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Pauline Collins interview - Radio Times, April 2006

Pauline Collins as Queen Victoria in Doctor Who © BBC
Pauline Collins crosses swords with the Doctor in her role as Queen Victoria. But in reality, the actress has a soft spot for the Time Lord, as Anna Hunt finds out.

On her role

"I really liked the part of Queen Victoria because she's humorous and very human. I'm sure she was both of these things in real life, but they're not the attributes you normally see in portrayals of her."

"The most challenging part of playing Queen Victoria was the wonderful but very heavy costume. There were so many layers to the skirts that it made getting about quite tricky. I felt like I was carrying several small children around with me all the time."

On the old Who

"I was offered 39 episodes as Patrick [Troughton]'s sidekick in 1967. I turned it down though, because it seemed such a long time to be tied to a series. I was frightened of feeling trapped. I really loved the danger of not knowing what was coming next. I still do."

On the new Who

"Russell T Davies is a brilliant writer. What he's done is to create a
show with really broad appeal that will go down in TV history. It's an amazing feat."

On the Tenth Doctor

"David's Doctor has a darker side to him, an unpredictability. You imagine he could take the Doctor to dark places. As Queen Victoria, I don't really like the Doctor because of this. I don't know where he's come from or where he's really going and it rubs me up the wrong way. As myself, though, I think he's the best Doctor so far."


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