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01 November 2002


Hazard analysis for critical control points (HACCP) - A mandate by the FDA and the USDA enforcing a hazard management technique for the process control industries, especially in food processing, to ensure manufacturers are meeting sanitary requirements.

Human error probability (HEP) - The probability that an operator will fail in the assigned task, based on analysis of the typical task set an operator must perform to bring the process to a safe state.

Human-machine interface (HMI) - This is where people and technology meet. This people/ technology intercept can be as simple as the grip on a hand tool or as complex as the flight deck of a jumbo jet. (Courtesy of the International Engineering Consortium)

Human reliability analysis (HRA) - Begins with task analysis, breaking the overall procedure under study into a number of small discrete tasks that can be categorized and quantified.

Safety integrity level (SIL) - Statistical representations of the integrity of the safety instrumented system when a process demand occurs. The assignment of SIL is a corporate or company decision based on risk management philosophy and risk tolerance.


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