Come on least get the Eastenders wedding right!

I must admit the Muslim wedding in Eastenders had me stitches.

It was not that I had anything against the storyline. Yes, script writers need to get us stop churning out the same old storylines when it comes to Asians.

We are either having a forced marriage, trying to bomb something or someone is gay.

As far back as I can remember...’The Beautiful Launderette’ in my case, the gay storyline involving some Muslim has always caused some level of controversy.

In this case I thought the story was the least of anyone’s problems.

In fact it was done quite well and the drama at the end had me riveted to my seat. Would he tell the truth or wouldn’t he? I’m not much of soap watcher but I tuned in to watch this regardless.

My main gripe had to do with the BBC. Here is an organisation that has changed a lot from the days when we had white folk painting their faces black and speaking in an Indian accent. But surprisingly they are still making the same mistakes.

With so much resources at hand they couldn’t even get a Muslim wedding right. It was colourful and noisy but the priest couldn’t speak the lingo properly and the wedding vows were all wrong. What was the priest doing sat between the bride and groom?

At least attempt to make it as realistic as possible. It was Indian and then Pakistani - what on earth was going on!

For a prime-time show which was watched by millions at least try to get as close to a real Pakistani Muslim wedding as possible.

The whole thing reminded me of one of 1960s botched jobs put together by some middle-aged white man who ‘thought it happened this way so it must!’

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Vindaloo, Preston says...
11:53am Sun 3 Jan 10

I thought it was put together well and although maybe there were some slight discrepencies, overall i thought it was pretty much spot on. The problem with people like you 'The Insider' is that your just a moaner with a big harry ramsden chip on your shoulder. It was good to see a muslim wedding that was portrayed as vibrant, colourful and fun and not probably like the boring, men and women seperate, backward ones you go to in Blackburn.

Thank god, they didnt show a wedding with a load of 'bros' turning up in a hired merc, speeding and breaking traffic laws on the way to the wedding or a men and women seperate thing with no music and everyone eating dhaal chawal looking miserable.

Well done the BBC!

The Real Insider, says...
9:12pm Mon 4 Jan 10

My point had nothing to do with the driving 'bro's', men and women sitting separately or indeed the Dhal Chawal...(none of which by the way has anything to do with being backward...)
The point was simple - at least get the most important part of the wedding right - the ceremony.
As for having a chip on my shoulder? I have no idea what you mean by that...if it means pointing out the blatantly obvious and not settling for fifth best from public funded organisation...then my dearest Vindaloo I have an all-mighty chip on my shoulder.

shireen, bolton says...
4:10pm Tue 5 Jan 10

why is eastenders calling it a muslim wedding when its not..have they ever researched into how a proper muslim wedding should be? everything the prophet mohammed(pbuh)did is a guide to how we should conduct our life.i advise that people need to research or educate themselves regarding muslim practices which includes weddings deaths births .the way its conducted nowadays is a joke.this is a cultural wedding not a muslim wedding.this style of glamour wedding is 100% forbidden and haraam(unlawful)in islam.

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Eastenders..and wedding day is upon us Come on least get the Eastenders wedding right!

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