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The West Point Experience

USMA Facilities

Pershing Barracks The immediate post comprises some 2,500 acres, but with the addition of the adjacent government-owned land, the total comes to 15,974 acres. A golf course and ski slope, camping, hunting, and fishing areas are included in this tract. In the main cadet area the facilities for living areas, academic buildings, gymnasium, activities center, and chapels are grouped within easy walking distance.

The Academy maintains some of the finest academic computer facilities in the world. The USMA Network has over 6,000 active users and approximately 120,000 electronic messages transit the network daily. Computer support is provided in the classrooms, laboratories and cadet rooms. Each cadet's desk is equipped with fiber optic telephone connections, allowing unlimited access to the internet. Information from virtually every aspect of the United States Military Academy experience is instantly available at every user's fingertips.

The athletic facilities rate as highly as the academic plant. Arvin gymnasium, featuring swimming pools, wrestling, squash, racquetball, handball, and volleyball courts is undergoing a major renovation to modernize and improve its contribution to the physical development of the corps of cadets. Michie Stadium, home of the Army football team, is considered one of America's most picturesque stadiums to watch a college football game. Holleder Center houses Tate Rink for the Army hockey team and Christl Arena is the home of the Army men and women's basketball teams. Additionally, the Shea Stadium outdoor track facility and Gillis Field House indoor practice facility are newly renovated to include an all-weather track, an astroturf football field and new lighting. There is also a redesigned 18-hole golf course and a new indoor tennis facility.

Although they are called "barracks," the cadet dormitories are similar to those at a civilian college. There are generally two or three cadets to a room. Cadets live with other members of their class within their cadet company. (A company consists of about 110 cadets of all four classes.) Women room together within their assigned companies.

Eisenhower Hall, the modern "student union," contains a 4,500- seat auditorium, a 1,000-seat snack bar and cafeteria, a large ballroom, and other social and recreational rooms. About 60 major productions, to include Broadway shows, musicals, popular rock, jazz, country/western, and alternative music concerts are staged annually in the theater.