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Originally Posted by {Yotsuba} View Post
We all say that, but can anyone actually provide a link to a source where that is stated by a Valve employee (preferally someone high up in the company) and not just stated in a seemingly anecdotal fashion?
The source of that statement is a reply that Gabe Newell sent to a user who e-mailed him asking what would happen if Steam closed down. He posted the reply in a thread titled "I emailed Gabe Newell about what would happen if Steam went down" (the thread used to be located here, but this posted was years ago, and the thread no longer exists).

Gabe's response was:
Originally Posted by Gabe
If you right click on a game in Steam, you'll see that you can back up the files yourself. Unless there was some situation I don't understand, we would presumably disable authentication before any event that would preclude the authentication servers from being available.

We've tested disabling authentication and it works.

Of course, this isn't a written-in-stone, legal guarantee. It was just Gabe theorizing, basically.

Now hear this, everyone. The answer to this, and every other thread asking "What happens if Steam closes down?," from here on into eternity, is, concisely and conclusively:

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