Wireless Who we are
We are a group of passionate and competitive individuals, who every day, are driven by the opportunity to launch a great new Canadian company. With a commitment to affordability and honesty we will earn loyalty of our customers, value for our shareholders and partners, and fulfillment for our employees.

What we are building
DAVE Wireless holds 10 licenses in targeted urban markets across Canada, covering over 16 million Canadians. DAVE Wireless is well underway in constructing its 3G wireless network in five of Canada's most populous markets; Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. The high speed packet access (HSPA) network will give DAVE Wireless subscribers access to 3G smartphones and data devices, as well as excellent voice and data services.

What we will offer
In early 2010, DAVE Wireless will bring simplicity and flexibility to the wireless market; customers will be able to choose easy to understand plans and services and know exactly what they are paying for. And our customers will always be confident that what they are getting is great value and will never be surprised by fees or charges.

What we need
To help build a great new Canadian company we need passionate employees and dealers who wish to help bring innovative and sought after wireless products and services to Canadians.

If you think DAVE Wireless is the right choice for you, please go to our Contact DAVE link and send us a note. We look forward to hearing from you.