the island is the range and the Great Salt Lake spreads across several basins. This is a repeated pattern all the way across western Utah and Nevada to the Sierra Nevada Range. The view to the north and west from the visitor center is a vista of that pattern.

    Antelope Island has some of the oldest rocks in Utah and some of the youngest. Check at the visitor center for more information on rock formations.

    4,200 feet at the shore. Frary Peak is the island's highest point at 6,596 feet.

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