Kennedy-King College

Sikia Restaurant

Sikia logo

Sikia featured in the New York Post!

Englewood /Auburn / Gresham
740 W 63rd St
Chicago, IL, 60621
Tel: (773) 602-5200


Dinner: 5:30 pm-10 pm Thursday-Saturday
Brunch: 11 am-3 pm Sunday


In Swahili, the word Sikia describes an array of human senses. These include both the physical capacity to hear, smell, and feel, but also the more intangible ability to understand and perceive. The word represents a complex experience, one in which concrete and abstract senses work together to make up total knowledge.  We have combined this wonderful word, Sikia, with the image of the West African Adinkra symbol for harmony.  Together, they form the name and logo of Washburne’s African-inspired restaurant.

Drawing on the diversity that is Africa, Sikia celebrates the flavors of a continent where the exotic mingles with the familiar.  From the memorable tagines of Morocco to the savory stews of the eastern grasslands and the curries of the Swahili coasts, all of our dishes celebrate the variety of African cultures who prize wholesome, economical and thoroughly delicious cuisine.

Sikia will also cross the Atlantic to offer dishes from Brazil, Jamaica and even New Orleans – adding to our menu such time-tested favorites as Peanut Soup, Salmon Charmoula, Berber Short Ribs, Jerk Chicken and Gumbo.

Sikia will showcase the harmony of local entertainment as well; musicians will perform weekly as we broadcast live from the restaurant over WYCC TV.