38 Studios, LLC.
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38 Studios Appoints Jennifer MacLean as CEO

38 Studios has just announced that Jennifer MacLean is moving into the position of CEO. The announcement comes at the departure of Brett Close as president and CEO, a post he held since early 2007. Curt Schilling, founder and chairman of 38 Studios, has noted that Close’s leadership prepared the company for its next phase of development, which MacLean will now drive forward.

MacLean joined 38 Studios in March 2008 and has been serving as senior vice president of business development. She has more than fifteen years of experience in online content and interactive entertainment at companies such as Comcast, AOL, and MicroProse. MacLean says she is honored to have the opportunity to further contribute to 38 Studios’ future, leading the way in creating great products that customers can interact with in a variety of ways.

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