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Sourdough Ciabatta

Sourdough Ciabatta Crumb

Walnut Gorgonzola Sourdough

I've only completed these spreadsheets within the past week. (3rd week, May 2009) So far the only breads I've formulated are the two shown, and a first try at SD baguettes (not photographed because I'm still improving my slashing technique.) Both the ciabatta's and the baguette's starters were built using the SD Starter Calculator. I've been pleased with them all. A second try with baguettes is in final proof as I write this.

These are links to my spread sheet calculators

Bread Formula Grams

Bread Formula Ounces

Sourdough Starter calculator

Update: January 3, 2010. I've been working with these spreadsheets for six months now, and I continue to be pleased with them. I've used them to convert straight dough recipes to both poolish and sourdough formulae, to scale other baker's formulae--increasing and decreasing the dough mass--and create my own formulae. The spreadsheets "do the math" freeing the user to focus on the creative aspects. Like any first-time project I've found room for improvements. I've made some additions, and corrected one minor error.

1. I've added a "Baker's Percentage" column to the Bread Formula Grams spreadsheet. I'm finding it useful for breads that contain multiple flours. As my experiences increase I'm learning how different amounts of flour effect the finished loaves' flavor.

2. In the instructions on the Sourdough Starter Calculator I'd originally said each build would peak in about four hours. The correct duration is eight hours, and I've made that correction.

I've not updated the Bread Formula Ounces. Frankly, I never use it. Fortunately, I'm comfortable in both the English and Metric system, and find the Metric system more "user friendly".

Here are pictures of three breads formulated using the spreadsheet. The first is an adaptation of Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough, and the two following are original formulations.

Pain au Levain with stiff Levain

Sourdough made with two preferments

Halcyon Acres (our home) Sourdough: our signature bread
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