Plunder and Lightning (either the full movie, or parts 1 - 4) is/are probably the best Talespin episode(s) of the entire series. I mean, this movie actually won an emmy in 1990 for 'Outstanding Animated Program Prime Time (For One Hour or More)'. That, in itself, is quite a feat! It initially aired as a complete movie but after that it was replayed in four parts, and unfortunatly suffered many minutes of edits. Part 1 suffered the most cuts - 30 or so at the least, with parts 2, 3 and 4 having less respectively.

Why, oh WHY Disney won't release this movie to DVD is totally beyond me. It won an emmy for Pete's sake - not just nominated, but actually won it! This means that it's a darn good movie. I'd buy it :)

Since watching the uncut version of 'Plunder and Lightning' for the first time in years (thanks so much once again to Spats Bear for giving me access to this!) I finally got to see all those darn cuts that were edited out of the TV versions.
I've made a list of all the cuts and edits in the entire movie. I think I got them all... Any more I happen to come across I'll, or course, add to the (too long) list :)

Also, be sure to visit the Audio Page, where I've put up a few mp3 files of some of the cut dialogue avalible for listening or downloading.

I've added a section to the TSHQ - the exclusives page. I've taken 90 screen shots from the parts of Plunder and Lightning that were cut out and posted them there. Enjoy!

Part 1 Cuts and Edits Part 2 Cuts and Edits Part 3 Cuts and Edits Part 4 Cuts and Edits

In the opening scene, several seconds were cut - where the pirates attack and board Khan's plane.

After Karnage seals the box, about 20 seconds are cut - the Vulture flys over the a montain, hits the top of it as it passes (breaking some rock off the top). Then there's a shot of the pirates in their planes approaching the vulture
Karnage: "Home again, home again, jiggity jig! Open wide, my maingy minions, your cumming commander is back!"

When Kit steals the box, several seconds him being chased through the Vulture by the pirates are cut. He skids round a corner, followed by Karnage, followed by Maddog and Dumptruck (who also skid around the corner). He then slides down the stair rail (waving goodbye as he goes), grabs onto a rope, swings to the floors are continues running.

When Karnage barges into Louies, there's a 3-4 second bit cut where Louie and a few customers turn to look at the door.

When Kit jumps behind the table to hide, there's a few seconds cut where he creeps to the other side, then looks over his shoulder for another hiding place.

Karnage walks over to a nearby table, picks up a drink sitting there and drinks it (finishing with a big "Ahhh!") and wiping his mouth.
Karnage: "You always serve such tasty drinks Louie!"

When Louie says "Get out of my place, Karnage!" A few seconds are cut, where Karnage points his sword at Louie's neck and Louie backs up a few paces

When Kit reveals himself and Karnage yells "Get him!", there's a few seconds where the pirates begin to run up the stairs and Kit's calmly leaning on a barrel, smiling.

When Kit grabs the rope and swings off the stairs, there's a cut where Karnage (frustrated) cries "Noooooo!", takes a swipe at Kit with his sword, and misses and hits a table instead.

When Baloo and Kit are being chased by pirates, just before Baloo says "What are they after me for?" the Sea Duck flies downward in circles through some storm clouds.

The Sea Duck rounds and flys straight at the pirates planes, causing them to scatter.
Karnage "This is no time for a Chinese fire drill! Follow them!"
The pirates turn, and again follow the Seaduck, which spirals up a swirl shaped cloud.

After Baloo says "Boy, they're tougher to shake than ticks on a dog!" he yells:
Baloo: "Hold tight Lil' Britches!"
Before flying straight down towards the water. Maddog follows them
Maddog: "No where to ru-un!"
Then Kit comes in with "We aren't gonna make it! Pull up, pull up!"

When Kit says "So what's next?" He also adds:
Kit: "A double reverse thimbleman? A pretzel twist?"

After Baloo says: "A quick exit..."
Karnage: "Your tail section is mine!"

A few seconds are cut out where the Cape Suzette canons fire, hit a few of the pirates planes and they crash into the ocean.

A few seconds of beautiful animation are cut where the Sea Duck flies into Cape Suzette, and does a bit of a sceenic flight before landing

When Kit first walks into Baloo's Air Service, he sees a cup and picks it up, only to find it's stuck to the desk with chewing gum. He looks discusted hehehe.

Baloo opens a pizza box, takes out the last slice and gives it a sniff.
Baloo: (to Kit) "You hungry?"
Kit: (holding the cup, still looking discusted) "Not anymore..."

After the bank employee gives his looong speech "...we will be forced to forclose on your aircraft loan."
Baloo: (holding the notice and looking confused) "This guy speaking english?? (to Kit)
Kit: "He said 'No dough' (rubbing his finger and thumb together) 'plane go!'"

After Baloo says "Kit! Your a genious, with a capitol 'J'!" There's a 2 second scene cut where Kit and Baloo run across the docks to the job board.

After Baloo says "Ah ha! A zoo delivery!" The followign dialogue is cut:
Baloo: "Great! The Sea Duck is as good as mine!"
Kit: "Yeah, you and the Sea Duck... Well, catch ya round sometime..."
(Baloo runs back to Kit)
Baloo: "Hey hey... This is a two man job Kit! You help me now, and I'll fly you to Louie's tomorrow! Ok?"
Kit: "Really? Waaaait... What exactly are we delivering?"

A few seconds of the Sea Duck flying are cut (just before we see Kit and Baloo in the Sea Duck at war with the gorilla birds)

When the pirates are after the Sea Duck again (with the gorilla birds inside) they fire at the plane and miss
Karnage: (into the mike) "Missed! You nincom-pirates!"

The Sea Duck twists and turns through the forrest, and there's a shot of Kit petrified in his seat
Kit: "You don't have to do this to impress ME!"
Baloo: "Just saving our skin, Kit!"

When Maddog's plane is chasing the Seaduck, a few seconds of the chase are cut as they fly through the jungle. When he crashes into the bridge, a few seconds are cut when his plane gets tangled up briefly, then he falls into the water.

A small scene - 2 seconds or so - is cut when the Seaduck takes off, and flys toward the sun

After Kit says "I'm sorry about your plane
Baloo: "Hey hey, don't worry! You win some, you lose some"

Right at the start, Baloo's alarm clock (shaped like a plane!) goes off and Baloo hurls a pillow at it causing it to fall into a drawer, then he throws another one causing the drawer to slam shut on the clock.

Arter Baloo closes the door in Rebecca's face, she knocks again, and Baloo holds up a sign that reads 'Gone Fishing'.

When Rebecca wipes the mirror and says "Yes this place definatly needs a woman's touch."
She sweeps a pile of junk off the dresser into a drawer and mutters "Or a bulldozer..."

When Baloo, Kit and Molly arrive at Louie's, Louie takes Molly's hand (with his foot), kisses it and says "My, my, Baloo! These stewardesses are getting younger and prettier everyday!"

When Baloo and Kit are talking about the stone (after Louie says it's worthless), after Kit says "If the rock's worthless, then why did Karnage steal it from Shere Khan?"
Baloo: "Shere Khan?"
Kit: "Karnage lifted it from one of Shere Khan's planes"
Baloo: "If that a fact..."

When Kit's flying on his air foil, right after he says "Time to get in out of the rain", he tries to pull himself back into the Sea Duck only to be shot at by pirates. His tow rope is shot and breaks, and he just manages to grabs a hold of it again and pull himself back into the plane.

A good 5 minute block is cut out where Rebecca sings "Home is where the Heart Is" to Molly. After Baloo says "First thing tomorrow, we lay our surprise on old Shere Khan, right Kit?" and Kit replies "Uh, right Baloo"
Rebecca is tucking Molly into bed (or, in this case, chair) and Molly says "This place is... not like home...". Rebecca replies "Oh, don't worry," and starts singing. While she's singing, she open a drawer, takes out a cookie jar and hands a cookie to Molly who eats it happily.
Outside, Kit is following Baloo to the Sea Duck when he overhears Rebecca. He watches Baloo (who's doing a little dance as he walks) go down the dock toward the Sea Duck , and smiles a small smile. He then turns and sneaks back to Higher For Hire, and peaks in through the window.
Durinng this scene, we also get a look at Wildcat going to sleep in a hammock outside his house.
Kit watches through the window, with an incredible look of longing on his face as Rebecca continues to sing to Molly. During the song, Molly says to Rebecca "But what if I'm not with you? Or what if I'm alone?" and Kit's face drops. Rebecca finishes her song, and spies Kit through the window. He see's Rebecca looking at him and ducks away. Rebecca sings one last line of her song (more for Kit than for Molly) and places the cookie jar on the windowsil above Kit's head. He smiles, and takes the jar back to the Sea Duck. Finally, we see Kit tucking himself into bed (wearing only his white shirt - he took his green sweater off) and eating a cookie.

In Shere Khan's office, just after Baloo and Kit leave (when Baloo says "Sit tight Shere baby! We'll be back before you can say 'Sea Duck'!" Khan mutters under his breath (in relation to the $100,000 he's just offered Baloo for the stone) "It's worth 50 times that..."

As Baloo and Kit are heading back to Higher For Hire to get the stone, they're singing together "Don't trouble us with troubles man, we're gone!"

After Kit says: "Once you pass the cliffs, fly one-six-oh, south, south-east
Baloo: "You're the navigator"

Also, same scene, when Baloo is questioning Kit about how he knows so much about the air pirates, this line is cut:
Baloo: "Did you stumble onto their hideout?"

Same scene again, right after Baloo says
Baloo: "Was your Dad a pirate?"
A few second are cut, where Kit squeezes his eyes shut, and grasps his compass so tightly it punches a hole in the map. A really powerful moment here... Such a display of emotion.

When Baloo is talking to Kit about him being a pirate:
Baloo: "Aw, ferget about them, Little Britches! From now ony you're with me. We're buddies. Pals. A team!"
Kit: (hesistaes, then laughs a bit): Yeah... Um, thanks pappa Bear"

The scene where Khan's cargo plane is about to be hijacked - the lines "Get to the gun, quick!" and "They're coming in to fast!" are actually not in the movie version of Plunder and Lightning, but only in the syndicated one. Odd :)

When Baloo and Kit arrive at Pirate Island, and they enter the 'rigged' hallway, and Kit starts running
Baloo: "Hey! What about the traps?"
Kit: "Ah, everything in this hall's busted"
The trap goes off, and the two are made to bolt from a giant blade
Baloo: "Nice crown you hung out with, Kit..."

Just a note - the scene above kind of exists in the syndicated version of Plunder and Lightning, but is altered - instead, Baloo and Kit evade the traps in the hall, and are cornered by two guards. They do a little jig and finish by knocking the two guards out. This scene isn't in the movie version.

This next one isn't a cut, as such, more of an edit - during the marvelous performce of 'Sky Pirates', then Karnage is rolling around the room on the barrel - in the syndicated version, the fire in the furnace shines a spotlight on Karnage which follows him as he moves around the room. In the movie version, the spotlight isn't there - it's just a normal fire burning!

The opening scene is slightly extended - the synidcated version cuts it short a little.

When Karnage is (having a ball), blasting buildings, these two lines are cut:
Karnage: "How do you like them mangos citizens?!"
Karnage: (laughing hysterically) "I am having such a good time!"

When Kit is trapped in the radio room and Don Karnage hears him calling for help on the radio,
Karange "I have been too easy on that boy".
Right after that, the scene cuts, but in the movie, Karnage says "Shoot the door!" and all the pirates fire (narrowly missing Karnage who jumps out of the way just in time). Their bullets bounce off the door in all directions and the pirates hit the deck.
Then there's a shot Karnage lying on the floor, hands covering his head, just bearly holding on to his temper and he says "Somebody... get... the BLOWTORCH!"
It was one of my favorite scenes and THEY CUT THE WHOLE THING OUT! :( Arg...

When Baloo's dancing at Louie's, 5 seconds or so are cut where he's singing "I'm gone! Don't trouble me with troubles man!" which he follows with the uncut line "Hey Louie, ain't this the life (etc etc)"

Kit's distress call to Baloo
Kit: "-can't stop them from wrecking the city, but I tried. Please tell Baloo! Tell Papa Bear... I'm his navigator... Always"
(The "always" was said in a whisper and was cut out. Why they felt the need to cut out one measly, yet so important word, I'll never understand...)

When Kit is dropped off the iron vulture, Rebecca (holding Molly) Kit fall from the Higher for Hire dock.
Molly: "Mommy, it’s Kit!"

When Karnage tourches the bridge the Sea Duck is hiding under, and believes he's done away with Baloo and Kit
Karnage: "We have made the mince meat of them!"

And, finally, the ending credits go for 2-3 times longer than usualy (hey, it's a movie - More people to pay credit too!), and also the ending theme music is different. It's an extemded version - basically the entire theme song as an instrumental.

Ta da! So, there you have it! All the cuts and edits (that I could possibly pick up) from the Plunder and Lightning movie. If I stumble across any more, this page will of course be updated.

Also, visit the audio page where I've posted some audio clips of a few of the cut lines so you can have a listen if you have't seen the movie. And, while I'm at it, visit the music page if you haven't heard Rebecca's lullaby (cut in part 2) - it's posted there ^-^

Disclaimer: All characters and themes relating to Disney and to Talespin are copywrite of the Walt Disney Company, 1990 - 1991.